Shamanic Healing 

Lori serves as a Shamanic Medium, Soul Retriever and Psychotherapist. You will meet with Lori in a confidential setting for approximately 1.5 – 2 hours.  If you have felt called to have healing,  Lori will invite you to share what has led you to this point and explore what has transpired within a compassionate setting, so you feel seen and heard. Lori will then access Divine guidance and to discern the best course of treatment and share the steps with you accordingly.

Once Spirit determines it is time for shamanic healing, Lori will enter into non-ordinary reality – a trance-like state – to commune with her helping spirits and bring forth the healing needed for your soul, at this time. Before she enters the shamanic journey or trance;Lori may invite you to lay or sit with blankets and pillows. She will ensure you are comfortable while she enters into the soul healing ceremony for you. Expect to hear drumming music and rattles while she accesses the healing energies to support your soul retrieval and healing.

When Lori returns from non-ordinary reality, she may blow the soul energy into your heart and crown, seal in energy with a rattle, drum and prayers. There is minimal physical contact during the soul retrieval process.  After the energy settles into your body, Lori will share the information received by spirit with specific focus on the Divine guidance offered to promote integration and further your healing journey, following your session.

What is a Soul Retrieval

Soul Retrieval is the sacred healing ceremony where a Shaman works with Spirit to retrieve and heal aspects of the soul that may have fragmented or been traumatized at any phase of life. One of the oldest healing practices on the planet, Soul Retrieval addresses the results of trauma that create soul loss. Soul loss means that an aspect of our energy has responded to trauma by shifting out of our reach. This happens when the Soul Essence protects itself from total or further injury by retreating into a dimension inaccessible to us, without intervention. While the retreat of soul energy protects us; when intervention does not happen immediately after the trauma, sustained soul loss can impact our mental, emotional or physical state of being in a way that  can leave us feeling empty, lost, stuck or numb. We may feel a loss of personal power; dissociative; fragmented; lost; shattered or stuck. We may obsess about a situation, returning to it over and over literally or through repeating patterns until it is healed fully. We may find ourselves feeling empty, hollow or devastated in a way that psychotherapy, medicine or spiritual practices alone cannot touch. We may experience a loss of memory or time and space regarding certain aspects of our lifetime.

Soul Retrieval addresses soul loss by bringing the soul parts back to be integrated into your body in present time. Soul Retrieval can be a useful and important complement to our healing process. It empowers us to fully access our soul’s energy and take responsibility for our healing, as we shift from the impact of trauma into the full restoration and thriving.

Training and Experience
When Lori was serving a client during a reading session, her helping spirits showed her that the client had fragmented during a traumatic experience and that his soul parts were lingering in another dimension. Her helping spirit guides then directed her on how to retrieve the soul parts and support the healing of clients through soul retrieval. Lori studied soul retrieval and interned with her helping Spirits and then physical shamanic teachers for years. Since then, Lori Lipten has provided soul retrievals and shamanic healing for individuals, groups, communities and land for over ten thousand individuals, for nearly two decades. Lori teaches soul retrieval for individuals who are competent in shamanic journeying and ready to expand their shamanic healing practices for self and others. Lori provides retreat-like soul-retrieval training sessions around the country and in Michigan. 

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