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Lori’s Blog

Lori’s Blog2023-10-08T07:00:36+00:00

The Sacred Pause Sabbatical

I am taking a healing sabbatical and calling it "The Sacred Pause" beginning immediately. After a profoundly challenging series of events that began with several injuries including a secondary injury while out of the country that landed me in the ER two times, I must now make my mind, body and spirit healing my priority. Given my devotion to service and [...]

Responding to a World on Tilt

Please pause and send light for peace between Ukraine and Russia. What is happening is heartbreaking and we must do our part to uplift the vibration to so we can create peace on earth. Send prayers, do what you can, engage in your spiritual practices. I am consistently radiating light to Ukraine, Russia and all concerned, to help the frequencies of [...]

Ascension 4/22: FREEDOM!

We are in a great time of change on the Earth. This year we are experiencing more intense Ascension Bursts from both the Divine Realms in Upper and Lower Worlds. The Earth is upleveling her vibration to sustain a heart-centered way of life for humanity and all beings here. Humanity is integrated this higher vibration by evolving and ascending at an [...]

Spirit Guides: Your Allies

Do you know that you have a "Dream Team" of Spiritual Allies who are devoted to supporting you in your life? There are all kinds of benevolent helpers who collaborate with you from Spirit including, but not limited to Angels, Guides, Power Animals, Elementals, Fairies, Ancestors and Divine Councils. These beings work within Universal Laws -- meaning they cannot interfere with [...]

Spiritual Ascension: Are You are the Transition Team?

What does Spiritual Ascension mean? And why does it matter? Spiritual Ascension manifests as a conscious choice to evolve your soul in this lifetime. It is a deliberate engagement with your personal and spiritual development. While every soul is evolving, when you actively participate in your evolution, you dramatically increase your capacity to embody light. You heal karmic and ancestral imprints [...]

A Call to Awaken

We see the world through our subjective experience meaning that we process what we see and hear through our beliefs. Shamans and Yogis call this our "personal dream" or the "illusions that shape our reality". When these dreams create our experience, we accept the outcomes as reinforcement for our internal paradigms. We also share a collective dream: it exists within the [...]

This morning's message from the Council of Elders of the Rainbow Nation: "Take time each day to return to the truth of who you are: a radiant source of light. Within your cells exists light that is activated through your attentive presence. When you bring yourself into calm awareness of Divine Light and allow that light to saturate all the cells [...]

Tips for Coping through this Unprecedented Time 

1. Accept the invitation. This is an invitation to bring your spiritual practices to your life. Breathing mindfully, meditation, yoga, compassionate witnessing of self and others; heart-to-heart connecting; active listening; living in the moment. 2. Be gentle with your feelings. Fear is natural because its in the collective field right now. Its permeating the energy band around the earth. If you're feeling [...]

Suffering: Is it in Divine Order?

Why do bad things happen to the good? I've spent the last twenty years supporting people who are dealing with unfrathomable loss, excrutiating traumas, scathing injustice and unrelenting pain. When bad things happen, we feel our heart's ache with a powerlessness to fix what has gone so wrong. Our mind searches for answers to a puzzle we do not know how [...]

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