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We have all come to this planet to awaken to our spiritual power and purpose.  Lori has developed programs promote self-realization and intentional embodiment of your divinity. Our programs are here to support you in the direct experience of your boundless essence; the pure love of your supreme nature; the infinite well of radiant light and wellness within you and the keys to exquisite, abundant living in harmony with all-that-is.

Lori Lipten’s programs guide into direct encounter with the infinite realm of Spirit’s love, wisdom and prosperity.  Our programs are developed for all levels.


2018 Offerings

January 2018

PRIVATE BETA PROGRAM – 30 Days of Miracle Manifesting with Lori Lipten

An On-line adventure in creating your best life!

“I don’t believe in miracles, I rely on them.” – Yogi Bhajan

Registration opens January 21 – 26, 2018 by invitation only
Once the BETA program is complete, the public version will go live!


Take your manifestation to the next level and consciously create a miraculous life.

Do you dread your work week?

Are you ready to experience more abundance and divine flow in your life?

Does manifesting feel overwhelming, confusing or impossible?

Do you want more but don’t know how to access the higher flow?

Do you doubt your ability to truly manifesting the life you dream about?

Do you wish you had someone to help you stay on track for manifesting?

Then this program is made for YOU!


You were born to intentionally create your experience and my purpose is to support you in living your soul’s highest expression with ease and grace!

Like you, I’ve felt overwhelmed, confused or downright frustrated by manifesting. Years ago, my guides taught me how to consciously create by understanding fundamental universal principles and learning to apply them with consistency. While the laws of attraction can be useful, they are only a fraction of what serves the higher flow of manifesting.

I know how it feels to live in the divine flow of life, as though I’m being carried by an exquisite creative power beyond my own mind. And I also know what it is like to feel lost, stuck and unsupported. I have felt on the upswing of my true potential and then the defeat of that push-back from habits and patterns of unconscious beliefs, self-doubt and fear!


You can break-free and access that exquisite potential and power within to conscious create a life you love living!

As many of you know, I used work as a successful corporate executive, where I earned exceptionally good money, received accolades all while feeling empty and depleted, week after week. No matter how good things looked on the outside – I still had low self-esteem and felt destined to struggle financially and in relationships. I felt isolated and alone, even when in the company of friends. I often wondered if I could really find people that “got me”! And as I yearned for more, I feared I was doomed to live this “negative karma” and never really realize my potential.

Can you relate?

 It was like Groundhog Day!

And then one day, the Divine woke me up! Maybe you too have felt that call, nudge, sense that there is more or a better way, but you just do not know how to do it? I finally surrendered from living in doubt and fear and I became willing to listen and act upon the guidance my Spiritual Dream Team of guides and angels. Doing so, one step at a time, freed me from the patterns that kept me feeling isolated and stuck and moved me into the conscious creation of extraordinary experiences.  

I now live in the miraculous flow of conscious creation that serves the highest good of life. I serve in a professional capacity that challenges my beliefs and perceptions every single day, lifts me into a world beyond my imagination and fulfills my soul in ways that cannot be adequately expressed in words. In the physical expression of this Miracle Manifesting, I’ve bought, furnished and maintained a beautiful home, in an ideal school-district for my daughter and as a single mother working in a non-ordinary career. I’ve repaired credit that seemed nearly destroyed; serve an international clientele without traditional marketing; met my divine soul mate who lived thousands of miles away and married him; healed life threatening conditions; traveled to exotic places; led international retreats; and shifted from suffering, struggle and limitation into the slip-stream of my soul’s power, purpose and potential. This is not all happening because I am not more charmed, blessed or connected than YOU!! Telling yourself that (and believe me, I’ve been there) is just a mind-hack.

Miracle Manifesting can become a way of life, once you understand and apply the principles and practices with consistency. It can yield tremendous material comforts; bring you into alignment with health, fulfilling connections and true prosperous flow. And these are part of our Divine inheritance as we live on earth. But those are just the material perks of living in the slip-stream of your highest flow. Miracle Manifesting awakens you to who you are and allows you to live in this world as you were meant to live – rather than living the unconsciously imprinted energies that create the limitations you’ve already experienced and outgrown!

If you’re like me, you know that manifesting a more fulfilling life is possible, but perhaps you just feel its too hard to…

  • Maintain the positive vibe.
  • Keep up the practices
  • Believe before the results are visible
  • Feel confident or consistent
  • Trust that you’re loved, supported, deserving and capable of manifesting miraculous flow.

Here’s the truth:

YOU WERE BORN TO LIVE in the slip-stream of miraculous flow.

Pause and take that in for a moment.

YOU were born to live a miraculous flow. That is a holy truth. And if you sit still with this, you will feel the resonance of this truth within you.

Miraculous Manifesting is an art that can be mastered by all people, regardless of your intuitive prowess or sense of worthiness.

You came to remember who you are. You came into the physical world to awaken to your soul’s true power, purpose and potential. You came with a support team of Spirit helpers devoted to your mission. You came to expand, evolve and express the exquisiteness of your essence into beautiful creates that uplift, inspire and empower you and others.

Doing so requires a willingness to let go of beliefs and open to your soulful truth.

You are worthy of all that is good!

You have the power to create a life filled with meaning, love, health, joy and prosperity.


In the 30 Days of Miracle Manifesting with Lori, I will guide you through the practices and tools that I use to daily to elevate my energy, align with the divine and bring through the higher plan for my life.

Would you want to learn more? Would you want support in creating the same magic and transformation in your own life?

Doe this sound like something you’d like to experience with me?

The 30 Days of Miracle Manifesting with Lori will give you access to principles and tools that I have been empowering clients and students with for years. I have been teaching this course at the onset of the new year for over a decade. Recently, I was participating in jury duty and while waiting to be called for selection, my guides urged me to create this program to support people in this way. This program is a divinely guided process that will:

  • Kick-start your DREAM LIFE!
  • Provide ongoing support for 30 days!
  • Elevate your manifesting experience
  • Give you bonus tools for enhancing your success.
  • Enhance your manifesting power through our custom guided meditations with sound-design technology to boost your manifesting power!
  • Grant you access to private membership Facebook community that includes weekly live mentoring sessions with me.
  • Allow you to enjoy options for 1:1 manifesting session with me with the PLUS program option.


You will gain:

  • Competency and confidence in conscious manifesting the miracle of your highest flow!
  • Understanding of the laws of the universe
  • Joyful appreciation for your soul’s power to live in the miraculous slip stream of life
  • Deeper connection to yourself as a SOUL and the helpful Spirit Dream Team devoted to you
  • Ability to elevate your consciousness and vibration for immediate results
  • A community of miraculous manifesting souls!
  • The ability to re-use these practice, principles and tools for life
  • Access to your innate love, serenity, power and grace
  • Guidance from an international shamanic medium who walks her talk! 😊







  • This is an private webinar based course held over 30-days so you can have access to this rich program from anywhere in the world!
  • You will have access to:
    • 3 Webinars with Lori
    • Custom guided meditations w/sound design
    • Worksheets, exercises and prompts
    • A private Facebook group for support, connection
      • Daily prompts within the FB Group
      • Weekly FB live Q & A mentoring with me
    • Lifetime access to program content
    • Principles, tools and practices that align you with your soul’s power, purpose and passion!
    • Bonus trainings


Lori Lipten is an international shamanic medium, soul retriever, author, psychotherapist, spiritual teacher and retreat leader. Lori’s purpose is to help people awaken to their innate capacity for love, peace and prosperity.  Lori has worked with thousands of clients from all over the world for over 17 years. 

Soul Retrieval Ceremony #Metoo 

January 13 – 11:00 a.m. – 3 p.m. 

Birmingham Unitarian Church
Donation Only

Soul Retrieval is a powerful, spiritual healing practice that address soul loss resulting from trauma. From a shamanic perspective, soul’s can fragment and disperse into realms during trauma. Without direct intervention, the soul parts may not return and the individual will feel less whole, less connected to self and life, perhaps lost or dissociative.  Shamanic healers work deliberately with benevolent helping Spirits to diagnose; clear intrusive energies; retrieve, heal and restore soul energies that serve the highest good for the client.

When one suffers, we are all impacted. When one heals, we are all impacted.

Together, we gather within a safe and reverent community to support one another in healing. Within a compassionate setting, the Soul Retriever surrenders her ego to commune with the Divine Helping Spirits who assist her throughout this sacred journey. She let’s go and merges into the realms of non-ordinary reality, working with Spirit Helpers, to retrieve and heal all soul parts ready to return to those who have lost vitality through trauma. Once the soul parts are ready, she blows their exquisite essence into the hearts of the participants, returning the light of their being into accessible form. In a receptive state, the recipient welcomes what was once lost, into her being. Then, the Soul Retriever shares guidance from Spirit, encouraging the soul energy to gently settle into this world. There is a celebration of the healing that has been restored to the community. When one suffers, we are all impacted. When one heals, we are all impacted. So we welcome the light’s return and feel the wholeness within ourselves. We close our sacred circle with loving reverence for all who support us and return to peace, walking in full presence of life’s beauty and love

In this Soul Retrieval Ceremony, Lori will:

  • Create a safe, sacred environment for healing
  • Explain soul loss and retrieval
  • Conduct a shamanic journey for soul retrieval for all participants in the ceremony
  • Share Spirit guided healing messages for the group
  • Lead healing meditations to support soul retrieval integration
  • Provide tools for after-care

This is not a soul retrieval training workshop. This is for all those ready for soul retrieval, who feel called to participate in a community healing session. This specific Soul Retrieval Ceremony will focus on anyone who identifies with #Metoo. You will not be asked to share anything you do not wish to share and you do not have to have experience #Metoo to join this ceremony. Soul Retrieval provides deep soul healing for those in need but is not a solo-fix. Be prepared to take responsibility for your continued healing, after soul retrieval.