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From 3D into 5D Consciousnes: What does it mean?

From 3D into 5D Consciousnes: What does it mean?

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We live in a multidimensional world. From a shamanic world-view, we live in ordinary reality or earth’s material realm known as the middle world.  This realm is dominated by  duality and all of its influences. This material world is often referred to as “reality”. Humanity, no matter its current state of consciousness, is co-existing with non-physical realms that are fully accessible and enriching to life. These other realms are resonant with love and filled with compassionate spirits devoted to serving humanity and life on earth.  Consciousness is how we experience this multidimensional world.

One way to understand the states of consciousness that allow us to experience life in different ways is by referring to them as 3-Dimensional, 4th and 5th Dimensional and beyond. Currently, humanity is shifting from 3 Dimensional consciousness into 5 Dimensional consciousness.  As humanity evolves, these states of consciousness appear fluid. In other words, people will move across these perceptual fields until they fully embody 5th Dimensional consciousness.

What do these states of consciousness look like?

3D Consciousness  – Ego Dominates Ordinary Reality

3D consciousness is what we call ordinary consciousness, as it is the norm on our planet right now.  At this level of consciousness, one views the world predominately through the linear mind. The material world is perceived as the only provable reality and all that is unseen is considered less valuable, unreachable, too esoteric or deemed as fantasy.  This consciousness is dominated by duality and its ego.

Duality means the material world is viewed as separate from the Divine Source of Life and the world of Spirit. The ego is a function of duality that was formed as an important tool for creating an identity while living as a soul in a body. A healthy ego allows our soul’s incarnation to provide a full-immersion experience of the material world. It is meant to serve the soul as a tool for navigating the 3D realm.

But the ego has ultimately taken the lead within 3D consciousness and has attempted to snuff out the soul’s intuitive experience of life.  Intuition is the language of all things non-physical and bridges the 3D experience to the 4th, 5th Dimensions and beyond. When the ego dominates consciousness, however, the individual feels a separation from Divinity. This includes feeling distant from one’s own divine nature and the ability to readily perceive divinity within all others. This sense of separation permeates consciousness and thus the creative process.

3D consciousness is dominated by certain underlying myths that translate into: “I am not enough”; “I am worthy”; “I am not intuitive”; “I am not divine”. These myths cut-off the individual from feeling their unique exquisiteness and purpose. In this state, the 3D consciousness feels identified with its personality, the mind, the body, the emotions, and the material world. This can express itself as preoccupation about physical appearance; one’s roles; career; material possessions; status and success.  It can keep someone searching for spiritual truth, but never really finding it. 3D consciousness has a shadow that leads to  one to attach to the temporary material world and thus suffering.

Within 3D consciousness the world is a highly challenging place to live. In this state, the myth drives a constant thirst for more and a fear of missing out. Life from this frame of perception, is a competitive attempt to overcome the inner void and attain some modicum of success and status that are supposed to lead to a fulfillment. But 3D consciousness and all of the material gains can never deliver on that promise and so anxiety, worry, fears; depression, materialism; addictions, obsessions and struggle manifest in 3D. Disease of mind, body and spirit often emerge as reflections of this separation attempting to awaken us to a higher consciousness.

3D Spirituality is defined by religious dogma or relinquishment of spirit such agnosticism or atheism. 3D spirituality manifests as a dictate of another’s experience of the Divine translated into religious doctrine. One is told what to believe, how to practice and what to fear. Spirituality at this state of consciousness, is often motivated by a fear of displeasing a Higher Power that judges and rejects anyone who doesn’t fall in line. It divides the world into “us and them”, “Heaven and Hell” and may include perceptions of negative or positive karma that dictate struggle or freedoms. When one follows these dogmatic concepts diligently, they promise to deliver you from suffering in this life or the next. But in 3D consciousness, one churns in a wheel of separation from a judgmental or unattainable G-d. This version of G-d can only be pleased through dutifully fulfilling specific observances that continue to leave one feeling alienated or separated from the Divine and one’s innate power and divinity. 3D consciousness often translates 5D teachers into icons that surpass human understanding and replication.

3D consciousness is not all bad or dark. And most humans do not live solely in 3D consciousness, even if they are fully immersed within it. 3D can be sensually pleasing and emotionally joyful. But it seeks to keep people living on the surface, attached to the material or trapped in fear. No matter how richly fulfilling the material immersion may be, it will eventually feel empty and superficial by excluding the vast experience of the soul and all things non-physical that can be directly experienced through the 4th and 5th Dimensional awareness.


4th Dimensional Consciousness  – Awakening

This is a bridge between the ego-dominant experience of 3D consciousness and the vastness of the 5th Dimension.  This consciousness if characterized by a sense of awakening and whole-hearted living. In 4D the individual begins to experience the world existing beyond the ordinary realms of their physical reality. Intuition emerges into the forefront. In 4D there is an awareness of being more than the mind, its thoughts and all that one was taught or shaped to believe.  A sense of  spiritual seeking may emerge during this phase, as feelings of meaning and purpose float up to be claimed.

4D consciousness is a process of awakening. It is not a fixed state, rather a fluid experience of being lifted out of the identification with duality and the ego, into the expanse of the non-dual universe. It is the shifting from the ego-based living of 3D into a heart-centered awareness of life.  Compassion bursts forth from the higher-heart-chakra and dominates one’s perceptual field. A need to understand life’s experiences also pushes into the foreground, during this awakening process. In 4D, one begins shifting their perceptions and daily practices to reflect a more holistic view of life.

Changes in 4D consciousness may lead to direct experiences with Spirit coupled with a far stronger intuitive sensing of life. The multidimensional sensory system is no longer dormant and a remembering of the soul emerges. Spirituality is not a thing on the side for one in 4D; it is becoming a way of being. As 4D elevates into the foreground, the individual will experience epiphanies, breakthroughs and moments of deep blissful awareness. Life’s purpose will surpass indoctrinated beliefs. Success is no longer defined by status, appearance and material gain in 4D.

In 4D Consciousness, one may be moved to change their diet, engage in spiritual practices such as meditation, prayer or communion with nature or immerse themselves in spiritual seeking. Direct spiritual encounter eventually replaces the following of dogma. These changes may deepen one’s religious experience or transform it altogether. Compassion dominates this dimensional awareness but feelings of confusion, doubt and anger may also arise.

In 4D, a significance is placed on healthy holistic living.  Healing from the past, transcending trauma, limiting thought and dysfunctional patterns of behavior guide this phase of 4th Dimensional Consciousness.  One shifts from a mechanistic view of the body and life, into a perspective founded in holism. The mind, body and spirit are experienced as aspects of a whole system that strongly influence one another. The individual no longer views herself as having a soul: rather she knows herself as a soul who has a mind and body.

As one expands into 4D consciousness, one’s connection to life becomes central and the environment is valued as sacred. In 4D one views the earth and all its inhabitants with reverence and curiosity. In this consciousness, one begins to understand her role within a full spectrum of life and feels a draw to serve the world through her unique talents, interests and skills. In 4D there is a questioning about all that one has learned to be true, as the deeper awareness of immutable truth emerges. A thirst for understanding may drive this stage of spiritual development and may lead individuals through myriad learning experiences. During this phase, direct experience of Spirit is sought out as one is no longer satisfied with abstract interpretations of the universal consciousness, Spirit and the Divine.

Systems created by 3D that do not serve the whole of life, will be viewed as dysfunctional. As a deeper meaning and light emerges into awareness, the shadow of the 3D world also becomes illuminated but not feared. These profound moments of awareness may be contrasted with a shrinking back from expansiveness and a surging anger about the world of 3D. There may be dark moments or a strong period characterized as a “dark night of the soul” as one begins to see the cruelty and imbalances of the 3D world against all of its promises. Resentments may arise and spurn feelings of  betrayal about this world and its corruption. One may become actively poised against 3D, protesting and determined to shake people awake. There is a danger of becoming fixated on anger and contempt for the ego at this stage. Individuals in this process of emerging 4D consciousness, may judge all those in 3D or direct their judgment and shame at themselves for having an ego or participating in the imbalance of the 3D matrix. The ego or its forms may become the enemy for awhile, begging the individual to fight against the system for a time. But as the individual adjusts to the expansion of light in 4D and the higher heart  expands to hold more light as an Inspired Heart and it then merges with the Crown and Root. This activation adapts into a peaceful integrated state. Then the anger transforms into an energizing power of awakening to 5D consciousness on that planet and a determined willingness and active engagement with creating a new world.

As one integrates 4D consciousness, synchronicity and harmony are experienced within the full awareness of the harrowing pitfalls of 3D consciousness. One may shift in and out of 3rd and 4th dimensional consciousness for some time, as the individual adapts to allowing more light into her system. The ego prefers to remain in status quo, so resistance is a natural function of its existence as the emerging 4th dimensional consciousness opens to higher frequencies of light and becomes fully embodied.

5th Dimensional Consciousness – Illuminated Embodiment

5D is characterized by a steady  and grounded embodiment of the Higher-Self, demonstrated through consistent competency of living in two-worlds (ordinary and non-ordinary realities). This state of consciousness allows the individual to access the higher realms of Spirit at will to receive guidance, healing and energy for thriving that benefits oneself and one’s community. This is an expansive state of consciousness, emerging through layers of awakening, that are reflected in a functional wisdom and loving state of being. In 5D, one lives in deep connection to the Divine and to everyone and everything. This consciousness emanates as an active unification of the individual’s energy system, allowing Divine light to be expressed through thoughts, words and deeds consistently. Non-duality and compassion dominate this experience.  All life is viewed within the Sacred Hoop of interconnection. The Divine is experienced within all that is. One lives in a harmoniously collaborative experience with Spirit and life, no matter the circumstance presented. From this state: the Divine Universe seeks solely to support and bless you. Because you know this deeply, you work in reverent harmony with the Divine Universe. You are awake and no longer striving.

In full 5D you have released your attachment to your ego, though it will remain present as a tool through which your soul connects to the material world. You are free from the inner war and the warring with anyone or anything in life. You are liberated from karma’s illusions at this stage of consciousness. You may express an energetic rainbow body; a golden hue; or a diamond body through which you are perceiving and manifesting reality. In 5D you are both author and heroine of your life’s adventure. You trust challenges as opportunities for liberation and expansion of light and move in the flow of your soul’s truth.

Love dominates this dimension.

One feels compassion for all life at this stage of consciousness. In 5D you see through the material world into the soul of life. You experience the realm of Spirit without fear. You transcend duality and your life story. You live authentically in 5D because your mind, body and spirit are attuned and aligned with the Divine. You are still evolving and full aware of this, but no longer striving. You serve where you can be helpful and release needing to control life.

In this consciousness, you view all beings as equal and trust their soul’s evolutionary path without trying to fix or get others to “get it”.  Your boundaries are healthy. You understand where you can serve well and do not attempt to fix what you cannot. Your capacity for joy runs deep and you while you remain aware of life’s suffering, you are not lost in that illusion. Your sense of humor expands and deepens.

Truth, love, light and harmony dominate this consciousness. You must speak truthfully and with honor at this stage. Your actions are noble. Your words inspire. Your humility and expansiveness of being are equally impeccable. You self-worth is a non-negotiable. Your love includes you and expands beyond you to everything and everyone. But none of this comes from striving or because someone dictates it. It emanates from your consciousness as fluidly as your breath. Your loving nature creates a safe harbor for you and all life.

You feel a deep connection with the universe, with nature, with humanity and all living things. Awe emerges from you frequently. You no longer doubt your intuition and you now trust the Angels and loving Spirits who serve your evolution.

While you live in the 5D world, you have no fear or judgment of 3D consciousness any longer. You hold individuals accountable for destructive deeds, while feeling compassionate for their suffering.

You are motivated to serve the harmony of life without ambition or competition. You live in full awareness of the abundant divine realms of which you are a part and consciously manifest your reality from this consciousness.

There is not a “good” or “bad” level of consciousness. 

All of humanity is evolving. All souls are moving through awareness from 3-D into 5-D. Some may appear stuck or slower than others; while others may appear advanced. But these are only appearances. In 4th and 5th Dimensional consciousness, you release your judgment of these states of consciousness within yourself and others. You respect the journey of each soul and trust that they too, are awakening in their own way and within the timeline of their soul.


Beyond the 5th Dimension

The 5th Dimension is seeking expression throughout humanity now. There are approximately 20% of the population poised to awaken from 3D consciousness on the earth and about 3% of the population who came to serve this process by going through it and demonstrating it for others.

5D lifts one out of duality into a state of loving, compassionate altruistic expression. Once the 5th dimensional consciousness is fully embodied on the earth plane, humanity will continue to evolve. Currently, these higher states of consciousness are viewed as accessible by only a few beings on the planet or reachable solely in the after-life. But as the middle world collapses through the loss of identification with the ego’s illusions, these higher, finer frequencies will become mere accessible to all.

The higher states of consciousness beyond the 5th dimensions, are often demonstrated to us by shaman, yogis, masters, saints, sages and other beings who are living in direct contact with the Divine. We all have the power to access these states through meditation, shamanic journeying, dreams and other practices that shift us into realms beyond the confines of time, space and linear thought.  Spirit Allies exist in these higher dimensions and are motivated by love. They will never harm you or any life. Dark forces exist solely in 3D consciousness where duality allows free-will and therefore entities and nuisance energies can persist. But in higher consciousness, non-duality dominates and only love has power. When individuals who access higher states of consciousness do so, they are guided by an ethical tone, allowing them to travel through all realms to bring back healing, understanding, technologies and energies that serve the highest good of humanity and life. One cannot be harmed or tricked in higher realms of consciousness because they are dominated by love aka G-d.

In these realms, one has direct access of past and future lives; the Akashic Records; one’s soul groups; and beings from different universes.

We are all living in various states of consciousness. As you emerge through these dimensions, your compassion, love and intuitive capacities expand into highly accessible states of being. Be gentle with yourself as you vacillate between stages of expansion and contraction. Breathe, ground, attune, align and allow yourself to emerge into your exquisiteness. This is an auspicious time on earth. You have chosen to be here now. Let yourself emerge through your spiritual expansion, into the divine being you were born to be, within a framework of compassionate discipline and awareness. 


  1. THAT was AMAZING! Thank you for such a deep and thoughtful understanding of 3D – 5D and beyond. You sharing this information has helped me have a much better understanding of where I am in the process and what to look forward to in the journey. Thank you Lori.

    Dorothy Lake-Munk

    January 28, 2019

  2. Thank you!!! This was an enjoyable read. 😊


    February 20, 2019

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