Have you chosen a guiding word for 2020? I recommend doing it pronto!

When you choose a guiding word for the year, it nurtures and inspires you attune with your intention. It becomes a gentle reminder through your daily choices.

Your word for the year, will set your intention for 2020. It will direct your energy to flow with precision. And you don’t need to pick just one.

How do you choose your word?

Don’t over think the process. Get quiet, fill yourself with light and ask yourself, “what do i need most in 2020?” Notice what arises.

If you have goals for the year, is there a theme? A word that inspires you to live and accomplish these goals soulfully? Let the words flow. Write a few down, without filtering. Then  narrow it down to one (or a few) that resonates within your heart.

When you envision yourself in December of 2020, who have you become? What helped you realize this expression of YOU? Identify the word(s) that come into your heart.

Once you’ve chosen your guiding word for the year, write it on special paper or even post it notes. Place it areas that will catch your attention and inspire you! Put the word on your calendar, your bathroom mirror, your office whiteboard or wall. Place it in the car visor or within a phone alarm.

Here are words to help you begin the process:


This  word floated into my consciousness repeatedly over the past month. As I reflected upon 2019 and where I wanted to be a year from now, alignment is the word that supports my journey. Other words that inspire me for 2020 include: presence, soul truth, higher-self, heart-centered confidence,
inspired freedom and illuminated service. Alignment embraces all those words for me and invites me into the core practice of living intuitively. Intuitive living, is the foundation of thriving because it means I am in an intentional surrender to the Divine.  When I surrender to the Divine, my life becomes a love letter to life.

I invite you to share you word and why you chose it.  Sharing it here. When you share your word the universe, our community and and me are all invited to support you. It allows us to rally our energy on your behalf! Remember, the Divine always has your back. When you speak your word, it’s like putting the destination into your intuitive GPS. All you have to do, is follow the map unfolding through your daily inspirations. This is how your soul and all the loving forces of the universe, can show up to help you beautifully, lovingly and intentionally create your life.

Blessings on your New Year!
Love, Lori