I have been writing about the dismantling of the systems that were created by the ego for many years. That this is happening with or without our cooperation. I’ve been sharing guidance that the world is shifting — the middle world, as shaman call it — is collapsing so we can merge the Divine unified field of love, light and harmony into existence here on earth. This is happening. And no matter what we face, Spirit assures me that this is a time for calm, unity and love to pour forth from our inner beings as we learn to birth a new earth and walk a new way.

Spirit assures me that this is a time for calm, unity and love to pour forth from our inner beings as we learn to birth and new earth and walk a new way.

We can choose to respond to all that is showing up — this shadow which seeks our attention — from the deep, abiding well of calm presence within our being. That equanimity exists beyond the mind’s ruminations about what it cannot control. Anxiety and fear may arise but we can be compassionate with all of this and become centered in the higher truth of our eternal light, our soul’s wisdom and our heart’s guiding force. In that awareness, we access our true power to transform all that does not serve our well-being.

The collective fear is palpable. And I understand this and am doing my part to show up with loving light cosistently and to radiate hope, love, truth into the world and become a force for transmutation of the illusion. I am helping others do the same and create a Healing Antakarana to serve this time of dismantling and collective ascension in consciousness. (Feel free to check out my  FREE webinar on this matter here.)

When I began living intuitively, I was in my 20’s. It changed my life and showed me resources far beyond what the logical mind alone can perceive. It led me to lean into a Divine way of living. It guided me to leave my corporate profession and show up in a whole new professional manner to serve my community as one who walks in “two worlds”, anchored and embodying the light of my soul, my higher self in this lifetime. From that place, I began offering connections with loved ones (mediumship) and guidance from the Akashic Realms; Soul Retrievals and Intuitive Development programs around the country (and beyond).

I’ve written many articles about how Mother Earth has been asking us to change our ways. How humanity has broken her contract with Earth and how she will now have no choice to do whatever she can to preserve herself. I have shared many channelings over the years about how we are asked to shift our consciousness and align with our intuitive wisdom emanating from the higher truth of the soul versus the ego. I have written, spoken, taught about what it means to live in a deep state of surrender that helps us shed the illusions of the ego — release the systems birthed by the ego and come home to our true nature and re-create a world built on cooperation, collaboration, loving kindness, simplicity and reverence for ALL LIFE.

Spirit showed me this virus coming last year. They told me to be prepared and remain heart-centered in love and calm presence. This virus, while it is not an essential or a Divine creation (it is a human one) it still holds the power to awaken us. Just as all other versions of the shadow are calling to us to pull out of the slumber of our mind’s dominance and awaken to living from the soul, this too is another invitation.

We are meant to live within the sacred balance of life. This means, creating a community that honors the Great Spirit or Source of Life as a unified field in which we all reside. (Not a religious interpretation of that light; an awakened one). We are meant to understand what it means to live from the soul — aka intuitive living — not as a psychic parlor trick, but as a genuinely centered alignment with all life. This brings us into a simplicity and harmony with earth, plants, animals, waters, sky and one another. It shifts us into connection with life, rather than competition and “authority OVER it”. We are not here to conquer life, one another or take endlessly from this planet until all her resources vanish. Instead, we must learn to live in full awareness of a balanced relationship with everyone and everything for life to flourish.

This virus now demands that we shut down all services that have thrown our society out of balance. We are invited to be in solitude. To be in quiet. To dismantle what has created such massive dysfunction. This is not a Divine intervention — it was a manmade one. But the Divine is USING THIS situation to shake us awake, to bring us HOME to our true selves. This is the purpose and power of this crisis. And we are being asked to see it truly and respond from our true inner light.

This is not the first time we’ve been given this opportunity and it may not be our last. But it is an overtly intense one; an invitation to this world, to rise into conscious living — to access the TRUE power of the light within and become open to a new way.

We will not thrive beyond this moment without true willingness to be kind, compassionate and helpful. We are being called into harmony with life. We are asked to slow down, make sacrifices and actually isolate to save lives of those we do not know.

Spirit is asking me to remind you, not to despair or entertain fear. Bring your body into calmness through intentional mindfulness practices. Focus on the love within your heart and express your gratitude for one another without reservation. Get creative in your time, when possible. Practice stillness. Practice playfulness. Sing, dance and play openly. Re-center yourself and tune into your priorities with great depth now. Take your time to discover and discern how you really want to use this space, this lesson in your personal life.

  • What is it inviting from you personally?
  • How are you being asked to realign, open and attune your energy to a higher calling?
  • Are you asked to become more grounded, centered and to discover authentic engagement with life?
  • In what ways, are you being asked to shift, release, open to a new way?
  • Are you listening?
  • Are you willing?

For years, I’ve been teaching the Inspired Heart Practice as an invitation to live from the true essence of our being. The compassion and love that is infinitely and readily present within this portal to paradise has been documented by science. As you learn to access this stream of loving presence and attune it to your conscious awareness, your capacity for healing, knowing and thriving becomes limitless. Give yourself permission now, to tune inward and come home to what matters most. Spend time in nature. Spend time with yourself. Spend time with your loved ones, when possible. Spend time with Spirit.

We are invited to join in the bridge around the globe that leads us into a higher dimensional reality. Some call it the Golden Age. Some call it 5D. Some call it Heaven on Earth. That bridge — the Healing Antakarana — is an alive field of consciousness accessible through your higherheart and consciousness. It awaits your willingness to accept the invitation and walk its golden path into embodied illumination and loving soveriegnty of your being.

We, as a species, are invited into the deep surrender to this LIGHT and LOVE NOW.

We can walk onto this bridge and evolve through its exquisite loving grace OR we can struggle against it, in fear and doubt and continue clinging to the ego’s world. This bridge of light will lead you into freedom. It will show you how to live in harmony with life; within yourself and thrive. It will illuminate your mind, body and spirit.

But here’s the thing about being human: you do have the freedom to choose. Choosing the ego, will bind you to the struggle, the path that’s already present and known. It will feel familiar but also hard. It will keep you hunting for a cure, a vaccine, a fix. A way out. It will make you feel powerless and cut off.

Surrendering the ego and opening to your soul’s wisdom, love and healing power, will liberate you from the illusions and confines of the paradigms tethering you to pain and suffering. The choice is yours.

No matter what you choose, always know that you are supported and loved. All of the Divine is standing with you now, saying “Love, love, love is the way! Walk into the light here. Love you, love others, love the Divine and love life. Bring love into your thoughts, words and deeds. Let go of having to control this. Respond from LOVE and wisdom now. We walk with you.”

Together, we have the power to birth a new earth. This is why we are all living at this time. To bring the new earth into being individually and collectively. We do this one concsious choice at a time. We release all that does not serve us; we release all that cannot thrive in the light and boldly transform ourselves and this planet into one expression of heavenly harmony. This is our time.

You were born for this. We are in this together.

I stand with the Elders of the Rainbow Nation guiding us through this time of transformation, with great loving reverence for you and all life, saying Mitakuye Oyasin! May all beings live in joy, harmony, health, love, beauty, truth and grace.

With abiding love, Aho