Group Events

Lori’s compassionate presence, unique connection to the multidimensional realms of Spirit and engaging down-to-earth style create a powerful opportunity for connection and transformation for all participants in her events. Whether experiencing the dynamic messages from the Divine in a group or audience reading; receiving sacred blessings at your ceremony; immersing yourself in the exquisite embrace of her soul-enhancing retreats or discovering leading-edge awareness about the soul and consciousness through Lori’s inspirational talks – you will be forever changed by attending one of her events!

Small Group Reading

A Small Group Reading allows you to experience a safe, compassionate environment while each participant receives a message through Lori from the realm of Divine Spirit. As an Akashic Specialist, Lori brings through validations from loved ones in Spirit, Angels, Spirit Guides and other Divine Messengers eager to bring you guidance and insights that promote healing and thriving for all concerned.

Small Group Readings are being offered ON-LINE to ensure the safety and health of all participants. This is as effective as in-person sessions.

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Audience Reading

An Audience Reading is given to a large group. During this unique demonstration, Lori serves as a channel for spontaneous messages from the Divine to some of the participants in the audience. These messages may be from loved ones in Spirit, Angels, Guides and Maser Teachers bringing clarity, insights, and healing for all present. While not all members of the audience receive specific messages, these divinely attuned messages inspire, uplift and empower all present.

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Unique Ceremonies & Blessings

Lori is a sacred ceremonial leader, who will support you in creating a meaningful event to mark your significant life transition. Together with Spirit, Lori will guide and serve your special occasion. As a shamanic guide,  pipe carrier and marriage officiant, Lori can assist you in creating unique ceremonies for your: wedding; rite of passage; hospice transition; soul retrieval for family, partners, communities and the land.

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Lori has been hosting retreats in exquisite, sacred locations around the globe for nearly 20 years. You will find yourself immersed in compassionate self-care, sacred soul connections and gentle intuitive and spiritual practices that nourish your mind, body and soul. Lori’s retreats always include delectably organic meals, creative expression, yoga, guided-imagery, mindfulness practices and significant connection to the natural beauty of the stunning sites she chooses for retreat. Lori works in collaboration with Spirit to create a unique experience for her participants.  You will leave feeling refreshed, renewed and more deeply connected to your soul!


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Speaking Engagements

Lori Lipten is a highly engaging, dynamic speaker available for intimate and large group functions. Lori’s compassionate heart-centered presence, expansive worldview, diverse experience and transparency bring the audiences she guides into deeper self-awareness and connection to life and Spirit. Lori speaks on all aspects of Intuition; Spiritual Development; Spirit and the After-life; Grieving as a Sacred Process; Thriving Intuitively; Mind/Body/Spirit Connection; Conscious Living; Manifesting Miracles and Shamanic Living.

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