Please pause and send light for peace between Ukraine and Russia. What is happening is heartbreaking and we must do our part to uplift the vibration to so we can create peace on earth. Send prayers, do what you can, engage in your spiritual practices. I am consistently radiating light to Ukraine, Russia and all concerned, to help the frequencies of war be fully transmuted from the earthplane.


While there is much light in our lives, there are also unspeakable tragedies happening all over the world that are not highlighted in the media. So we must build our personal strength to be present for the healing, transmutation and peace needed on this planet right now. We must be bold in our spiritual life, so our emotional, mental and physical well being can process and support as needed.


The world is on tilt.I have been speaking to this shift for some time. While we are living through an auspicious time of change, the reality of division is up front and center for us all. Many of you reach out regularly asking for support to cope with your personal losses and challenges, and the reality of dealing with people who have lost touch with the humanity of their fellow citizens. People are acting from fear, division and even cruelty toward one another, all life and the Earth.


We have the power to meet these times with a full heart and soul.


Believe it or not, we are going through an auspicious change on our planet. The process is known as Ascension. It is an acceleration of spiritual evolution manifesting for all of humanity to help life on Earth create a Sacred Balance. We have been living out of balance for soul long, the idea of creating it can feel daunting or like magical thinking. But we came to face these hard times and create a new world. Sacred Balance is the art of consciously living as spirit in a body so we flow with intuition and manifest a world of harmony within ourselves and for all life on earth.




Ascension is happening to everyone, but it is the sensitive souls — Starseeds, lightworkers, shamans, empaths, healers, intuitives — that feel the symptoms of Ascension acutely.


Many of you know me as an Intuitive Practitioner serving as a shamanic medium, soul retriever and spiritual teacher. One of my main purposes in this life is to support people in their spiritual development, awakening and ascension process. I have helped thousands reconnect with their inspired heart, highest trajectory, and soulful presence and of my services and programs are designed with this intention at their core.


If you have been feeling the waves of ascension, the discomfort of the world’s imbalance and the relentless pull to live in alignment with your soul, I am here to help.

Two new programs to support you are listed at the end of this blog.

We have the power to awaken so we can live as empowered souls, rather than in the fearful posture reacting to an unbalanced world. This is not easy work. There is no spiritual shortcut. We have to do our inner healing work, practice daily and learn to live as spirit in a body with consistency.


The Divine is your ally. You have the consciousness of Source and the benevolent helping spirits who are working to support every single person in this journey! Let them serve, support, and collaborate with you to life your soul’s passion and purpose with the greatest of fulfillment and ease.


The world is not going to change without our willingness to change too. Our healing matters. Learning to embody peace and manifest consciously are essential ingredients in planting the seeds for a new world.


The Divine Healing Workshop and the High Vibe Series are two ways you can attune your energy in the direction of living well and creating more harmony for yourself and our world. You can learn to radiate your loving light into your life and the world.


Are you willing to help change the energy of the planet?


We are at a choice point on this planet now. This war is one such choice point in the trajectory of humanity’s evolution. Will we choose to repeat history or will we elevate and choose to create a new earth?


We sensitive souls need to take exceptional care of ourselves. The programs I am offering are here to help you through that. You too, can indulge in practices the nurture your mind, body, and spirit with great care.


Drop into your heart. Feel the light within you. Dance in the Spring’s freshness. Let the sun, moon and stars call you back to presence. Remember you are part of the whole of life. Every molecule and you are one. We can create a place within ourselves where peace is abundantly present, our soul is in the foreground, and we live in harmony with creation.


Remember, you are loved, you are supported, you are worthy and capable. You are far more powerful than your mind can ever understand. I see your light and thank you for allowing me to nurture and guide you through these auspicious times.


May you walk in peace, beauty, and love always,


High Vibe Attunement Series

Divine Healing Webinar