For many years, I have been receiving direct messages from Divine Spirit Messengers. Long before communicating with loved ones in Spirit, this was a primary mode of connecting with the Divine. I will be sharing messages here, from time to time, that I hope inspire, uplift and empower you.

January 14, 2018 Channeled Message
“There is a significant download happening.We are the Rays of Orion and the Elders of the Rainbow Nation working collectively to support those who are willing to awaken. There is a stepping down of higher frequencies happening en masse. It is activating the higher heart chakra to allow great frequencies of love into the planet at this time, which has been undergoing a shift for sometime. Love is being called into the foreground to heal the energies that have dominated duality. Love is the way of opening to the higher heart and allowing a state of unification into one’s consciousness. This is how you will move forward into your dharma (purpose, soul path) and pull through the lessons of your lifetime with great ease. We are working to simplify or ease this process for you, but you can participate through meditations on the light, love and compassion. Be kind to yourself through this process. Drink more water than usual and eat without sugars for the next 10 days. You will need to be cleared of the energies that may be blocking the light from fully integrating into your system in this time.

Your higher heart, also known as the Inspired Heart, will allow you to merge with your higher self with greater ease and open to higher frequencies of wisdom and guidance than ever before. Doorways of enlightenment are opening to those ready for this awareness now. Service is the mantra that will move you into the state of union and fulfillment at this time. Love is the frequency. You will feel yourself moving into states of loving connection with life and fears may arise but will move out with ease, as you lovingly witness without resistance now.

The earth is shifting. She is releasing her karmic contract with humanity who is not working in harmony with her. She is allowing things to change, so she may survive. Listen deeply to your inner heart, your wisdom which is guiding you on how to serve the earth and life on this planet. Eat mindfully. Breathe deeply. Become still and unplug from the indoctrination coming at you through the airwaves of the ego and its dualisitic creations.

You are being called into alignment with your soul. There can be no more pausing on this call. You are being helped to fulfill this path with greater ease. Ask your angels to assist you, as we are eager to do so. Remain open to the healing happening within you. Meditate, engage in practices that clear your energies; and release whatever does not serve you at this time. In meditations, ground yourself by bringing light down through you into the earth and up from the earth back through your central column. Do this and you will facilitate the change.

Send your love outward into the cells of your body, into you DNA. Let it radiate throughout your being and then send this loving light into the world boldly. Withhold NO LIGHT from anyone. All beings are thirsty for the higher love that is entering this plane. As a light-worker, you may feel off-kilter a bit, so enter a time of incubation to receive these energies and facilitate the integration. There will be multiple pulses of light within the next 18 months. You will need more rest and more exercise than you’re used to. Let yourself take this time to allow your soul’s acceleration, expansion and light body to adjust. You are awakening. The time is now. We love you and stand with you on this path. Aho.”