Shaping a Soulful New Year

As the new year approaches, I like to spend time reflecting upon the gifts from 2019 and integrate that insight to shape the coming year. I use thoughtful questions to bring clarity to what I intend to create and how to focus my spiritual energy to consciously manifest in 2020. I engage in meditation, mindfulness practices, channeling, journaling, shamanic journeying and ceremony to nurture my process. For many years, I’ve hosted a group of friends on New Year’s Eve, who gather mindfully to share what they’ve learned from their life thus far and to engage in spiritually grounded practices to orient their life in the coming year. And on January 1, I’m again offering a New Year’s Day Webinar, to support you in purposefully investing in your creative spiritual energy as we embark upon 2020.
Below are some of the questions I use to prompt insights about the year I’m completing and to evoke clarity on what I intend for the new year. I am not one who sets resolutions. Years ago, I used to set goals and work diligently to manifest them. Now, I’m interested in living a life of soulful integrity. This allows me to become very clear about who I am and how I will shape the coming year, without trying to fulfill ego-driven intentions that keep me feeling anything but joyful, peaceful and soulfully aligned. Whenever I’ve attempted to engage in empty goal-setting that isn’t emanating from my soul, it pushed me away from who I am and kept me feeling energetically drained, lost and confused. Ego-goals keep you seeking, searching, yearning for something different and drive you to accomplish external markers for success. A soulful vision is one that aligns me with my authentic nature and while it may include goals, fulfilling these becomes a journey of unfolding, intuitive grace.
I hope you find these questions supportive of your creative process and soulful living. And if you’d like to engage in a spiritually expansive guided meditation, receive channeled messages and experience a few spontaneous messages from Spirit, please join me for my New Year’s Day Webinar on Jan 1 at 11 a.m. est. This webinar will be recorded, so if you cannot join live, you’ll be able to view it at your convenience.

2019 Reflections

1.   What lessons have I learned from my experiences in 2019?
2.   Where did I spend time and energy that drains or diminishes my energy? Am I willing to change this?
3.   What activities, people and places from this past year uplift, inspire and enhance my energy?
4.   What practices have I used that deeply nurture and promote self-care and thriving for me? How did they make me feel? How did they benefit me?
5.   How do I feel when I am aligned with my soul’s truth (intuition)?
6.   What throws me off-center or out of soulful alignment? What brings me back to center?
7.   What is the greatest gift I have offered life over the past year?
8.   Have I improved someone’s life? If so, how?
9.   Who or what has most positively impacted my life? How so? Have I let them know?
10.    Where am I resentful? Is this something I am willing to heal, release fully? If so, how can I do this?
11.   If I were on my death-bed right now, how does this influence how I see myself and life thus far?

2020 Clarifying Intentions

1.   On December 31, 2020, when I reflect upon that year, what do I most want to have experienced and feel?
2.   What lessons has 2019 given to me, that I will use to shape my 2020?
3.   What am I hoping to create this year, that differs from what I have created in the past?
4.   What does my heart and soul yearn to express, create and allow for and through me? Do I resist this in any way? How will I respond to the contrast between that my soul’s yearning and my ego-mind’s resistance?
5.   What gifts, expertise and talents can I offer to my community?
6.   How will I intentionally enhance someone’s life in the coming year?
7.    What area on the planet can I make a difference and how will I do it?  
8.   Who do I want to be by the end of 2020 that differs from who I am or how I am feeling about myself right now?
9.   What practices will I use to thoughtfully nurture my mind, body and spirit?
10.     If I give myself what I truly want in 2020, how does this enhance my soul? Serve the Divine? Feel to me and to my loved ones?
Whatever questions you ponder, give yourself time, space, and deep quiet to reflect without interruption or urgency. These questions are not meant to be a “to-do” list. They are inviting prompts, to help you know yourself and honor what you need most to live an intuitive life aka a soulfully aligned life.
Remember, the ego’s path is one of goals and ambitions that tend to emanate from internalized beliefs of not being enough or needing to be seen. These goals focus on external results to increase your sense of value and belonging but only leave you feeling disconnected, drained and resentful OR dependent on sustaining status-quo or achieving and attaining more at the expense of your well-being and true thriving.
The soul’s path can be highly ambitious and focused too, but throughout the process you feel uplifted, energized and inspired. A soulful path empowers you and others because its sourced from that which is eternal and knows that your innate value is a non-negotiable. It is intuitive, creative and evolves you. It enriches your mind, body and spirit and enhances your family, friends and community.  A soulful path feels juicy, purposeful and life-enhancing.
May your year be a soulfully aligned journey of unfolding blessings.
With abiding Love,