Non-Ordinary Healing and Self-Care

Lori holds a Master of Arts in Clinical and Humanistic Psychology and post-graduate training in shamanic arts; mindfulness; guided imagery; past-life-regression; Pranic Healing; Energy Healing; Theta Healing; Flower of Life Healing; Process Therapy and Emotional Freedom Technique.  She brings a specific emphasis on accessing individual potential, intuitive realization, purpose and self-actualization to her work with clients. Lori works collaboratively with you and the Divine Helping Spirits to understand your areas of concern and discern the best course of treatment. She offers a combination of talk therapy within a framework of shamanic, transpersonal and mindfulness and client-centered therapeutic approaches.  Lori helps her clients realize their purpose and potential by offering methods that are Spirit guided and often experiential such as: energy healing, soul alchemy, soul retrieval, spirit centered guidance; guided imagery; visualization and mindfulness meditation. Lori’s focus is on whole-person counseling that considers the fundamentals of inspired living and self-care. Inspired Living refers allowing one’s innate wisdom, intuition and pure potential to come forth through compassionate and deliberate facilitation, to cultivate harmony of mind, body and spirit. Inspired Living is a spirit guided and client-centered approach to thriving.

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