Compelling, Educational and Uplifting

Lori is a dynamic, engaging and experienced public speaker. She began her career as an executive marketing presenter and has since offered numerous presentations around the world as a keynote speaker, special guest lecturer, storyteller and audience reader. Lori has presented at corporate events, retreats, women’s events; conventions and holistic fairs. Lori can provide multiple opportunities for learning and offer direct communications with Spirit for audiences.  Lori is knowledgeable and extremely skilled at speaking about:

  • Spirit
  • the after-life
  • mediumship
  • angels and spirit guides
  • shamanism
  • soul loss and soul retreival
  • mindfulness
  • meditation
  • healing through grief
  • Intuitive awareness and development
  • Inspired Living and Self-Care
  • Past-lives
  • The Akashic Realms (the ethereal data-bank of souls)
  • Spiritual Awakening

Lori can guide groups in meditation, guided visualizations and experiential practices for transformation. She can provide a combination of speaking, teaching, experiential workshops and large or small group readings for your event.  Call 248-219-5982 to discuss booking Lori for your event.