Small Group Readings are limited to 10 participants to allow an intimate setting that serves the highest good of everyone within the group. Lori’s compassionate, down-to-earth style allows her to bring messages from loved ones in spirit, along with messages from healing guides and angels, to serve the highest good of all concerned. Lori surrenders her service entirely to the Divine, thus allowing her to become a channel for messages that promote reconciliation, understanding, closure and healing.

When attending a reading, it is not possible to discern what loved one’s in Spirit will show up or even what they might choose to say. Lori’s specialty is in the Akashic Realms as a shamanic medium. This means that loved ones may come through as a function of their life review, to serve the healing process for all concerned. Some loved ones give detailed messages about your day-to-day life; their lives or their personality. While others may focus solely on one significant message that needs to be communicated. Either way, messages are never casual conversation and are always designed by the Divine to ensure the highest good of all present is served.

Lori will explain the process and lead the group through a guided meditation. You are welcome to record your own reading or take notes to help remember what was said.

Sessions start promptly and we do not allow late arrivals to protect the energy of the group reading. Lori will provide private group sessions in her office for a minimum of 8 participants. Call 248-219-5982 to schedule a private group reading.