We have all come to this planet to awaken to our spiritual power and purpose.  Lori has developed programs promote self-realization and intentional embodiment of your divinity. Our programs are here to support you in the direct experience of your boundless essence; the pure love of your supreme nature; the infinite well of radiant light and wellness within you and the keys to exquisite, abundant living in harmony with all-that-is.

Lori Lipten’s programs guide into direct encounter with the infinite realm of Spirit’s love, wisdom and prosperity. Our programs are developed for all levels.


2018 Offerings

Awaken Your Intuition: Live 2-hour Online Event

May 29, 2018

7 p.m. – 9 p.m. ET


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Have you been feeling the intuitive nudges but not quite sure how to interpret or trust the guidance? Imagine the power of living with intuitive wisdom as your guide!

In this 2-hour LIVE online event,Lori Lipten will introduce you to the power of intuition as a natural guiding tool for living your best life. She will help you identify the intuitive cues seeking to guide you from within and all around you. Lori will share tools for intuitive living including how to:
  • Make empowering soulful decisions for personal and professional thriving
  • Recognize intuition’s presence in everyday life
  • Live within the ease and grace of your soul’s guidance
  • Learn how to get clear intuitive signals
Intuition is an innate tool accessible to all of us. It is the language of your soul. When you learn to harness your intuition, it becomes a gift that keeps on giving! Developing your intuition will help shift from struggle, confusion and overwhelm into a path of compassionate awareness and nurturing support. Intuition reveals your purpose, insight and creative process for living your best life. In this on-line event, you’ll ease into your intuitive wisdom.

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The Intuitive Way
On-line workshop

Coming in June!

A sacred encounter with your Soul!

The Intuitive Way is an on-line workshop that allows you easy access to developing the power of your intuition into a meaningful tool for living your best life. And you can do this all from the comfort of your own home, at your own pace.

Imagine how liberating it would be to gain command of your intuition as a reliable way for thriving? Lori’s program is an easy to use, practical guide for developing your intuition over 4 weeks. The program introduces you to the power of intuition and your intuitive style. You will learn to:

  • Understand your intuitive energy centers (the clairs)
  • Discover your intuitive style
  • Elevate your intuitive energies
  • Sense the world within and around you accurately
  • Develop a healthy relationship with Spirit and your Soul
  • Use intuition for practice purposes
  • Expand your spiritual awareness
  • And more…

Registration details will be posted soon