Messages from Spirit: Mediumship

Lori serves as a conduit for Spirit by accessing the Akashic Realms: the ethereal “data-bank of the Soul”. This approach allows loved ones to communicate through her. Lori serves as a Shamanic Medium or an Akashic Medium because she completely surrenders the session to the Divine; works collaboratively with Helping Spirits to bring the highest level messages through for each session; Accesses Spirit through the Akashic Realm and focuses on healing for all concerned. Spirit brings specific evidence and validations of their presence in your life through each session. These messages are designed to bring you reconciliation, peace of mind, insights about your loved one, your life and theirs.

When choosing a Mediumship session, it helps to know that the experience is an unfolding communication between the client, the world of Spirit and Lori as the messenger. No matter your intention for the session, Lori allows the Divine to take command of the session, to bring through a transmission of loving Divine light into the consciousness of the client and all concerned. Enter your session with an open mind and heart, so you can allow the gifts from Spirit to bring forth peace, healing, inspiration and meaning.  The Divine is fully in charge of who shows up and what messages are shared to serve your highest good at this time. Each session lasts approximately 45 minutes.  Call 248-219-5982 to book your session. 

Please note: As an internationally acclaimed shamanic medium, Lori is in high demand as a teacher, private consultant, medium and intuitive guide. Lori is currently booking private consultations in late 2018.  Contact 248-219-5982 to make an appointment or request to be placed on a cancellation/wait list



There are many other ways to see Lori and even study with her. Lori provides group sessions; private group sessions; teaches and leads retreats. Check out Lori’s workshops and events to find the best fit for you.