This morning I asked in meditation, for insight about how to respond to the shooting in Oxford, Michigan. This was the message I received:

“I am here with you, ready and willing to help. The divine light of humanity exists within all beings without limitations. Everyone has access to this light, but it is a choice and one that does not come easily in a world that has allowed itself to perceive that it as separated from what is true.

All human beings are ready to be lifted into the awareness of their divine nature at this time on earth. Now they must choose if they will do so. This is no small thing, for it is the all of all things. It is the entirety of one’s purpose in a body. While individuals perceive having a unique purpose, which they will express through their natural talents and interest, the true purpose of being in a human body at this time on earth is awakening and embodiment of LIGHT.

Everything else may be a distraction on the road of one’s life. And yes, distractions hold power, as they may yield insights about who you are and what draws your attention.

We are here to remind you that suffering is part of the 3D world drama. Suffering is woven into the hologram of 3D, as a reflection of duality consciousness It exists all around you and within you. It is the heart of this pain that draws lightworkers to this planet. Lightworkers come to help earth by understanding human consciousness through embodiment. Then, they learn how to how to awaken through duality consciousness.

When someone is in significant pain, trauma that has been unrecognized is dictating their reality. That energy can build inside until it bursts forth like a volcano. If the individual’s suffering is compounded by ongoing torment and access to materials that can cause bodily harm, danger may result. These dangers are reflecting the depth of one’s anguish, the powerlessness that individual feels around their situation and the inability to discern that their personal suffering cannot be relieved through acting on their pain with violence.

Your work here, is not to judge the suffering but to address it directly without any fear of it. This means, seeing it for what it is and directing your energy so purely that you help to dismantle and alchemize all layers of pain within the sender and receivers of this anguish. This will require several sessions where you and others gather to direct healing light to the souls who have died at the hands of this perpetrator; those who have been injured; all those impacted. You will then need to do soul retrievals for the community: this can be done collectively and with divine intervention from helping spirits.

You will need to travel in non-ordinary reality, to the school and the homes of the perpetrators and do a sweep of these areas until they are alchemized, and the energy no longer has power to continue. This energy has been moving through the world for some time, finding hosts and places through which it can cause pain, chaos, and fear to hold humanity in the grip of 3D consciousness. Its agenda is to prevent liberation. It is woven into the tapestry of 3D as a challenge to those daring to awaken.

We are here with you, as you stand with broken hearts seeing those how have been taken from your world. We want you to know these Spirits are seeking to assist you in releasing this pain from the earth completely. The young man who did this harm is suffering immensely. He is reflecting the broken spirit of the youth that is not being seen and helped. He is only a fragment of a soul.

We see all those in pain and are radiating our loving light to all beings everywhere. You are not alone in your quest for a healed world. Please know that you cannot have armor in your home when trauma is present and expect that it will be safely administered by the traumatized. We must reveal this truth to you, as your community is not willing to see this.

We love you and are holding you all in the light of this sacred healing that is seeking to manifest through you now on the earth. This is the call of the day: illuminate your heart and bring this illumination into the world daily as a practice until it is your natural state of being.

We love you; we love you; we love you.” Elohim with the Rays of Orion