As we discover that the Amazon Rainforests are burning at an alarming rate and have been doing so for at least three weeks, we must be consciously aware not to lose heart. Mother Earth is a sentient being who nurtures and provides us with a safe place to live. She has been beckoning for us to listen and honor her call for our collaborative healing, so she can return to sacred balance and continue to help all life on earth — and her, our Mother – to thrive.

The Amazon Rainforest is the lungs of our our planet.  This aspect of our planet absorbs at least 25% of the worlds carbon dioxide and returns it as Oxygen. She is a rich producer of the clean air we breathe and the prana (life force) we absorb.

Awaken and Respond with Heart

We have a choice on how we respond. When we turn inward, fill ourselves with light and radiate this light into a situation requiring remedy, we become part of the solution. When we do this in a group of 2 or more, we amplify our healing power. This helps and will inspire you into actions that also make a difference.

Get quiet. Calm your body with your breath. Fill yourself with light. Let the light radiate into your whole being: body, cells, skin, hair, energy field surrounding your body. Bask in the light. Then add love into this light; by radiating love into your whole being, so you are now basking in and radiating love and light.

Imagine the Rainforest and fill her with loving light from your heart and being. Imagine rain dousing the the Rainforests so fully, the fires are extinguished. Continue to infuse the area with light until you see whatever has been burned, completely renewed, restored, once again abloom with green, plush life. See life thriving there once again and filling the air with Oxygen and prana. See her blessing us, as we bless her.

Envision a shift in consciousness through humanity. See humans awakening to their compassionate partnership with our Mother Earth and choosing actions, strategies that heal her and restore her to sacred balance. See the world shifting into a positive trajectory of healthy thriving for all life. See this with joyful heart and purity of vision. Then join me in saying this prayer…


Dear Divine Source of Life, 

We pray for the soul and life of Mother Earth. We pray for the healing of our Mother Earth’s lungs. We call now to Mother Earth and all Divine forces nurturing, protecting and healing the earth to step forward with your healing ways. We call now for Divine intervention to inspire the elementals, the earth, the rain clouds to burst forth with your healing waters and douse the Amazon Rain Forest to fully heal our mother’s lungs and clear away all fires burning from her hurting heart. We ask that you step down your light as intervention now to heal, restore and clear away the fires in the Amazon and all places that burn and are in need of healing now. 

We call to the Divine Ascended Masters, Archangels. Wise Ones, High Councils of Light to step forward and inspire a shift in consciousness throughout humanity to respect our Earth Mother and work collectively to bring forth authentic, healing change for the good of all life one earth. 

Please Divine Source, inspire our hearts and minds to bring through a vision of healing for all of the earth and all life on earth: for the land, the waters, the trees, the birds, the animals, insects and all beings residing within this sacred planet. Inspire our actions and words to heal this planet now. 

May we all step boldly into our Divine responsibility to serve as keepers of the sacred balance on Earth. 

To all the Divine, to Mother Earth, Father Sky, all the Ancestors and Ancient Ones who guide us, please assist this healing now. Please restore our earth to sacred balance now. 

We are here, holding our vision on the light, feeling the suffering of our Mother Earth and asking now, for your Divine Intervention on behalf of all life. Thank you, thank you, thank you. 

And so it is.

We have a choice. We can actively engage in living intuitively, from our soul, so that we are inspired into noble actions that support the thriving of Earth and life. When we choose to live in this way, we join with the flow of the Divine, enter into a loving stream of light that carries us into passionate purpose with graceful power. May you and all beings be at peace, live in harmony and be blessed infinitely.