Group Reading

A Group Reading is an intimate gathering where Lori turns the entire event over to the Divine to bring through inspired messages to each participant from Spirit within the Akashic Realms. These messages can be from loved ones in Spirit, Angels, High Level Guides, and Master teachers in Spirit. Messages are attuned to support healing, insight, closure, meaning and loving connection between worlds.

Most group readings are limited to 10 – 15 participants, to ensure all participants receive a message. Though Lori cannot guarantee who will come through, you will receive a message to serve your highest good. Group Readings open and close with a guided meditation.

Group Readings are held on Zoom. You will receive a Zoom link to your group reading by the day of your event.

September 22, 2022    Noon – 2 p.m. (online)

September 28, 2022    Noon – 2 p.m. eastern   (online)

October 18, 2022  Noon – 2 p.m. eastern    (online)

Important Information

An Intimate Group Readings are limited to 14 participants, so that each individual is given personal connection with Spirit. The Divine is highly efficient, so if you are drawn to a group experience with Lori, trust that you are with the exact group of people meant for you.

You will receive direct messages but also notice how messages to others in the group may resonate and serve your highest good too. Lori leads these groups with a compassionate heart and warmth that helps all participants feel comfortable and safe within these 2 hour sessions.

Advanced Registration is required.  Each person will receive a channeled message but there is not guarantee who will come through. Please read the policies below carefully. 

  • Sessions start promptly, so be sure to arrive early. Once the Zoom session starts, no admittance will be allowed.

Lori surrenders all events and services to the Divine and holds the intention to serve the Highest Good for All Concerned through every spirit communication.