Sacred Soul Retreat Fall 2022 has filled with love, authenticity, laughter, and community. Every retreat has its unique signature and this too, held a beauty of light unparalleled in my experiences of leading retreat.

Women who listen to their soul and willing to live within the heart of their intuitive flow came together in the embrace of the Charlevoix, on the magnificence of Lake Michigan and within the nurturance of Spirit. Each one brought their beautiful light, wisdom, and truth to our circle, with an abiding willingness to liberate themselves from the bonds of trauma and free their ancestors, descendants, and creations so they can all be free to live in harmony and power.

They are courageous, willing, and daring to walk in their authentic nature. They are heartful, open and kind.

Together we practiced…
❤ Qi Gong
❤ Shamanic Journey
❤ Deep truths
❤ Meditation
❤ A willingness to compassionately witness & be witnessed
❤ Bold laughter and joy
❤ Tears of release, truth, healing, and joy
❤ Unconditional support for one another
❤ Messages from Spirit
❤ Divine Councils & Master Guides
❤ Loved ones who are in spirit
❤ Hiking along the water’s edge
❤ Healing one another, loved ones, humanity, and the land
❤ Creating pathways for living in the world as intuitive souls
❤ Creating new bonds of friendship
❤ Sharing meals prepared with love and joy

❤ Appreciating the beauty of our wholeness – shadow and light

Every time we come together in this way; we are renewed. We reclaim what has felt lost. We discover more about the nature of ourselves and embody our whole beauty, power, and purpose with greater ease. We remember that we can walk in beauty, discover, and create the heaven within our hearts right here and now.

As I led the group, I too was supported by my helping spirits who stood fiercely by my side, having my back throughout including my allies in the physical world: Stephanie, Inge, Wendy & Nancy who helped to bring my vision to life and ensure every facet of this experience was a love offering to all.

Today, we integrate into ordinary reality, remembering who we are, listening to our soul’s persistent wisdom and compassion for every part of ourselves We bring our full awareness to who we are and practice doing so with each being we encounter. We allow the creative ideas seeking to be birthed to come through us with a willingness to discover them and bring them to life. We open our hearts to this moment in a new way, so all that we are is welcome without shame, without fear, with open, compassionate curiosity.

The new earth we are seeking exists within us. We are birthing it into existence through compassionate witnessing and willingness to know ourselves without shame and judgment, lovoingly reclaiming our whole intuitive, beautiful, messy, curious, wonderful, light and shadow beings that we are.
Loving ourselves, loving the Divine, loving Life is the intuitive way.