Receiving Insight and Healing through Spirit

Sometimes a shamanic journey is warranted or requested by either Spirit or the client rather than a standard Intuitive Consultation or Mediumship session. While Lori always communes with Spirit to access Divine Guidance and Spirit for messages. When a shamanic journey is appropriate, Lori enters into a deep trance-like state, with eyes closed and drumming music playing in the background to bring through insights, healing energies and guidance from benevolent spirit guides on behalf of her client. When the shamanic journey is complete, Lori shares all the insights pertinent to the client’s healing journey. A shamanic journey differs from an intuitive consultation because the energies and insights are often highly metaphoric, inviting the participants to release their attachments to ordinary reality and shift into the deeper awareness and magic of Spirit.

Journeying on your behalf can be offered in-person or remotely.  Book your session