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Lori’s Blog

Lori’s Blog2023-10-08T07:00:36+00:00

Responding to War from the Intuitive Heart

I am a Jewish, intuitive, shamanic medium, North American female who was adopted and has Cherokee, Lakota, and European bloodlines. I have devoted my life to speaking out about Intuition as a natural sensory processing system that is fundamental to changing how we experience ourselves and how we interact with the world. Intuition is the language of the soul -- it [...]

The Path to Becoming an Intuitive Practitioner

The Path to becoming an Intuitive Practitioner: Discovering and Nurturing Your Natural Gifts Are you someone who has always been able to sense and understand things that others can't? Do you find yourself drawn to helping others and offering guidance? If so, you may possess natural gifts for intuitive practices. The Intuitive Practitioner™ program allows you to develop your innate [...]


The world we live in right now, is ruled by the habit-mind's conditioning. This conditioning is what we have come to accept as right, true and status quo. We see it as inevitable. The conditioning of this mind has become the pilot of our personal and collective journey, because it creates and shapes our perceptions. We rely on it. Believe in [...]

Energy Update August 23, 2023

"The energetic shifts serving ascension are moving through transits of change. This is a time when the old habitual self is being released for transmutation. The old personal beliefs, the ideas of self and being human are shifting. This is a time when light workers and souls of the planetary ascension grids and councils shift into higher awareness of their divine [...]

Awakening in the midst of Chaos

This is the message my guides asked me to post. I offer this in love to you all. "We are with you and loving you through this time of transition on earth. Earth is shifting her energy matrix to uphold a consciousness that flows through the higher soul, rather than the one reliant upon the identity from within 3D. When you [...]

Welcome to new Timelines & Grids.

Are you feeling how the energetic intensity has gone WAY UP in the past few weeks? This new surge of energy is changing timelines to higher vibrational resonance and impacting how we feel in all situations of our life. We are creating new timelines for the new earth, through our personal evolution. These shifts may translate as a need to make big [...]

The FULL MOON March 2023

Last night, as I was driving home from Florida to Michigan, the full moon looked like a fiery ball of radiance filling the night sky. On my left was the setting sun, melting into the horizon and on my right was rising orange glow of the Full Moon. This juxtaposition of yin and yang energies was immensely moving. I could feel [...]


Grief is natural and it can change you. Our culture denies and minimizes grief and how it impacts the individual. Friends and family may grow weary of the grieving person, expecting them to behave as they always have or snap out of their suffering. You may not know how to be with your grief either. But you can find your way through. Compounded grief [...]

Your worth is non-negotiable!

Do you know that you are worthy of all that is good?  For a long time, the wounds I carried made me believe that my worth was dependent upon how I showed up. I had to get the A's, achieve the goals, hit certain targets and always be helpful. Shame dictated my sense of connection to myself, others, Spirit. Through healing, [...]

Sacred Living

What if our spiritual practice was how we live our life? What if our temple was the Earth? What if we observed in the forests, oceans, fields, rivers, mountains, deserts and all the earth as our holy sanctuaries? What if our meditation practice was how we interacted with others? What if our love practice began with ourselves? What if G-d was [...]

Alchemize & Integrate Your Shadow

The divine energies are moving us toward awakening and embodying our soul's wisdom, vitality, and guidance. The shadow is being pushed up to be seen, healed where necessary and integrated into our aliveness. The mind resists this out of a perception of protection. Learn to befriend your habit-mind by retiring the judge and implementing the practice of compassionate witnessing. Remain kind [...]

Fall Retreat 2022

Sacred Soul Retreat Fall 2022 has filled with love, authenticity, laughter, and community. Every retreat has its unique signature and this too, held a beauty of light unparalleled in my experiences of leading retreat. Women who listen to their soul and willing to live within the heart of their intuitive flow came together in the embrace of the Charlevoix, on the [...]

Retreat is Sacred Ceremony

I lead retreat as a sacred ceremony beginning with a call from Spirit. I receive the inspiration months in advance as a direct message that asks me to hold this type of event in a certain region, where the ancestors of the land invite us to be. I then enter shamanic journey, to meet with the land, the ancestors, and [...]

Soul Archeology: Illuminating the Shadow

To LIGHT UP THE WORLD is not just about focusing on LIGHT and LOVE It requires us to bring that which is hidden and in the shadow into the light. THAT is call of this auspicious evolutionary time on earth right now. Everything is signaling for us to bring the shadow into our awareness for alchemizing. Our soul is seeking to [...]

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