Living a spiritually awakened life means we choose to engage in all things with soulful presence. When we do this, we can pause and tune into creating rituals and celebrating holidays in ways that uplift and inspire us all. This holiday, I invite you to bring your compassionate mindfulness into your experience. Take time to get centered before you engage with others. Create rituals that are meaningful to you. Slow down and become deliberate about your interactions. And this holiday, consider refraining activities that commercialize the holidays.  Instead, use the time to connect with your true essence; with your loved ones; with Spirit and with the Divine in all that is.

Here are some helpful suggestions for creating a meaningful holiday: 

  • Spend time in meditation, prayer, quiet reflection.
    • Before you interact with anyone, get still. Breathe mindfully. Tune into your Spirit. Connect with the Divine. Attune, Align and Allow the Divine to fill your heart, radiate throughout your energy. Bring this loving presence into your holiday.
  • Bring attention to those things for which you are grateful. Feel the gratitude in your heart and express this gratitude to all concerned.
    • Focus on those things for which you are grateful. Notice how this impacts you. Communicate your gratitude to all those who have touched your life. Include your mind, body, and beautiful spirit in the mix.
  • Create a Thanksgiving blessing and recite it before your meal.
    • Create a blessing that is from your soul. It may be over the food, it may be about being alive, being connected with loved ones. It can be simple and from the heart. Blessings allow us to reverently honor the rituals in which we are engaging.
  • Light candles and give thanks to the Divine. 
    • Candles are symbols of the eternal flame of our soul. When we light them, we honor our soul’s light and the Divine Source that created us. Light candles with meaning and invite children to participate.
  • Light a candle(s) to honor loved ones in Spirit.
    • Light specific candles to acknolwedge your love for those who are now in Spirit. Tell them too, how much you appreciated their presence in life and still. They will feel this love from you!
  • Create a Gratitude Circle or Gratitude Craft. Get the kids involved, if appropriate.
    • Suggestion: Create cut-out leaves from paper, and have the kids and guests write what they are grateful for on them. Place these on the table or in a special place, as you take in the blessings of all things for which you are grateful.
  • Share meaningful stories about what impacted you positively this year and opened your heart or helped you feel a sense of thankfulness.
    • Instead of talking politics or making small talk around the table; why not invite your guests to share a story that impacted them positively over the past year. What helped opened their heart? How did something move them? Did they learn something meaningful this past year? Sharing stories that are meaningful invokes gratitude and inspires those who listen.
  • Engage in acts of lovingkindness such as delivering food, supplies or lending a hand to those in need.
    • All random acts of kindness matter. Your giving helps the world to heal. Lift the spirits of another this holiday, by going out of your way to give.
  • Teach children about what Thanksgiving symbolizes for you.
    • Teaching is a sacred honor. Share what Thanksgiving symbolizes for you. This American Holiday can be complicated for some. What does it mean to you personally and how would you like your children and others to understand this meaning? When we awaken, we chose not to do things from habit any longer.  Discover the meaning of the holiday and share it with others in a way that blesses, honors, inspires and empowers all concerned.

However you choose to celebrate Thanksgiving, may you walk in the world with loving awareness and may your day and year be blessed abundantly!