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Lori Lipten

Lori Lipten
Lori Lipten2021-01-26T02:53:17+00:00


delusion paxil scarves business plan thesis statement example about life student resume letter of recommendation can you get viagra without seeing a doctor does prednisone stunt growth in dogs follow site research paper template latex primary homework help british timeline go here viagra update on its lawsuit a level law fault essay go site click nicl ao english descriptive paper see url go here see wie bekommt man viagra legal find buy tadalafil cialis at ebay write an expository essay atenolol side effects j276 coursework taming of the shrew classified paper structure source site no parameter assignment maintained for included search help sap thesis database india We are moving through highly challenging and interesting times.  The realm in which we live is often referred to as the “Middle World” or 3D. This specific dimension is shaped by duality, allowing spiritual growth to manifest through an interplay of Divine Consciousness and the Ego-Mind.  These forces are often interpreted as “Light” and “Dark” (Shadow) energies by our body, mind, and spirit.

Light is the frequency resonating with our Divinity; it reconnects us to our multidimensional nature, intuitive wisdom, and power. Dark energies represent the unilluminated shadow — the power of the ego’s limited perceptual lens to keep humanity in a state of separation from its own Divine nature, limitation and enslavement to the lower density frequencies that manifest competition, suffering and soul-loss.

Ego was given to humanity as a tool to be used for having an individualized experience of one’s Divine nature in this Middle World. When the soul enters this world, it knows it will take on this Ego-Identity. It was meant to be supportive for playing and evolving in this 3D realm. Over time, the ego became the master of this individual and the collective consciousness thus manifesting a 3D world of great density and suffering for eons. It is a realm founded upon the karma of cause and effect.

GREAT NEWS: The 3D Middle World is finally changing and evolving into a higher dimension!

In 1987, a great portal of Ascension Light opened to lift us out of the 3D consciousness and into the New Earth of 5D. Through this shift, the Middle World began collapsing to uplevel into a higher Matrix of consciousness. There have been subsequent Ascension Activation Portals happening through 2030. As we participate, we shift more easily. All those participating in this uplevel are truly coming to the end of the karmic looping that humanity has been spiraling through for eons. But the choice is ours to make. As we move through the 5D consciousness, we must decide if we are willing to participate in this upleveling. Those who do not, will live in the 3D consciousness for some time, while 5D is birthed. It will feel like we are living in different realities; timelines even — because we are. Lightworkers will find this process far easier by practicing attuning, aligning, and allowing intuition to lead their lives daily.

There are many Lightworker Souls on the planet who are waking up and attuning to their soul’s purpose on earth. These souls come from various realms of LIGHT where they have mastered living in a Lightbody either on Earth in a previous incarnation; or have done so in other dimensions and universes. Lightworker Souls appear to us to be highly intuitive and often, Highly Sensitive People. They may appear to us as profoundly compassionate, wise, or psychically gifted. Lightworkers are sometimes called “Starseeds” a term referring to their mission.

As Lightworkers awaken on the earth, their intuition becomes their way of life. They start to feel called to live in alignment with their purpose. They lose interest in the world’s paradigms or they may have never quite bought into them. …but now free themselves from their grip. Their awakening begins by questioning everything and is accompanied by intuitive experiences that challenge their beliefs. They dive deep into their soul’s light and/or grief and face their inner shadow. They become devoted to healing themselves from all ego-limitations in which they were marinated to feel “normal” as part of the 3D World. Lightworkers have a mission — to awaken and create the 5D world.

As we awaken, compassion for ourselves and one another is most important. Awakening is not an easy journey. Though it will create a profound liberation,  the density of 3D consciousness is designed to keep people enslaved to it. The ego questions all things non-ordinary; limits resources and cannot hold a higher frequency with easy consistency. It will try hard to tell you that you are making this up — this is “too out there”, and it will make you wonder about the nature of reality or your own truth, for a while.  KNOW that the grid of 3D is founded upon the illusion of separation. The energetic foundation of this structure is FEAR and scarcity. It cannot truly support your awakened consciousness. Therefore, practice is so essential for the awakening Lightworker Soul until the new grid of 5D becomes fully established and your higher consciousness is embodied with consistency.

5D Consciousness is manifested through the Inspired Heart. When the Higher Heart and Crown ( Inspired Heart™) are activated, the Higher Chakras of the Light Body are simultaneously activated, thus allowing the finer frequencies of divine LIGHT to emerge as the foundational structure and foreground of the individual’s energy field. This serves multi-faceted benefits allowing far higher intuitive insights, gifts, and power to emerge. This level of consciousness is loving, benevolent, vibrant, and no longer tied to karma. It is a status of evolving liberation from the 3D Matrix to allow significantly superior frequencies of creative forms, ideas, inventions to be manifested on the planet.

The New Earth Grid is supported by Divine beings of LIGHT including Ascended Masters, Teachers, Saints, Sages, Wise Ones, Angels, Fairies, and Benevolent Star Races including but not limited to: Arcturians, Pleiadeans, Sirians, Rays of Orion. These Divine Helpers show up in collaboration with one another, to reveal how we are also meant to work together, even when we perceive ourselves as different races, religions, politics, and other illusions of 3D consciousness. The 3D mind thrives on wars, seeking to obliterate “non-light” without ever doing so. It promises riches, liberation, status, and health while perpetuating struggle, separation, and illusion.

In the 5D Consciousness, we see one another through the heart. We hold no barriers to our capacity to love and offer compassion. We work collaboratively with the Divine to create a new world of harmony and reverence for all life. We no longer war or harm life. This restores health to the planet; health to the human body, mind, and spirit; health to life on earth.

For nearly two decades, I have devoted my life to supporting all those going through the ascension and awakening process. In 1987, a band of Golden Angels woke me to their loving presence and guided me into a path of profound healing and liberation. Over the years, they have taught me myriad healing practices, methods and brought programs that I have offered to others. They have helped me to bring messages from the realms of Spirit to clients all over the world; read the Soul’s Records within the Akashic; reveal Past-Lives; provide Soul-Retrieval and Alchemy to heal fragmented and traumatized souls; certify hundreds of Intuitive Practitioners; and mentor people through healing, spiritual and personal awakening, and ascension.

Every service I offer holds purpose of uplifting and empowering individuals into their higher consciousness for empowered thriving.

May all beings be free, happy, and thriving  and may all my thoughts, words and deeds serve that freedom, happiness and thriving always.

With abiding love and reverence,


To ensure the  health of all concerned, all sessions are offered via Zoom or Facetime until further notice

A Call to all Lightworkers, Energy Healers, Starseeds, Shamanic Souls, Intuitives, Spiritual Seekers….

The Ascension Conscousness Experiential Webinar

NEW DATE: February 21, 2021

10:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m. est

Zoom* (recorded version will be available)

Inspired Activation Mentoring  – February 3, 2021

Monthly sessions for energetic mentoring, healing, activation & manifesting

Group Readings

February 12, 2021   12:30 p.m. – 2:30 p.m.

The ASCENSION PORTAL Memberhip Site -coming soon!

A spiritually centered membership program launching in February

We are going through a unprecendented shift in consciousness on our planet. This shift has been building for a few decades and we have entered a profoundly accelerated opportunity for spiritual ascension.

Ascension manifests both individually and for the whole of humanity. Ascension is the lifting away of the ego’s dominance in the human consciousness to allow LOVE to become the dominant creative force guiding our species. This is a movement away from fear, separation into a unity consciousncess that breeds collaboration, harmony and thriving for all life on earth. It is birthed through the Inspired Heart — which is the higher heart chakra system within all Lightworker souls. This shift is an elevation from 3Dimensional-Density Consciousness into 5Dimensional consciousness. Shamanic beings may refer to this as the merging of Upper and Lower Worlds into an embodied LIGHT.

Being born at this time on earth as a spiritual seeker means you are part of the conscious shift. This is not an easy process through which you have chosen to incarnate and evolve. Lightworker souls have come into the earth-plane, into human bodies, to serve the elevation of consciousness on the planet. The first part of the journey requires us to awaken, inhabit the higher consciousness of our soul, illuminate our energy field until its resonant with 5D consciousness. Lightworker souls – whatever form that take (shaman, intuitives, healers, medicine people, starseeds and more) have come into this earth with a higher frequency to ascend and then guides others through this journey.

3D is not an easy realm to navigate. Suffering is the dominant frequency of this realm because the ego controls human consciousness. Humanity’s consicousness has been tied to fear, separation and a karmic loop for eons thus creating systems of competition, struggle, war and other illusions birthed from the ego-mind. Lightworks came here to transcend their personal and familial karmic destiny, elevate into their Lightbody and serve the ascension process. They came to help build the New Earth.

My work is devoted to helping Lightworkers from all dimensional origins, to awaken, embody their light and bring their soul’s purpose to fulfillment on earth so we can welcome mother’s earth 5-Dimensional Consciousness.

All my offerings are focused on this development.

Stay tune for the new membership site, social media resources and tools to support your ascension process

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As a compassionate and ethical bridge between worlds, Lori brings insights about your soul, messages from loved ones in Spirit and Divine Messengers to heal, inspire and empower you.  She is also a Shamanic Healer providing soul retrieval and other shamanic healing methods, mentoring, coaching and spiritual psychotherapy to serve your healing, growth and thriving in mind, body and spirit. Lori holds a Master of Arts in Clinical and Humanistic Psychology and has an impeccable track record of serving thousands of clients around the world as a shamanic medium, intuitive guide and healing force bringing Spirit to life.

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Lori’s group events are infused with compassion, warmth and deep attunement with the Divine in a manner that promotes healing, insight and inspired living. People are moved by the accurate and refined messages that pour through Lori during her Small Group Readings and Large Audience Reading events! She also offers her Signature Seminars & Key Note Addresses with an open-heart, wisdom and humor. Lori officiates weddings and creates unique Ceremonies and Blessings to mark life transitions and leads Healing Circles and Sacred Retreats to provide a safe space for transformation and connections emerge.  Lori’s genuine enthusiasm and authentic demonstration of intuitive living awakens inspired action that changes lives!

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Throughout the year, Lori offers dynamic and engaging  live events. As a spiritual teacher, whose unique programs have trained thousands of people, like you, to trust and expand their intuition; awaken, heal and thrive in mind, body and spirit, Lori is committed to facilitating spiritual growth and responsible intuitive development. Each program is uniquely focused to help build confidence, compassionate self-awareness and skillful methods that grow your soul.  Lori’s specific signature workshops include: The Intuitive Practitioner Certification Program™; Soul Retrieval & Alchemy Training; The Shamanic Way™  – A Level 2 IPC™ program; Introduction to Shamanic Journeying; The Inspired Heart™: One Day Retreat.


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Online Academy of Intuitive Arts

Lori created the Online Academy of Intuitive Arts for people like you, who are ready to shine your Divine Light boldly and help create a new world through self-directed leaning. From the comfort of your home, you can develop your intuitive, psychic and healing gifts, consciously evolve your soul and step into the next phase of human evolution with ease and grace. Lori’s signature on-line programs include: The Intuitive Way™ – an introduction to intuitive living;  The Intuitive Practitioners Certification Program™ – a rigorous training for people ready to develop intuitive, psychic, shamanic and healing gifts and obtain certification;  Miracle Manifesting Through the Chakras – a program to heal and up-level your inherent manifesting gifts; Introduction to Shamanic Journeying; Awakening the Inspired Heart™;  Collaborating with Angels and Spirit Guides. Are you ready to step into your intuitive power? Let’s get started!

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Who are Divine Helpers?

You are blessed with a spiritual support team that is devoted to serving your highest good throughout your lifetime. By learning to tune into these benevolent assistants, you experience a direct upgrade from the mundane into the extraordinary flow of soulful living. Your crew of Divine helpers reflect the love, light and power of God also known as The Creator;

Highest Source of All-that-is; The Universe; Higher Power, Energy; Life Force; Divinity. These remarkable spiritual assistants are eager to facilitate the realization of your soul’s purpose. As Ambassadors for love, light and truth, your spiritual helpers use intuition to awaken you to your innate power, passion and purpose! For over a decade, I have been teaching people from all over the world to navigate this extraordinary reality of intuitive living. Would you like to realize your true power, passion and purpose?  It is my joy to do help you do so!

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