This is the message my guides asked me to post. I offer this in love to you all.
We are with you and loving you through this time of transition on earth. Earth is shifting her energy matrix to uphold a consciousness that flows through the higher soul, rather than the one reliant upon the identity from within 3D. When you see life through the mind that was formed in this lifetime it is beautiful AND it can be significantly limiting. It sees only what supports its perceptive field. When you rise into this awareness of yourself through your higher soul will see that the world is vast and extends far beyond the mind’s consciousness. This allows you to discover that you are a part of something far greater than yourself and any paradigms to which you subscribe. This also allows you still to choose how you will respond to what you discover day-to-day. Your freedom in this experience is paramount. This is how you awaken.

You are learning now, that to live an intuitive life is to awaken beyond your beliefs and to become willing to witness and see these beliefs through the lens of awareness. This is a nonjudgmental lens of loving compassion that helps you see where, how, and why these perceptions were formed and how they are usually, if not always, founded upon something not founded in universal truth. This discovery allows you to then choose if you will remain aligned with these paradigms and live your life within this construct of creation or will you expand your consciousness, awaken, and rise beyond that field of limitation into a realm of golden loving possibilities.

When you chose to see yourself and the world through this higher lens of awareness, you lift out of the stories that confine your energy to repeating patterns of manifestations that you dislike. It allows you to discover that there are treasures hidden within you seeking liberation through your willingness to dive deeply into the shadow of yourself and life. There you discover where power is stored and then you can intentionally retrieve the essence of truth within these findings. You can then learn to work with your power in new ways, to elevate your intentions, and to hold the light within you without wavering. But this takes practice and a willingness to open to your holy self without fear.

When you are ready, you will discover that you can pierce the matrix of 3D through your own consciousness. This allows you to access high level resources, assistance and blessings that are ever-present within the higher dimension and even within the 3D world, hidden beneath the limitations themselves.

We want you to know that you can lift out of this dream of 3D now. There is nothing that holds you back from this awareness. Honoring your intuition and setting your attunement to a higher vibrational vision will help you flow in that direction. Pay attention to how this feels in your body. Follow it. Flow with it. Discover it. Learn who you are. Do not be afraid of knowing yourself and this world beyond what you have been programmed to see, feel, know, sense. You are non-ordinary. You came here to awaken. Let yourself do this.

We are here assisting you. You are part of the restoration of sacred balance on the earth plane. Know this deeply in your cells. Your soul remembers the way. Your soul knows who you are. Let go of your beliefs and open your heart to this discovery. We love you. We love you. We love you.
The Elohim and Guardians of Light known as the Councils of 9, 11 and 12. We exist within the spectrum of the Galactic Councils of Light overseeing the upgrading matrix on earth. We love you.