Cermonies & Blessings

Ceremonies and rituals are sacred encounters that mark the significance of life transitions with beauty and meaning.

Lori Lipten provides ceremonial and ritual opportunities for anyone seeking guidance or leadership in a ritual or ceremony. Examples of rituals and ceremonies that we can customize and guide are:


  • Coming of Age Ceremonies for Girls and Boys (group or individual)
  • Graduation from a school, a program, or completion of a project
  • Blessing of home, office, or other space
  • Clearing land of any negative influences
  • Blessing domestic animals
  • Blessing gardens, fields, and plants
  • Divorce, or letting go of relationship ceremonies
  • Funerals/Memorial Services/Honoring the Dead
  • Fire Ceremonies for any event
  • Family Soul Retrievals or Healing Ceremonies
  • Community Ceremonies
  • Wedding Ceremonies
  • Welcome to the world ceremonies for infants and children

Lori has many years of experience in leading ceremonies of every nature imaginable. If there is a ceremony you would like Lori consults with her helping Spirits to create with you the ceremony that serves your highest good.