The Divine is in everyone and everything. It is in the earth, the trees, the sun, stars, moon, sky. It is in you, your breath, your heart, your soul, your mind, your body. It is in sky, the spirit, the source. It is in everyone you meet and everything you touch.


My practice is to touch this wisdom, this knowing, this heart within myself and within the earth, within the form and formless, moment to moment. It is a practice. Can I bring this to all interactions? Can I meet myself with this sense of loving awareness and care? Am I willing to practice?


Spiritual practice can be cultivated on a mat, on a cushion, in a shamanic journey but the real practice flourishes when I bring it into my daily life. Am I living that loving awareness by bringing it to this moment, this person, myself, those I deem as “other”? Am I bringing it to political divisions, religious demonstrations, powerful beliefs, and posturing? Am I bringing it to the pandemic?


Your awareness of divinity and oneness within your meditation, within nature, within the community of like-minded is sacred, but are you able to bring this awareness to those you perceive as “enemy”, “other”, “not of the light”, “not getting it”, “not awake”, negative, the “wrong party” or “not part of the ascension”? Do you bring your loving awareness and unity consciousness to those who are not your religion, your politics, your consciousness? Where does your awareness of unity, union, divinity stop? Wherever it stops, there you are too, in a form, in an energy, in a pattern that you have decided is “other”. Celebrate the discovery of your edge of growth! A new place where you are holding onto separation — more to discover and reclaim!


To be in the awareness of divinity is to be in the consciousness and embodiment of one with all that is. Not just “one with all that I agree with or like.”


Are you open to this consideration? Are you willing to ask where you are living out separation from the Divine in everyone and everything? Am I separating myself from “that”?

Everywhere you are holding onto seeing that person, that characteristic, that idea, that group, that experience as “no way is that me” is how you are holding yourself separate from the divine.


This is the ego’s job: to create an identity for this incarnation as a temporary ‘avatar’. Over time, humanity has given its power to the ego’s consciousness, rather than recognizing it as the tool through which the soul evolves. The SOUL is meant to be the driver of your experience, the ego/persona is simply meant to be its means for evolving Divinity through form. It is not bad or wrong to identify with your ego — it is a habit.


This habit has created the world in which we live, — separated from the truth of our oneness. It has been manifesting a repeating history, limiting perceptions into believable ideas, and holding humanity back from its own liberation and creation of an extraordinary world expressing unity. This habit-mind keeps all humanity perceiving themselves as controlled, trapped, and disempowered due to a power outside of themselves.


It makes you feel separate and believe in that separation as a reality through which you must endure what life dishes out.


But if you are still reading, you have come to recognize that habit in this lifetime and shift out of it intentionally. You have been born to remember and realize your true divine self, then see that you are this and that and all that is too. You have come to free yourself from the habit mind to illuminate it with the pure power and potential existing within it and within you. You have come to remember you are the divine and the divine is you; and the divine is everything and everyone seeking recognition, realization, and unity.


You break out of the habit-mind by noticing it. Notice where you agree with separation within yourself, within life. Notice where you perceive limits are real and fixed. Notice where you see “other” as true. Noticing is the beginning of freedom. Noticing without judgment. Noticing with curiosity and compassionate care. Noticing without figuring it out — because that too, can be a trap. Simply breathe, notice with gentleness. Relax your body and mind and breathe again, noticing “oh there you are, that habit mind perceiving my reality”. Breathe and allow yourself to see.


This is arriving into yourself, this moment.

This is a practice of awakening.


You see the “new earth” is not something out there happening to you. It is not about others “getting it”, It is not about the world finally awakening. The new earth is manifesting through you in this moment. It is your willingness to see that you are “that,” “this,” and “other”. It is this practice, moment to moment, in the waking moments off the mat, off the cushion, in the day-to-day ordinary life, that you are coming home to yourself in everyone, everything, every breath. – Lori Bella Lipten