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Awakening through the Shadow

Awakening through the Shadow

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As we awaken through the veil of separation, we allow more light into our bodies and our vibration increases. This is why we are here at this time on earth.

Be mindful that there are surges of dense energies also arising through the earth’s plane. It will ebb and flow. This reflects the shadow of 3D consciousness and the forces within duality pushing against that expanding light.

The call for awakening is to illuminate your inner wounds: the disowned and denied aspects of yourself that are hiding within what Jung calls the shadow. Be fearless in your willingness to see, to heal yourself and evolve.

Through this journey, you may find yourselves serving and interacting with individuals who are suffering deeply. Most of humanity is evolving but many are entrenched in the fear and doubt of the ego’s grip. They may feel dense or heavy energetically, in contrast to your light. But do not judge, react, take this on or match this energy.

Become a compassionate witness, offering the loving light from within your inspired heart unconditionally. Expand your heart to allow that pure loving energy to fill your own being and radiate without resistance. As you do this, you are capable of nurturing those with whom you interact as a hollow bone, without attachments to the outcome.

By holding the consciousness of loving awareness within your activated light body, everyone is served. Within your presence then, the other’s vibration will be positively impacted without effort.

We do not come to change others. We do not come to fix anyone. We come to awaken, allowing the fullness of our own light to emerge into our consciousness and to be fully embodied. This means grounding that light into impeccable expressions of thought, words and deeds.

To awaken is an ever-unfolding conscious responsibility for one’s energy. Practice awareness, self-knowledge and intentional evolution. Light your own body through deliberate practices. Activate your energy with compassion. Set healthy boundaries and hold others within the consciousness of your divinity and the divinity of all concerned.

The 3D world is collapsing. The ego is losing its grip. But before it goes, it grips tighter and and gets louder within the earth plane for a bit. Fear nothing. Your light is emerging as you tend to it with compassionate care. The shadow is in full view, allowing itself to be seen for transmutation and complete renewal of the earth’s plane into a truly higher, finer dimensional expression of light.

Whatever you face, do so from love, compassion and a willingness to be a force for light on the earth.

 With loving reverence, Mitakuye Oyasin

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