Some of the most common questions asked of Lori:

All three descriptions describe individuals who use their enhanced multisensory abilities to sense nonphysical energy.  Everything is made up of energy and multisensory people, like Lori, use their abilities to sense the various energies that are not easily detectable through the physical senses alone.

A psychic describes someone who senses the energy surrounding a person or an object.   Psychics tune into potentials existing within that person’s energy field and often report this information as a prediction.  They can read the past, present and future by tuning into the client’s energy.   Predictions are tricky because energy exists as potentials to be determined through free will and to serve soul growth.

A medium is someone who senses the energy of Spirit.  Spirit is a term used to describe the energy of the soul that is no longer living in a physical body within the physical world.  A Spirit can also describe the energy of those who have never existed in physical form, such as Angels and even Spirit Guides who may be teachers, helpers from non-physical reality.   A medium focuses on the energy of these spirits— Lori describes it like listening to the various instruments of a symphony and tuning into each instrument and then revealing the music that each instrument is playing.  A medium communicates the precise messages from Spirit to the physical world.  A medium cannot make a Spirit say what a client wants to hear.  A medium must remain open and clear to provide accurate messages the support healing, closure and empowerment for all concerned.

A shaman is a Siberian term (no – it is not a Native American concept) meaning “one who sees in the dark” or “one who competently navigates two worlds – the physical and non-physical worlds.” A shaman is an individual who works collaboratively with the world of Spirit to serve his/her community’s highest good.  These services can provide healing, guidance, wisdom, spiritual instruction, ceremony and more.  Lori uses her shamanic abilities as a medium, a teacher, a soul retriever & soul healer and Akashic Record Reader (reader of soul purpose and potentials).

Lori has psychic abilities and uses these to serve as both Shaman and Spiritual Medium. Though Lori has psychic abilities, she does not serve as a professional psychic.

The world of Spirit exists all around us. Our loved ones in Spirit are living in non-ordinary reality; a dimension that is made of energy vibrating at a very high frequency. That frequency is so high, it is experienced as invisible to most.

Everything is made of energy that vibrates. The physical world is a very dense or slow moving frequency of energy. Vibrations that are slower moving, that match our own energy frequencies, are perceived through our physical senses. The faster, higher frequencies of non-ordinary realities are very present, but not easily perceived through the physical sensory system. They are often perceived through the intuitive sensory system.

There are numerous sounds that the human ear cannot hear, but elephants, cats or dogs might. Consider the sound of a dog whistle for example. A dog will hear what the human ear cannot because its frequency matches their abilities to hear; but not our own. Spirit is vibrating at a frequency that is perceived through enhanced senses known as intuitive and or psychic senses of the multisensory being. Spirit is beyond the veil of perception. The “Other Side” or “heaven” is a state of frequency, where Spirits exist beside us.

Non-ordinary reality is infinite. The stages of after-life are vast and can be equated with levels. Souls evolve through physical life, pass from the physical world into Spirit and continue to learn. There are stages to after-life that include understanding your life’s lessons; connecting with past-loved ones; healing and making amends, as appropriate; exploring and discovering various aspects of after-life; connecting and guiding loved ones who are living the physical world; and evolving beyond previously attained levels of consciousness. As the soul grows, its frequencies get faster and the vibration becomes higher. Souls are seeking full unification with Source (God/The Creator) and that equates to resonating with love. Acts of compassion, kindness, forgiveness, gratitude, generosity, altruism, both express your soul’s evolution and vibration, while simultaneously enhancing its vibration. What you carry with you into after-life will determine your evolutionary experience beyond the physical world. But be certain of one thing: Love exists beyond all time and space and is the constant and highest frequency of the universe.

It is very rare for a Spirit to be around you all the time. It is not easy for Spirits to communicate or connect with the physical world. When we pass into Spirit, our vibration increases dramatically. To connect or communicate requires a lot of energy and skill, to lower the frequency enough to be perceived. So come through avenues that make it easy – like dreams, mediums, signs and simple messages here and there.

That doesn’t mean they aren’t here to assist. They often do that to support your growth but they too are growing in Spirit and we need to respect this. It takes time for them to adjust to Spirit; to be ready to communicate. It is not their primary focus and we are not meant to consistently call upon them in this manner. But when they can, they will lend a hand and connect to your thoughts, to uplift, inspire and empower you into actions that serve your highest good.

Not exactly. Lori describes her multi-sensory experience of Spirit like a camera-lens. It is never really “off” all the way, but she does close down the shutter very strongly; so that she can focus on what she chooses, when she chooses – most of the time. Doing so is a matter of healthy boundaries.

As a professional, your skills are available to you always. You may be an artist, a doctor or teacher. These abilities are ever present, but not actively front and center. Living in this physical world with healthy boundaries, is a skill as important as using intuitive skills to serve. Part of Spiritual Mastery is developing a healthy relationship with all aspects of life. This includes being in command of physical and non-physical worlds, as appropriate. Lori let’s Spirit know when she is available; and then they usually make themselves known at those times.

Science has shown that all life is comprised of energy. Energy is a constant – it cannot be destroyed. It can only change forms. Humans are Spirits or Souls who change form at birth and death. At birth, they come into a body and live within that form for a specific period of time. At death, that Soul leaves the body, merges with its full spirit and lives in a dimension that is not the physical realm. That dimension exists of energy vibrating or moving at a higher frequency than that which is perceptible by the physical senses. A Medium and Shaman are able to sense these subtle frequencies by matching their own vibrations to the frequencies of Spirit. Just as a radio station sends a frequency that can be perceived when the one tunes into their specific bandwidth; the medium and shaman tune their inner frequencies to that which allows them to easily and effortlessly sense spirit. Lori’s innate gifts and personal practices support her in tuning up to the frequency of Spirit, to convey messages that serve the highest good for all concerned.

There are enhancements of all of our physical senses that can be accessed to read non-physical energy.

Lori’s abilities center on her telepathy – ability to receive the thoughts, feelings and ideal from Spirit. Within her mind’s eye, Lori can hear, see, know and feel Spirit depending on how they too are communicating. They do not have vocal chords – so they do not speak. And some spirits have never communicated with a medium! So it can be a processing of discerning what is coming through. The practice of allowing Spirit to come in clearly without judging it through the analytical mind is referred to being a “Hollow Bone” or a “Clear Channel”.

A medium can sense all spirits and many have specialties. Lori’s unique ability focuses on profound healing through creating meaningful connection with Spirit. By asking only that which will serve the highest good from Spirit – Lori attunes and aligns her energy with this intention and attracts the highest quality messages to promote healing, closure, meaning and depth of insight throughout the communication process. It also ensures that only the most benevolent Spirits come through.

Lori’s spiritual journey began when she was eight years old and asked to share what she intended to be when she grew up. Lori announced to her teacher and class that she “had come to the world to teach people to love more”. Lori had past-life recall and was able to sense energies of people, places and things from an early age.

In High School, Lori had a life-changing encounter with a Spirit who saved her life. Again in her 20’s, Lori had yet another encounter with Angels, who responded to her prayers while struggling from the effects of debilitating trauma. From that time, Lori began actively listening to Spirit for daily guidance. These guides brought her to the resources necessary for her to heal and thrive. Lori had a series of prophetic dreams and remarkable encounters with Spirits. As Lori shifted from a corporate career to earn a Master of Arts in Humanistic and Clinical Psychology, she has an encounter with an Angel and Spirit of a young boy. The angel conveyed that the spirit of the boy was in need of healing and that he must communicate with his mother who was suffering over his death. Though Lori did not know the boy or his family; Lori was guided to them. After making an astonishing connecting with the mother by communicating her deceased son’s messages to her via telephone, Lori fell into prayer to seek guidance on what to do next. Spirit called her to serve as a medium and shaman.

By following Spirits guidance, Lori gained a word-of-mouth following, serving thousands of clients around the world without advertising.

Not only was Lori Skeptical – she was raised in a Jewish and intellectually centered home! Even after all the years of working directly with Spirit, Lori still steps back with awe and curiosity that this is even possible. At first, the Angels she encountered told her that she would know it was Divine Guidance when taking their suggested actions led to empowerment, health and true thriving for her and the whole of life. Lori asks Spirit to reveal evidence that allows her to know the messages are Divinely aligned and truly from the Spirit. When Lori reads a Spirit, she receives insights and nuances that only the client would know were accurate depictions of their loved ones.

As a corporate executive, Lori made a habit of always asking for guidance on how to serve the highest good for her company and clients. When Lori had a life changing encounter with an angel and the spirit of a young boy who had her convey messages to a woman she never knew, Lori asked for guidance on what to do next. She prayed and began offering readings as guided. First for a few friends; then she was shown the names of seven people to contact and let them know that she was offering readings. Though she barely knew most of the seven people on that list, by following the guidance of her Divine Dream Team, strangers began calling and requesting readings. Though this was not a path she had considered for herself but Lori surrendered to the calling and her work as a Spiritual Medium and Shaman grew as a result. Since then, Lori has read over ten thousand people from every continent on the globe. Her passion is to facilitate profound healing, empowerment and transformation through connecting to world of Spirit – Angels, Spirit Guides, and loved ones in Spirit.

Lori has been teaching and empowering individuals to awaken to their innate intuitive abilities and leading retreats, having a thriving practice as a professional medium, shaman and retreat leader since she began this journey in 2003.

Everyone is born with multi-sensory abilities to sense the non-physical world. Not everyone is born a medium or psychic; but everyone has the birthright to know the language of their own soul and that which exists in the world of Spirit all around them. Intuition is the bridge between physical and nonphysical realities and Lori has made it her life mission to not only normalize intuition but to empower individuals from all walks of life to easily and effortlessly access their true intuitive wisdom for healthy and abundant living.