“The energetic shifts serving ascension are moving through transits of change. This is a time when the old habitual self is being released for transmutation. The old personal beliefs, the ideas of self and being human are shifting. This is a time when light workers and souls of the planetary ascension grids and councils shift into higher awareness of their divine nature and merge it into daily expressions.

You will feel intense awareness around paradigms that do not fit you and your soul group any longer. Soul groups are moving through large shifts of awareness and action. Many more will be activated within the next 7 years. There will be a rising of awareness within the intuitive flow, allowing you to access the higher chakra system pouring into the field of 4th and 5th dimensional creation consciousness. This means your abilities to intuit, manifest and become awake are heightened.

To move through the intense waves of ascension, continue to cleanse and balance your chakras and complete energy system daily. Clear your passageways through pranayama, qi gong and cosmic orbit meditation for attuning your light body and bringing your mind/body into coherency with your inspired heart. The longer you can maintain the radiant light from your higher heart consciousness, the easier you will find it to move through these next phases of shedding illusions, allowing higher awareness and integration of the soul’s psychic wholeness into your multisensory being.

We are walking into a new earth: allow this to happen without fear. As you face fears, however, do not cower into judgment or disconnection. Allow yourself to become one with this awareness of higher consciousness without resistance. Let yourself know the truth of your personal and collective shadow and allow it to become illuminated. This illumination process must rise now, for the next seven years of upleveling on the planet.

You will be best to be near water or ground near water elements to use for clearing and connectivity during this phase of intensity. This will allow you to feel at ease without darkening the lens of your ego. (I asked what that meant, and they said “denial, avoidance, self-deception.”) Be sure, the ego itself is being viewed and crystallized into a new element of awareness that can no longer override the multidimensional system of your being in this body. You will discover new psychic pathways and higher-level telepathies coming into this planetary grid for use by higher level beings on earth. This will shift the way beings interact and communicate. You will begin seeing this transformation in the next few years, specifically within blue soul groups and those of indigo, crystals, golden and rainbow rays of illumination.

Those of you assigned to ascension on the earth, will feel an urgency around your own health, self-care, and service. This will be because the soul is shining its light through these expressions to assist the human field in a higher frequency. The 9 teams of light workers on the planet are now ascending into fully conscious embodied light beings. Some will remain on the earth. Some will leave and never return. The Earth’s rainbow auric field will grow brighter as a new star enters the planetary flow. You will discover new beings and levels of understanding over the next several years with an intense movement upward over the next seven years. You will feel as though what you have understood about much of reality will no longer be acceptable in your mind and life. The world will ask for changes that she has not ever seen before. This planet will ascend. And you are part of this ascension team. Let go of your beliefs around what it means to be illuminated. Do not hold on to being as you have been. Allow a new you to emerge.”

We love you and hold you in the highest regard from the Galactic councils of 9, 11 and 12.

Tips for remaining grounded during this time: 

  • Eat a pure diet of high vibrational foods.
    • Organic, fresh vegetables and healing herbs
    • Refrain from consuming refined sugars and nicotine
  • Stand on the earth in bare feet, near trees and ground into the earth and into the Solar Star — Great Central Sun.
  • Spend 20 minutes every phase of the day in silence. with intentional illumination of the Inspired Heart system. (Morning, afternoon, night).
  • Clear and balance your chakras and complete energy system daily.
  • Get to know your shadow.
    • Illuminate your shadow within the light of compassionate discovery.
  • Develop your intuition.
  • Self-care consistently.
  • Nurture joy.
    • Become used to grounding yourself in joy. Laughter, Bliss. Joy. Dance, Allow, Sing. Be. Play. Laugh. Move. Pain. Draw. laugh. Eat. Drink. Laugh. See. Know, Speak. Laugh. This is medicine for your mind, body, and soul.
      I hope this helps! Love to you all