Spirit loves to communicate with us! Your loved ones, angels and guides give us signs in whatever way gets our attention. Signs are clues that your loved ones are close and letting you know they love and care about you.

Signs from Spirit include: 

Nature.  This can be the appearance of birds, animals, flowers, butterflies, dragon flies, clouds, rainbows that grab our attention in a unique manner.  When my father passed away, I began to notice Red Tailed Hawks. One time, I went to his grave and sat in quiet reflection. Then I heard “look up” and there was a Red Tailed Hawk circling above. I’ve seen hawks as a sign of comfort and affirmation ever since.

Number sequences. You may suddenly become aware of specific sequences of numbers like: 333, 111, 1111, 222, or 444.  Or you may see sequences that convey a birthday, anniversary, favorite number or time of death, like: 0625; 1103; 1213.  Since I was very young, number sequences have caught my attention. For me, they are most often a sign from my angels and guides. But loved ones will use these to communicate with you directly too.

Music and lyrics. You may hear a song that your loved one appreciated or lyrics that strike a familiar chord or communicate a specific message.  My brother loved rock and roll music and whenever I randomly hear certain songs, I KNOW he is near. My guides too, have used song lyrics to communicate messages to me. When I first began to do readings, they played the song “Slow down, you move to fast” in my mind. The message was to get still, meditate and allow the guidance to come to me, rather than chasing it.

Recognizable phrases.  Loved ones may use others to give you a specific message or says a phrase that you recognize. You may hear a cashier say the exact phrase your dad would say; a friend may tell you an encouraging statement that you recognize as something your deceased mother would say; or you may hear a specific phrase through a medium.  

Movies, books, television.  You may find yourself drawn to a book, film or television show to receive a message from a loved one. Sometimes its the theme; sometimes its a phrase or experience within it. They may be trying to inspire you into action or simply reveal comforting messages through this method of communication. I have had books seemingly drop off a shelf in front of me, knowing that my angels are telling me to READ THIS NOW!

Scents.  Often a loved one will give you scent that you strongly associate with their presence from perfume, foods they prepared or even smoke. Angels and Ascended Masters often give you the scent of incense or sweet smelling fragrances that are other-worldly.  Every once in a while, I will smell the scent of a pipe, knowing that is the presence of my beloved Grandfather.

Dreams. Sometimes loved ones appear in a dream directly, known as a visitation. A visitation is unique in a dream because you will feel as though you saw your loved one, when you remember the dream. Sometimes these visitations happen and we do not remember the dream, but sense our loved one strongly the next morning. A loved one does not always speak in a dream; they may simply let you know they are close. 

How you know its a sign? When you feel a very strong emotional response or a knowing that its them and the sign is specific or stands out. Birds are around all the time. But when one bird catches your attention in a unique manner, pay attention. One time I was lost up north, without a GPS or cell phone. I prayed for help. Suddenly, a hawk flew over my car and began flying in front of my car in a specific direction. That hawk continued to fly in front of my car, until I found the main road I was seeking. Once there, the hawk vanished. Now THAT is a sign from above.

Some signs are subtle. Not all loved ones are adept at giving signs. Be gentle with yourself through your process of grief. Do not judge whether or not your getting signs. Some of our loved ones have work to do in Spirit and cannot reach us as easily for a bit. Some may need time to adjust to being in the Divine Realm, in Spirit before they can make a strong connection with us.  Whether you get these signs or not, do not worry. Your loved ones are aware of you and radiating love to you from Spirit.

Ask them directly. You do not need a medium to connect you with Spirit but it does help to be calm and present.  Your thoughts, words, feelings will connect you but your quiet mind will allow you to receive the signs without judgment. Ask your loved ones to let you know they are close. Just talk openly to them in your mind, through prayers or even aloud. They will feel your call and usually respond with some kind of sign.

Your loved ones in Spirit want you to know that they care about you; value you and are grateful for your love for them too.


For many years, I have been receiving direct messages from Divine Spirit Messengers. Long before communicating with loved ones in Spirit, this was a primary mode of connecting with the Divine and is still a consistent practice for me.  People often see me as a medium, but I work collaboratively with benevolent helping spirits who have taught and guided me throughout my lifetime. These remarkable guides share their wisdom, loving hope and tools for living our best lives. Below I will share some channeled messages from these Divine Helping Spirits.

January 14, 2018 Channeled Message
“There is a significant download happening.We are the Rays of Orion and the Elders of the Rainbow Nation working collectively to support those who are willing to awaken. There is a stepping down of higher frequencies happening en masse. It is activating the higher heart chakra to allow great frequencies of love into the planet at this time, which has been undergoing a shift for sometime. Love is being called into the foreground to heal the energies that have dominated duality. Love is the way of opening to the higher heart and allowing a state of unification into one’s consciousness. This is how you will move forward into your dharma (purpose, soul path) and pull through the lessons of your lifetime with great ease. We are working to simplify or ease this process for you, but you can participate through meditations on the light, love and compassion. Be kind to yourself through this process. Drink more water than usual and eat without sugars for the next 10 days. You will need to be cleared of the energies that may be blocking the light from fully integrating into your system in this time.

Your higher heart, also known as the Inspired Heart, will allow you to merge with your higher self with greater ease and open to higher frequencies of wisdom and guidance than ever before. Doorways of enlightenment are opening to those ready for this awareness now. Service is the mantra that will move you into the state of union and fulfillment at this time. Love is the frequency. You will feel yourself moving into states of loving connection with life and fears may arise but will move out with ease, as you lovingly witness without resistance now.

The earth is shifting. She is releasing her karmic contract with humanity who is not working in harmony with her. She is allowing things to change, so she may survive. Listen deeply to your inner heart, your wisdom which is guiding you on how to serve the earth and life on this planet. Eat mindfully. Breathe deeply. Become still and unplug from the indoctrination coming at you through the airwaves of the ego and its dualisitic creations.

You are being called into alignment with your soul. There can be no more pausing on this call. You are being helped to fulfill this path with greater ease. Ask your angels to assist you, as we are eager to do so. Remain open to the healing happening within you. Meditate, engage in practices that clear your energies; and release whatever does not serve you at this time. In meditations, ground yourself by bringing light down through you into the earth and up from the earth back through your central column. Do this and you will facilitate the change.

Send your love outward into the cells of your body, into you DNA. Let it radiate throughout your being and then send this loving light into the world boldly. Withhold NO LIGHT from anyone. All beings are thirsty for the higher love that is entering this plane. As a light-worker, you may feel off-kilter a bit, so enter a time of incubation to receive these energies and facilitate the integration. There will be multiple pulses of light within the next 18 months. You will need more rest and more exercise than you’re used to. Let yourself take this time to allow your soul’s acceleration, expansion and light body to adjust. You are awakening. The time is now. We love you and stand with you on this path. Aho.”