We are in a great time of change on the Earth. This year we are experiencing more intense Ascension Bursts from both the Divine Realms in Upper and Lower Worlds. The Earth is upleveling her vibration to sustain a heart-centered way of life for humanity and all beings here. Humanity is integrated this higher vibration by evolving and ascending at an accelerated rate. Doing so allows us to live as fifth dimensional beings on earth, while in our body.

Have you notice old paradigms, values and beliefs are unable to be sustained?

The Ascension Blasts we are experiencing are aimed at tearing down our dysfunctional patterns, closing timelines generated from karma, habit, unfinished business, and ancestral lineages. These timelines are coming to an end, so we will no longer bring those energies into what we are creating, manifesting and experiencing in this world.

We are being SET FREE!

Timelines are energetic vibrations manifesting specific outlines across a linear pathway. We experience timelines as fate, destiny, or even intentional outcomes.

Humanity has been living the timelines of our ancestors and our soul’s unfinished business. These vibrations create constructs and patterns of reality, which keep repeating. Do you know the phrase “history repeats itself”? It does. It is created as a cycling loop until the energy of its origins are transmuted intentionally.

We are now in a phase of human evolution where timelines are being deliberately shifted. We are completing karmic timelines. We are closing off the loop of ancestral timelines and all patterns that limit us living from the heart of our soul.

April 22 is another Ascension Gateway that is bringing these timelines to a conclusion, if you are willing.

As we are shifting from ego/will-driving beings into heart-centered beings, we are restoring and creating a vibration known as the Sacred Balance. The Sacred Balance honors the soul and the body; Spirit and form; the divine feminine and divine masculine; the interconnection of all life.

Suffering has dominated the vibrational experience of humanity for thousands of years. As we shift into this heart-centered way of being, we are ending these painful patterns for humanity and all life on earth. This means Earth will thrive and so will all life.

This next phase of ascension is about attunement and alignment with ourselves as Spiritual Warriors. A Spiritual Warrior is a consciousness of facing the shadow, the illusions and illuminating them courageously. This means seeing ourselves and our collective consciousness without judgment, shame, or fear. We do this and we transmute what no longer serves us, opening to embody the vibration of our authentic soul-power. We leave behind struggle, striving and driving ourselves to overcome the illusions of the ego and instead, open to the frequency of BEING.

We anchor these energies through meditation, mindfulness, compassionate witnessing, shamanic journey, and intentional spiritual and energy practices.

New beginnings are emerging. YOU may have already begun, while some of you may feel a profound loss of interest in what you have been doing or how you have been living. All that was birthed out of those closing timelines will fall away. It is time to step into new creative endeavors and open your heart and being to allow them to manifest. They will do so through you and for you when you attune to this awareness.

Ascension is tearing down of the old energy constructs. In shamanism, we call this “shamanic death” or “dismemberment” where we take apart and/or release all that is ready to die off. Ascension is killing off the karmic grid that has upheld the human cycle of life on earth for thousands of years. It is dismantling the “matrix” and building a whole new crystalline dimension through which we can thrive. This vibration attunes us to our Higher Soul — our LIGHT BODY and is built and accessed through our HEART. The Inspired Heart is the gateway to this way of being.

Ascension can feel daunting to the mind. Rest. Self-care. Take your time. Be patient with yourself. Pay attention to the rhythm of your soul and the earth. Attune to those. Let go and love all that is. Here you discover that you were born for this time, you are a spiritual warrior and supported in living through this remarkable time of change.

You’ve got this SPIRITUAL WARRIOR!