As we move through this current evolutionary growth-spurt, the energies on earth become very intense. Sensitives are feeling this in their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodes and it can be confusing, at times overwhelming, and at other times exhilarating. If you are not aware of what is happening, you can feel quite unstable. It is possible to navigate these changes intentionally.

How do you know if you are really going through an ascension process?



✵Do you feel like you came here to help build a new-world?
✵Have you always felt like there was something “off” about the world in which we lived, and you wanted to help people, animals, the earth be safe, healthy, cruelty-free?
Notice if anything below resonates.

Do you…
✵Feel a strong pull to live more spiritually centered, more authentic, more connected to your deeper truth? This is a pull from your soul to live attuned and aligned with its essence, rather than the energy of your habit-mind-emotions-body. Doing this with intentional consistency is the heart-beat of this ascension journey.
✵Feel extremely intense energy within you, unexpectedly.
Like the energy within you is ready to bust out — or shift. You may feel highly emotional or like you cannot take another moment of having things remain the way they are. You may not know what or how you must change, but you know something must give. You may want to run from this, but it will not dissipate until you practice mindful presence and invite it to inform you about how to self-care and take the next right steps.
✵Notice childhood memories surfacing — the good, the bad, the ugly!
We are shifting out of identification with our stories and all unprocessed emotions, memories are coming out of the proverbial closet to be witnessed compassionately and transformed. With intentional care and support, you can dismantle and alchemize this energy.
✵Experience a loss of words, certain memories and even loss of time/space.
As you move beyond 3D you will start noticing your relationship to time and space shifting. You may have significant memory loss — only vague memories of your past. This can be disorienting and is usually NOT a physiological condition (though always check with a professional). With grounding practices, you will understand and competently move through this changing vibration, as you learn to navigate living in the infinite NOW.
✵Feel increased awareness of body symptoms.
You may feel aches, pains, and physical ailments that are drawing your attention to true healing of your energy with compassionate care. Your vibration change requires a change in how you self-care; so, give yourself permission to explore how to engage in self-care practices that flow from your intuition.


✵Having boughts of Insomnia.

If you are waking up between the hours of 2 a.m. – 4 a.m. several things are happening. The veil is thinnest during these hours and remains thin until about 6:30 a.m. The frequency is very fine. Spirit is usually calling to you. This can be a very powerful time to meditate, practice pranayama and channel. 3D consciousness says, “this is when you should sleep, this is when you should be productive”. Your multisensory- being responds to what is present. Do not resist this sleep shift and adjust your schedule accordingly.
  • Waking in the 2 a.m. hour is often a time for reflecting on ancestral connections, healing, and change. Ancestors are working with you.
  • Waking in the 3 a.m. hour is usually a call for spiritual attunement and working with higher level guides. Ascended Masters & Teaching Guides are working with you.
  • Waking in the 4 a.m. hour is often about healing, gentle guidance, and integration. Angels are working with you.



✵Your intuitive experiences are heightened.
You may notice signs, synchronicities, the presence of spirit with greater ease. You may notice telepathic connections. 5D consciousness is intuitive. Become curious and remain compassionate with your experiences.
✵Feeling like you’re “losing it” or having a “loss of identity”.

This is a very significant phase of ascension. Who you have been, how you have been showing up, living will no longer fit. You feel a change in how you work; how you live; even how you relate. You may contemplate: “who am I?”…”where do I fit?” You may even look at yourself in the mirror or photographs and wonder “who is that”?


You are not losing it.


Your sense of identification with who you have been is shifting. This is different from dissociation or cognitive decline. This is a releasing of the old self and an emerging soulful you, that is less and less attached to your past or ideas about who you have believed yourself to be. Ground, breathe and remain curious, compassionate, and present. Your intuition will guide you through this, as you lean into its wisdom.

✵ Experiencing a resurfacing of past trauma.
You may feel like your fight, flight, freeze, fawn responses are more heightened. Be ever-so-gentle with yourself and get qualified support from specialists who understand ascension and can help you heal through your unresolved trauma. You cannot bypass this step or medicate this away. Trauma can be experienced in overtly identifiable ways, but often, trauma can manifest through persistent neglect and other dysfunctional family patterns that impacted us. Even if other members of our family were not adversely impacted, we may have been hurt or harmed. An unavailable parent; a narcissistic, mentally ill, alcoholic, emotionally unstable parent; rigid requirements, expectations; and so on. Social and economic stressors may have been a factor. Racial, gender, sexuality; body-size; abuse; social pressures, peer pressures, educational, sports, and other pressures may have impacted you.


Medication may be supportive. Plants may be supportive. Energy healing may be supportive. Just know, you are still going to have to process these energies to heal them. And YOU ARE POWERFUL enough to do so; and supported by the Divine in doing so. Allow yourself to heal gently and lovingly. EMDR, Soul Retrieval, Soul Alchemy, Energy Healing, Shamanic Journeying, Somatic healing are some practices that are highly supportive.



✵ Sudden inexplicable exhaustion.
You are processing high frequencies, releasing, and acclimating to these changes. This can be a time for integration. Your body will require deep rest for periods of time, so allow it without judgment.
✵Significant increase in sensitivity to energy of people, places, and things.

I sometimes call it “feeling the sharp edges of discord”. You may start feeling that many aspects of 3D are no longer tolerable to you – music, foods, places you once liked; people, crowds, sounds, movies, voices, lights that you always enjoyed or were able to tolerate, may start to feel very intense and uncomfortable for you. You may not understand why you no longer can remain present with these people, things, and situations. You may notice that you cannot participate in conversations, societal structures, healing modalities, political agendas, spiritual dogma. You may have visceral reactions to people, systems, situations that once seemed like they fit. I have been highly sensitive and intuitive throughout my life, and it has gotten even more intense for me over the past couple of years and I did not think I could become more sensitive. The 3D world does NOT understand sensitivity and perceives it as a weakness, which is like assuming because Archangel Michael is a loving angelic being, he isn’t a badass protector and clearer of all obstacles on the path of illumination.

These highly intense response may bring forth compassion from you — but they are more likely to first trigger you. Triggers are portals to where resonant energy is lingering within you but is not resonate with your soul. So your soul can no longer tolerate the discordant vibration and is committed to bringing it into the light, so you can witness it and heal it. If you can remain present to a trigger without judging it, compassionately witnessing yourself, breathing and grounding during that intense energetic surge, you can alchemize that energy. Once you do this, you will be given several other opportunities to meet that energy with compassion until it is fully transmuted. Then you will notice it will no longer hold any charge for you. Do not judge the triggers; learn to work with them as gifts for your transformation.
Highly Sensitive People have always felt the discord between the soul’s vibration and 3D consciousness, but you may be newly experiencing this sensitivity OR it may become even more heightened. As you are moving through 4th and 5th dimensional attunement, you may feel overstimulated and uncomfortable with all energies that are 3D. You will adjust as you integrate. Give yourself permission to reduce these stimulations, heal triggers and take time-outs as often as needed.
✵Feel uninterested in many things you used to. 3D is a “doing vibration”.
3D is dominated by a masculine energy (NOT MALE); In 3D, this energy is forward movement, accomplishment, and beta consciousness — ON ALL THE TIME. It is a driving energy that has not been balanced well in our culture, with the feminine (NOT FEMALE). 5D is a balanced yin/yang energy through the higher heart and chakra system allowing us to receive, nurture, create, and intuit and be whole. Playfulness, allowing are as important as doing, action, movement forward. 4D is like a bridge; where you are vacillating between 5 and 3D. Lean into these receptive, playful, creative energies and discover their gifts for you as they are seeking expression on our earth through us all.
✵ Experiencing a loss of friends, activities, job, habits, home.
This can be quite challenging, as your vibration is shifting, you will notice that your life is shifting too. There may be a void for a while. You may feel intense loneliness. You may grieve or feel other emotions associated with these changes. This emptiness or void will not last, but it is an important phase of this change. Name it, notice it, tend to yourself consciously. You may benefit from ceremony around this, honoring the shifting of your vibration. Dance in the void, discover its blessings, as you move through change with a compassionate heart. Call in your soul-tribe to bring your sisters and brothers who resonate with you, into your world in a new way.


✵ Notice strong dietary and energetic changes.
Your appetite may shift. You may need to shift from eating 3 meals a day, to healthy grazing. Your body may crave more protein and need to eliminate specific foods. Honor the shifting energies with intuitive nutritional support. BTW – there is not a “5D diet”. If you are called to be vegan, honor this. But know that 5D emerges through an intuitive presence to your being, so that foods you consume resonate with your higher frequency. This will include locally grown, therefore, in season, organic, minimally or non-processed foods, nurtured through loving care.
Feel intense emotions.
You may feel significantly emotional, anxious, depressed or even like you are losing touch with reality.

You may wonder about your mental health. Be very gentle with this process and do not hesitate to get dedicated support, with a qualified professional if you are concerned. But also connect with a professional, ethically sound, shamanic, or intuitive or holistic guide who has experience with ascension and can help you discern what is happening.

As you move through multidimensional realities, your mental, emotional, and physical bodies are adjusting. You can experience all 3 dimensions throughout the day, and this can be very disorienting. As the barriers to your intuitive, multidimensional-being are removed, you will feel a lot! The outer-world is no longer aligned with your higher vibrational self. Practice meditation, mindfulness, yoga, qi-gong; walk in nature. If you know how to shamanic journey, go in for integration. Practice mindful breathing. Journal. Create. Do earthly-things to ground yourself and engage in spiritual attunements with consistency.


✵Have very vivid, unusual, distressing or profoundly beautiful dreams.

We are ascending in consciousness. We are healing at 4 levels to do this: the soul, cellular, ancestral and core (this lifetime). Aside from processing these energies during the day, you may be processing through them during dream-time. Meditate on your dreams and allow them to inform you.


✵Feel a strong pull toward people, places, activities that does not make clear sense to you.
You just must go that way; meet that person; do that thing. Your intuition is coming alive. Its guiding you to the right next thing, even if you do not know the reason. The more you follow this, these clearer it becomes.

✵Have a deep desire to GO HOME.

You may want to leave the planet. You may want out. You may feel over this world and life. You may have a fervent desire to return to source — the divine, where you remember how things can be. You are not suicidal, but your old life is complete, and you are in the void of not knowing what else there is for you. You are not interested in the next thing in this stage. You are not identified with your former life. You are not depressed. Your old self is not here, but YOU are here, because your life is not complete.

This is one of the most challenging stages of ascension and may come after a dark night of the soul but not always. It is NOT the same as a dark night of the soul. This is being in the existential dread, meaninglessness and nothingness of your humanity: the VOID between 3D identity and your true self emerging. In shamanic cultures, this void is considered an initiation point, as it is the place where the true vision for your soul’s purpose can emerge.

In this phase, much or all of your personality has been dismantled and now your essence is ready to shine forth. But not as you planned, not as you understand, not in a way you can grasp through any identify you have ever been. Your old persona does not fit. Your old life does not fit. You come to know that you are not an identity, a thing, a person, a story. You are all things, all experiences, all personas in every form and in every body. You are what dreams the world into existence, but you are at the point of putting your toe in the water of this awareness. You are unable to cling to anything that will create a new identity because it does not exist in this state. You may touch bliss and then slip back into this existential void once again.You may vacillate or remain in the void for some time. This is when 3D world may try to fix you; help you get better, move through it, make things happen. But it will not be possible, if you are willing to be here now, and open to what is emerging through you. The being and world you may have been is gone. The beautiful world of the divine that remember is coming into your being to be created through you here on this planet and it cannot happen if you choose to leave at this point of the journey. You do not have to make this shift happen, like you would have in 3D. You open, attune, align with it and it is here and now, as are you.

If you relate to these experiences, they are qualities of intuitive awakening and ascension. You are not alone. Lean into what is happening and let us help.
I am moving through another phase of ascension and illumination too. I have been moving through initiations and ascension throughout this lifetime and serve as a guide on this journey!