Ganesha was one of the guides who appeared to me this morning. The message I am guided to share is this:

“I am here to assist you. I do not belong to any religion or any group beyond the Light. I am a being of Holy Light, one who helps all beings on the path of awakening achieve a clarity of the heart, mind, and body in such a way as to clear the path for you. I help remove the obstacles within your being, that you have adapted to survive the lower frequencies of the earth plane. These energies are now being transmuted and lifted from your body, mind, and spirit. Let them go into the light. send them, with your full intention, into the fires of transmutation. I will assist you in every measure of your path, to release all your fears, anxieties, and doubts. I will lift your heart and consciousness now, as you open to a new way of living. The world can no longer survive by the ego’s constrictions. She (the Earth) has asked all light bearing souls in bodies and all of us Light beings of Divine Spirit to support humanity in awakening. She has called for all dimensions of light to come forward to help elevate her grid, supporting her life. She has been on life-support — a ventilator – and she now needs humanity’s help to fully heal and thrive. Your awakening is the means to this shift. The world’s awakening is how the earth survives and thrives. You are all part of this mission if you are willing. This means, releasing all the attachments you have to the way the world “used to be”. This cannot come back. Not now. Not ever. This may mean grieving losses, but I am here to reassure you that what will emerge will be so far superior you will hardly ever long for the old world to return. It will fade from memory.

The planet has been infused now, with youth of awakened consciousness. The new souls cannot thrive in the old system of education and indoctrinations. But do not become overwhelmed with this notion. We are all helping you. You are coming home to yourself. And this time, it is essential for you to learn self-care, self-love and engage in these practices in ways that uplift your spirit, your mind and body. Now, as you learn to release what is not real and is not serving you, your heart is awakening you to what does. Listen deeply to how its calling you into new actions. Are you willing to do these? Are you honoring what gives you the deepest joy? Are you willing to engage in new habits that create thriving?

We want you to know this time will not always feel easy, but it is a necessary step into the evolution of the new earth. Do not fear it any longer. Remain calm, present, and cloaked in loving light. Your practices of breathing deeply, calming your body, infusing your cells with light are essential for the coming age of enlightenment. Walk outside. Breathe fresh air. Pay attention to the beauty of nature. She is singing a new song. Let your heart synchronize with her rhythms as these are healing salves for your soul.

We ask you to be cautious of the exposure to misinformation, deceptions and manipulations coming from the internet and other media sources. Dive deep into your inner knowing. We are not creating an enemy for you — so do not hear that message in these words today. Humans are doing their best to share their knowledge and understanding of life. Most are well intended and truly desiring to serve you well. But you must also know that many are not yet awake even those who claim to be. This can feel confusing at times. Notice the level of empowerment, peace, loving light you feel when you read words, when you hear information. If your energy diminishes in any way when you read or listen to a resource: notice this as a sign of “misguidance” in the message. Remain attuned to light, as it will always empower you into your higher self.

Duality is dissolving. The matrix of illusions is dissolving. The ego-matrix has been running the earth-plane for far too long. Now, the ego must become illuminated in such a way that we live and create consciously through the inspired heart: the awareness of our unity with Divine Source. The awareness of ourselves, all humanity, as having the capacity to live, breathe and create a loving world. Duality thrives on enemies and heroes. It requires them to bolster the illusion. But this alas, is the time of the every-hero, every-heroine’s journey. One where all battles are won within the awakened soul. One where all limitations of the mind are no longer the manifesting tool of the spirit. I am here to assist you in this awakening.

Breathe today and calm your body. Fear nothing. Allow yourself to become present to light. Fill your heart with loving awareness and infuse your whole body with light. Expand this light into your being, into your spaces. Bask in this light. Envision your day. See yourself moving in light. See yourself thriving in light. How does this feel? Breathe into this reality. Call upon me and all other Divine Helpers to assist you in remaining peaceful and calm. Tune into your soul’s song now. Listen to it. Let it rise into your awareness. And allow that song to guide you today. Take time each morning to listen to the song of your heart and bring that song to life.

You are not alone. You are loved beyond measure. We, I, and the all the other beings of light are walking with you through this time. It is unusual, but not uncommon on earth. It is here to help you shift. Let go. Trust. Live in the heart of your soul’s song. Let it guide you. Be kind to yourself. Be ever so kind. Fear no one or anything. Trust the Divine within you and you will know the love of Grace moving into your whole being, guiding you through all things and carrying you through this moment. We love you. We walk with you. You are free.”
– Ganesah through Lori Bella Lipten