When you want change, do not put your energy AGAINST someone or something. Attune and align your energy and thoughts (and actions) with what you are creating or intending. Keep your energy focused on PEACE.

Radiate that peace with consistency to Ukraine and the instigators of war. See peace in your mind’s eye. See unequivocal peace for all beings involved in this war. See peace and freedom flourishing for all beings involved in the war.

Focus your attention in that direction and do this consistently. If you are one who meditates, do so for 5-10 minutes daily. If you are not a meditator, imagine it in your mind whenever you think of Ukraine. Speak of peace. Every time you do this, you help build a field of energy that promotes peace in Ukraine. We want peace for Ukraine and Russia. You will notice that inspirations will arise on other ways you can serve from this peace practice. Above all, contributing your peaceful energy to the quantum field of Ukraine and Russia will help all concerned to create peace.

May Ukraine, Ukrainians, Russians and Putin be free from all suffering. May all beings everywhere be free. May all my thoughts, words and deeds serve the freedom and happiness of all beings and life.

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