Love the Divine. Love Self. Love Life

For over a decade, I have served as emissary for the Divine to uplift, inspire and empower clients and students throughout the world. As a professional intuitive practitioner, Lori provide readings, healing and tools to help everyday people to access their soul’s power, purpose and potential. I am here to bridge the gap between ordinary and extraordinary living by connecting with inner Spirit and the world of divine helpers devoted to serving our highest good throughout life.

Lori Lipten is also an international retreat facilitator who brings an intuitively centered mind-body-spirit approach to your experience. She leads local and international retreats, that bring a unique spiritual dimension to your wellness and rejuvenation experience. As a retreat leader, Lori’s compassionate, Spirit-led style, allows every participant to feel honored and served throughout their sacred journey.  Her focus is on deepening one’s encounter with soul, mind and body from the inspired heart of compassion. Lori helps normalize intuition for every person, while providing a safe environment for spiritual attunement, healing blocks and resistance patterns; enhancing self-awareness, forgiveness, intuitive connection and one’s connection to soulful living.  Lori specializes in facilitating deep restoration and renewal for:  those who have experienced loss; healthcare professionals; caregivers; spiritual seekers; intuitive and shamanic practitioners; and anyone ready for restoration, healing and renewal within a supportive, compassionate and sacred environment. 

As a shamanic medium and psychotherapist, Lori brings a unique perspective to her retreats. Each one will include some time in silent reflection, intuitive processing, connection with nature, deliberate self-care, mindfulness, creative expression, nourishing food, meaningful connections and fun. Lori’s retreats almost always include some time for spontaneous messages to be shared from Spirit, depending on the setting and intuitive flow of the group.  Each retreat addresses the needs of mind, body and spirit often incorporating  yoga or sacred movement, combined with pranayama (breath-work). Lori works collaboratively with Spirit to ensure every facet of the retreat serves the highest good of all participants.

Every location for Lori’s retreats are selected in collaboration with her Divine helping Spirits. Each place is designed to bring about deep connection with the soul, higher awareness and the healing properties of the land chosen for your retreat. Lori will guide you on how to connect with the unique energies of the land and the associated helping Spirits who are eager to serve the purpose for your retreat experience.

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