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Loving Limits

People often ask me if working with Spirit is draining for my energy.  Yes, it can be very intense to work in non-ordinary reality for hours at a time, while also tending to those who are processing very deep emotions.  Working with Spirit requires me to take responsibility for my energy and employ impeccable self-care, so that I can both thrive and serve abundantly well.  Trained to Serve I was raised to give without limits. Many of us have been taught in the care-giving professions have to face this inner-programming in order to create healthy balance.  We are often taught that self-care equates with selfishness and believe that if we don’t give to those in need, it could cause them harm.  We often think, “if I don’t do it, who will?”  or “they need my help; I’ll catch up on rest or my needs later”; or “I cannot let that person down.”  Sound familiar? Giving without balance does more harm than good.  When I first answered the call to serve as a Spiritual Medium, Spirit would show up everywhere.  They were down-right intrusive.  I began to notice a pattern: they were behaving very much like I had been trained to treat myself – with no regard for my personal space, needs and wants. I had to set very strong boundaries.  I had to tell them when I was available, when to show up...

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Welcome to Lori Lipten.Com

For over a decade I have served as emissary for the Divine to uplift, inspire and empower clients and students throughout the world. As a professional intuitive practitioner, I provide readings, healing and tools to help everyday people to access their soul’s power, purpose and potential. I am here to bridge the gap between ordinary and extraordinary living by connecting with inner Spirit and the world of divine helpers devoted to serving our highest good throughout life. Lori leads local and international retreats, that bring a unique spiritual dimension to your wellness and rejuvenation experience. As a retreat leader,...

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