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Lori Lipten ~ Are you ready to live your Soul’s Purpose?

Lori Lipten ~ Are you ready to live your Soul’s Purpose?2023-02-22T20:14:45+00:00

Your consciousness. Your vibration. Your life.
The Sacred Soul Retreat with Lori


March 29 – April 2, 2023

We are in a Spiritual Revolution!

Humanity is awakening and YOU are here because you feel it! You feel the world deeply. You see things through your heart, intuitive wisdom and with an awareness that is not ordinary. You intuitively know there is more and you’re ready to awaken and remember who you are.

There has never been a time like this on earth and YOU are part of this auspicious change.


March 29 – April 2, 2023

Are you ready to ELEVATE your vibration,  consciousness and live your soul’s purpose with ease and grace?

Imagine yourself meditating and practicing shamanic journeying and Qi Gong surrounded by Sedona’s majestic Red Rocks. The view is breathtaking. You can feel the warmth of the sun on your skin. You can hear the sound of water flowing down Oak Creek. You can feel the presence of the Ancestors and all of Divinity enfolding you. You are held within the heart of love, as your mind quiets, your body calms and you feel a deep sense of safety to  honor the calling on your soul for authentic beingness. 

Sedona is a powerful vortex where people come for transformation. It was a holy place for our indigenous brothers and sisters for thousands of years and the birthplace of several star nations on earth. People from all over the world journey to Sedona for personal and spiritual transformation.  

In our 4 day ELEVATE RETREAT, you will experience soul expanding, vibrational upgrading, heart activating spiritual evolution thgough: Meditation, Qi Gong, Sound healing,  shamanic journeying, horse medicine, fire ceremony, soulful community, adventure, nature and sisterhood.

The foundation of the ELEVATE Retreat Experience: 

Elevate your Embodied  Wellness

Elevate your Community with Soulful Sisters

Elevate your soul’s purpose and creative expression 

Click here for details  about what’s included

Your soul has been calling for this…





March 29-April 2, 2023
Join us

 I am so excited to invite you to my ELEVATE retreat this Spring in SEDONA!
This event will include exquisite healing rituals, intuitive flow, shamanic practices and be held within a whole new setting that includes: horses, a tipi, a stupa and a medicine wheel.  I  cannot WAIT to host you for this activating experience in the healing red rocks of Sedona! 


 Miracle Manifesting Club 2023 

Live in the flow of miracles!

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Inspiration for
Your Soul

Divine Light surrounds me.
Divine Love enfolds me.
Divine Power protects me.
Divine Presence watches over me.

Divine Consciousness guides me.
Divine Essence flows through me.
Divine Inspiration uplifts me.
Divinity Guides and blesses me.

Wherever I am, the Divine is and all is well.

Private Session

As a compassionate and ethical bridge between worlds, Lori brings insights about your soul, messages from loved ones in Spirit and Divine Messengers to heal, inspire and empower you.  She is also a Shamanic Healer providing soul retrieval and other shamanic healing methods, mentoring, coaching and spiritual psychotherapy to serve your healing, growth and thriving in mind, body and spirit. Lori holds a Master of Arts in Clinical and Humanistic Psychology and has an impeccable track record of serving thousands of clients around the world as a shamanic medium, intuitive guide and healing force bringing Spirit to life.

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Throughout the year, Lori offers dynamic and engaging  live events. As a spiritual teacher, whose unique programs have trained thousands of people, like you, to trust and expand their intuition; awaken, heal and thrive in mind, body and spirit, Lori is committed to facilitating spiritual growth and responsible intuitive development. Each program is uniquely focused to help build confidence, compassionate self-awareness and skillful methods that grow your soul.  Lori’s specific signature workshops include: The Intuitive Practitioner Certification Program™; Soul Retrieval & Alchemy Training; The Shamanic Way™  – A Level 2 IPC™ program; Introduction to Shamanic Journeying; The Inspired Heart™: One Day Retreat.

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Group Events

Lori’s group events are infused with compassion, warmth and deep attunement with the Divine in a manner that promotes healing, insight and inspired living. People are moved by the accurate and refined messages that pour through Lori during her Small Group Readings and Large Audience Reading events! She also offers her Signature Seminars & Key Note Addresses with an open-heart, wisdom and humor. Lori officiates weddings and creates unique Ceremonies and Blessings to mark life transitions and leads Healing Circles and Sacred Retreats to provide a safe space for transformation and connections emerge.  Lori’s genuine enthusiasm and authentic demonstration of intuitive living awakens inspired action that changes lives!

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Who are Divine Helpers?

You are blessed with a spiritual support team that is devoted to serving your highest good throughout your lifetime. By learning to tune into these benevolent assistants, you experience a direct upgrade from the mundane into the extraordinary flow of soulful living. Your crew of Divine helpers reflect the love, light and power of God also known as The Creator;

Highest Source of All-that-is; The Universe; Higher Power, Energy; Life Force; Divinity. These remarkable spiritual assistants are eager to facilitate the realization of your soul’s purpose. As Ambassadors for love, light and truth, your spiritual helpers use intuition to awaken you to your innate power, passion and purpose! For over a decade, I have been teaching people from all over the world to navigate this extraordinary reality of intuitive living. Would you like to realize your true power, passion and purpose?  It is my joy to do help you do so!

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