1. Accept the invitation. This is an invitation to bring your spiritual practices to your life. Breathing mindfully, meditation, yoga, compassionate witnessing of self and others; heart-to-heart connecting; active listening; living in the moment.

2. Be gentle with your feelings. Fear is natural because its in the collective field right now. Its permeating the energy band around the earth. If you’re feeling it, do not judge this. If others around you are feeling it, offering compassion and presence will help. Practice presence, grounding and remembering a higher truth, as you calm your body and return to the stream of light and equanimity beneath that anxiety.

3. Trust your intuition. Intuition is the path of illumination. It has been the invitation for many years and why I focus on teaching it. Ego is founded on fear and separation. Intuition is founded on love and unity. Lean into yours, as it will guide you through this process.

4. Be mindful of remaining informed. Get what you need to understand the situation, but remain mindful. Fill yourself with light before turning into news, then witness the news through your higherself. Then clear all cords from your energy system, after watching/listening. Re-center and tune inward to discern how to respond intuitively, soulfully.

5. Lean into the intiation.Life is an unfolding awakening journey replete with initiations. Initiations may come through life crisis; daunting experiences; jolting changes; and pain. But intiations are always available through love, wisdom and grace. This situation is a collective (and individual) initiation for those willing to accept the invitation. The question is: are you willing? And if so, what change is this inviting you to level up to?

6. Ground into your body. Embodiment is an essential foundation for awakened thriving. To get through this time, you will need to practice being in your body. Many spiritual people like to astral travel, journey out of the body, spend time in the ethereal planes. Many believe they don’t belong here on earth or don’t fit in. But you’re in a body for a reason. You chose to be here on earth at this specific time. You chose to live as spirit in your physical body. So this is the time to learn how to master being in your body with great reverence for your physical form. The more you inhabit this form, the higher your vibration will be.

7. Self-care.  Self-care in ways that stretch you and may require some creativity. Be kind and generous with your needs and wants. Become compassionate with your questions and confusion. Become present, gentle, caring with others too. Engage in self-care practices that truly nourish and calm you, like: Walks in nature; meditation, Yoga, Qi Gong, minful coloring; shamanic journeying; deep breathing; salt-baths with lavendar, etc.

8. Deliberately connect with others from your loving heart to theirs. We cannot gather right now, so we need to find ways to connect with one another via phone, on-line or other means and to do so intentionally, mindfully and through our inspired hearts. Breathe together, light up your heart and soul and then radiate love to one another whenever you connect. Let yourselves feel the connection across the boundaries. Feel each other. Love each other boldly now.

Let me know if you need help, have questions or desire additional support. I am here to serve you, with great love and gratitude.

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