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The Shamanic Way

Introduction to the Art of Shamanic Journeying

Lori Lipten has been teaching shamanic practices for nearly two decades. In this program, you will learn the art and ethical skill of shamanic journeying and practices that enhance spiritually centered living. This is a highly empowering meditative practice that has the power to connect you with your innate spiritual wisdom and the divine helping Spirits who support you throughout life.

Shamanism is over 60,000 years old. According to archaeologists, it is oldest spiritual tradition on the planet and it the roots of many of our contemporary religions and spiritual practices. Every inhabited continent, most cultures and nearly all religions have roots in shamanism.

There are many myths and even fears about Shamanism. I came to discover the word from Spirit, when I was in my 20’s. During a vivid dream, I was spoken to by a Native American who said “Wake up, Shaman!”. He was firm and deliberate, saying it several times. When I awoke, I had no idea what the dream meant, except that it landed as something significant in my life. I had not grown up in a shamanic culture, rather, I was raised in a relatively affluent suburb of Detroit within a secular Jewish and highly intellectually focused home-life. The word shaman seemed Native American, in my mind but felt a reverence for the term, even without knowing its actual meaning.

But Spirits and Angels had been helping me throughout my life. I was capable of seeing into non-ordinary reality at an early age. I developed my intuition slowly and deliberately as a reflection of my faith and need to live a Divinely attuned life. As I opened to serve as a medium, my helping spirits began encouraging me to offer clients “Soul Retrieval”; remove ancestral blocks and other intrusive energies from their energy bodies; and generally help clients thrive through myriad methods they were teaching me. This led me to study with individuals who taught shamanic practices around the world and served to validate what my helping spirits had been teaching me.


Dispelling Myths about Shamanism

Shaman is a word from the Tungus tribe in Siberia meaning “one who sees in the dark” or “one who walks in two worlds”. Some say a shaman is one “who sees through her heart”. Shaman is NOT a Native American term or a concept confined to any specific culture or group of people. Almost every major religion has shamanic beings serving their communities. And the Divine is a highly efficient realm, bringing many helpers into the physical world as shaman within our contemporary world.

Shaman is a person who competently and consistently interacts with the world of Spirit to serve the community.  While many cultures revere their shamanic citizens, these beings have to earn their rightful place to serve as a conduit for Spirit by showing dependable results that positively impact those they serve. A shaman is never “self-declared”.  Being able to engage in shamanic journey does not make a person a shaman.

Shaman are almost always born with innate abilities to connect directly with Spirit in meaningful ways that serve their personal thriving and help the community in which they live. They often come into their shamanic power through initiations. These initiations are often viewed as a crisis – a physical ailment, spiritual upheaval or emotional devastation that invites the individual to awaken and resolve their situation by accessing the power of Spirit and their internal wisdom productively.

Shaman show up in multiple ways to promote thriving and spiritually integrated living including, but not limited to promoting healing; communication with Spirit; Spiritual leadership; providing insights and understanding; creating ceremony and ritual; communing with environment; spiritual education and services. They may take on traditional roles that fit their culture or religious orientation, or may serve in more mainstream modalities where they integrate their wisdom into roles as: physicians, nurses, psychologists, chiropractors, writers, teachers, spiritual leaders, massage therapists, artists and so on.

Shaman live in the real, integrated worlds of Spirit (non-ordinary realities) and the physical reality (ordinary 3-D reality) Their attunement allows them to actively engage in these worlds with grounded, ethical responsibility.  A shaman strives to master the art of restoring harmony to individuals, animals, plants, the earth, communities, professional and governing environments, the world of Spirit  and the planet as a whole.

A Shaman lives in full awareness of the world of Spirit and does her work by entering into deep connection with Spirit, often through the Shamanic Journey. During a shamanic journey, the shaman is able to access insights, healing energies, guidance, track lost soul parts, remove unwanted energies, see into the past and future lives, and promote soulful thriving. Shaman do not need plants or mind-altering substances to serve their communities or gain insights. An ethical shaman always focuses on serving as a clear conduit for the Divine Source Energy to serve the highest good of all concerned.


The Shamanic Journey is a practical, life enhancing tool

that promotes healing, wisdom, intuitive connection and thriving.

Everyone can benefit from learning the art of

the Shamanic Journey.


What is a Shamanic Journey?

A shamanic journey is the art of  intentional consultation with the world of Spirit and inner wisdom experienced through a trance-like meditation and creative visualization. In journey, one is capable of meeting and working directly with Spirit. These Helping Spirits exist in the non-physical realms and are eager to support us in living our best lives. Helping Spirits are also known as benevolent allies and can come in multiple forms including our: Ancestors, Master Teachers, Spirit Guides; Elders, Akashic councils; Angels, Fairies; Power Animals, plants and Elements and the Divine Consciousness unifying all life.

We enter journey to discover wisdom, insights and information that bypasses the mind’s limitations. Shamanic Journeying grants you access to that which is extraordinary for healing, intuitive understanding, spiritual development and conscious creation.

A shamanic journey, like all intuitive practices will challenge the ego (the part of the mind that Edges God Out and demands evidence). To enter shamanic journey is the art of suspending doubt and leaping into the exquisite realms of consciousness, awaiting your discovery. Often, a shamanic journey will appear like a move that allows you to experience rich and unusual encounters beyond your wildest dreams. But many experience the shamanic journey as a visual void, that allows the experience to be known or felt beyond any imagery and yet accessing the expansiveness of creative wisdom beyond form.

By learning shamanic journey, you will:

  • Deepen your connection to self, soul and Spirit
  • Discover your soul’s potential for healing, understanding and manifesting
  • Enhance your trust and faith
  • Improve patience, calm and peacefulness
  • Connect with your Helping Spirits: guides, teachers, ancestors, loved ones; angels and more.
  • Deepen your appreciation for the exquisiteness of life
  • Gain practical guidance and understanding for personal and professional living
  • Improve your relationships
  • Receiving insights and answer about your soul’s purpose; significant relationships and questions.
  • Develop meaning
  • Learn to integrate your spirituality into everyday living

You will experience:

  • 4 Basic Shamanic Journeying Methods
  • Practical applications for Journeying
  • The joy and empowering support of shamanic practice


Soul Retrieval and Soul Alchemy Training

Lori has been training individuals in the sacred art of Soul Retrieval and Soul Alchemy for nearly two decades. Lori was initiated into the soul retrieval and shamanic path through her helping Spirits. She has also trained with known contemporary shamanic teacher Sandra Ingerman; apprenticed with Colleen Deatsman; studied with a Lakota Shaman and Heyoka; A Shoshone Shaman; a Tibetan Bonpos and Costa Rican Medicine Woman.

Soul Retrieval addresses the aftermath of trauma resulting in soul fragmentation and soul loss. While trauma may be subjective, soul loss is not. When confronted with physical, emotional, mental or spiritually threatening events, the soul may remove an aspect of its essence into the realm of Spirit to mitigate the impact. This energy leaves our physical reach and leaves the individual feeling lost, cut-off or like something is “missing”. In our culture, it is very easy to lose connection from our essence and the soul of life. We live in a world that puts value on the ego-mind and physical world over our soul and our connection to the natural rhythm and the essence of life. Soul Retrieval is a practice of helping restore people to wholeness, to balance, and to power. Read more about Soul Retrieval here.

Soul Retrieval Training provides a framework for learning the responsible healing process for tracking, retrieving and singing the soul back home. You will learn to find, heal, restore soul parts and facilitate the integration for your client.

This 5-day intensive brings to light the elements of conducting effective soul retrieval. You will learn to:

  • Effectively identify and diagnose soul loss
  • Understand how the soul parts departed
    • Spontaneous loss due to trauma
    • Fragmented over ongoing neglect, trauma
    • Given away
    • Stolen
    • Past-life vow; trauma
  • Prepare for soul Retrieval
    • Yourself, your tools, your setting
    • Personalizing the retrieval experience for each client
    • Your client
  • Track, retrieve and conduct soul alchemy
  • Work collaboratively with Benevolent Spirits who assist in soul retrieval
  • Clear legacy of imprinted energies
  • Interpreting journeys into a healing story that promotes the highest healing potential of the client
  • Support the client’s integration and after-care
    • Integrating Soul Retrieval with other healing modalities that promote integration
    • Follow-up support for effective reclamation of the client’s Soul-Self;
  • Ethics of Soul Retrieval


  • Graduate of Lori Lipten’s IPC or a similar shamanic training
  • Strong ability to engage in effective shamanic journeying that promotes healing for self and others.
  • Deep call to serve as a Soul Retriever or direct guidance from your helping spirits that this is next right step for you
  • Understanding that while you will give and receive soul retrievals throughout the training, this is not a setting intended for individuals in need of soul retrieval or personal healing at this time. This is for individuals ready to serve in as a Shamanic Soul Retriever
  • The willingness and desire to follow the guidelines of Soul Retrieval and develop ceremonies that reflect your shamanic style and commitment.


The Shamanic Way: A Shamanic Practitioner Training – IPC Level 2 (Shamanic Track)


The Intuitive Practitioner Program integrates fundamental shamanic practices throughout its unique approach to healing, guidance and manifesting. The Shamanic Way is for the student who is drawn to deepening his/her shamanic understanding and practices.

In this program you will learn to:

  • Birth, embrace and nurture your inner shaman with honor and nobility
  • Create a strong connection with your helping spirits and learn to walk in two worlds
  • Develop your personal medicine wheel, light body and work with your Divine Dream Team
  • Establish strong intuitive and divination skills
  • Work with Nature, the elements, the fairies, elementals, nature spirits, and soul essence of all things
  • Enter into shamanic states and journey competently in all worlds
  • Connect with the Angels, Master Teachers, Akashic Guides and councils; Guardians of our galaxy; the Rainbow Nation and other Divine Teams of Helping Spirits.
  • Competently engage in shamanic soul retrieval
  •  Access your Akashic Records, understand soul lessons, clear karmic patterns, move into conscious manifestion competently
  • Build a conscious matrix for healing and personal evolution
  • Break through self-limiting realities, deconstruct ineffective realities in all directions of time; move into empowered thriving as the personal hero/heroine of your story
  • Cleanse, heal, transmute wounds at all levels.
  • Shift from ego-identification into higher an embodied higher self
  • Shape-shift and vision quest for personal transformation
  • Connect with the deepest wisdom and take your rightful shamanic place in your medicine wheel
  • Activate your Inspired Heart and Light Body and your Higher Mind into a unified state and viable system for living in all worlds as a Divine Being, simultaneously
  • Create ceremony and ritual for personal development, healing, clearing and blessings for self and community
  • Heal and transform spaces and places
  • Honor, serve and live as a member of your Divine Council as a light barer and warrior for healing the world