Have number sequences like 11:11 or 111 been catching your eye? Do you notice 444, 222 or other series of numbers?

Spirit is everpresent and eager to communicate with us. Spirit will use whatever means we notice and often link these connections intentionally.You may notice a feather, money, animals, a certain phrase or song on the radio. Today, I am focusing on number sequences as these are often tied to angels, guides and loved ones in Spirit who are attempting to bring us a message about our awakening.
When you see 11:11 or a series of four 1’s, this is a signal that your linking to the higher vibrations of the 4th dimension and beyond. Its a sign of awakening and a reminder to align with your soul in that moment. Its a call to tune inward and create your reality within a state of loving awareness. This sequence is a reminder that you are a soul living in a physical world. Its calling you to align with this awareness, rather than your ego. Seeing it frequently is telling you to attune, align and allow your highest vibrations to come through you in this very moment because they are seeking to create a new experience through you and for you.
All numbers are encoded messages from the Divine. Like DNA, they carry insights about the nature of reality and therefore, Spirit will use them to communicate with your soul. That’s why they capture your attention. Even if your mind does not understand the meaning, your soul does.
  • 1’s are about creating reality with authentic confidence.Its a reminder to align with the Divine, so that your frequency is matched to your true nature rather than your ego.
  • A series of 2’s link us to our ancestors, but also remind us to live in collaboration and balance between physical and non-physical realities. Its a reminder to honor yourself, as you give to the world.
  • 3’s are about sensitive communication, artistry and the Ascended Masters who seek to guide us. 3’s call us align our words with our hearfelt truth, mindful of how words and creations impact the world.
  • 4’s are a sign of Great Spirit and Angels. 4’s are also a reminder that intuition and life is an unfolding expression of your soul’s power, purpose and passion. You fulfill your purpose in the NOW, through right actions taken one step at a time.
  • 5’s are about allowing the freedom of your higher-self to express itself within the container of the physical realm (universal law). Its a call to action or change and a realization that you are in the midst of great changes, even if you’re not seeing the fruit of your efforts in this moment.
  • 6’s are an esoteric link to your Merkaba of your Lightbody and the seals of Solomon that protect and uplift you into a higher visionary experience of life. 6’s also remind us to be ever present to our thoughts so that they reflect our truth — our divine nature, as they represent the power of our Ajna center to create reality.
  • 7’s are often a gentle remind to lean into the Divine and remember that you are deeply, powerfully supported. It can be a call for quiet, silence even, so that the power of your soul’s wisdom can emerge. Grandmothers (biological and vibrational) may be linked to this vibration too.
  • 8’s call us to live within the awareness of the infinite now and align your power with your soul. You are being asked to access deep power, retrieve what was lost and manifest a whole new reality of prosperity and flow that serves your highest good.
  • 9 is a reminder to live with integrity, do not compromise your truth and allow your wisdom to lead the way. It can be a signal of your spiritual leadership and to show up in service to life. It is also a sign that a cycle is coming to completion and is to be done so with reverence.
  • 0’s are a sign of inner gifts seeking expression through you. When combined with another numeral, zero is amplified through the number’s associated mastery.
An energetic doorway recently opened that allows you to free yourself from the influence of your ancestral lineage more easily. This vibrational portal is open, supporting you in healing bonds that do not serve your highest good any longer. I created a Facebook Live discussing this, offering some spontaneous readings and providing a Guided Meditation to serve this process. Tune into it here