The world we live in right now, is ruled by the habit-mind’s conditioning. This conditioning is what we have come to accept as right, true and status quo. We see it as inevitable. The conditioning of this mind has become the pilot of our personal and collective journey, because it creates and shapes our perceptions. We rely on it. Believe in it. Collude with it. Rally against it at time. But mostly, we participate in it.

This conditioning has created a matrix in which we live through by becoming our internalized habit-mind. Some call this ego. Some call it the learned self.  Whatever you call it, it is the aspect of us that does not live in the truth of the higher soul and yet, it is the creative of the world we have come to believe in. It is the formula through which the 3D consciousness thrives.

Is there a way out? YES! 

Intuition is what liberates us from control of the habit-mind. The habit mind isn’t BAD or even anything to fear, but its danger exists in our somnabulant compliance with its paradigms which are not founded upon divine, immutable truths. It keeps us feeling ashamed of aspects of ourselves that do not fit the expectations of society, family, beliefs that condition it. It keeps us tethered to beliefs and ideas that are limiting and create suffering.

Intuition is the antidote.


The habit-mind keeps you separated from your true self; from the divine, from spirit, from resources, from others. It others you. It makes you fearful of parts of yourself and life. It denies or avoids knowing your wholeness.

Intuition is the language of your SOUL. The energy, the vibrancy of your authentic self. It stops the search for fixing yourself or making yourself a project. It brings you home to your inner wisdom, your innate wholeness and exquisiteness.

It sets you FREE from the conditioning that made you feel anything less than whole, loveable, worthy. It liberates you from shame and all that binds your magic, power, purpose.
Intuition awakens you.


The habit-mind was shaped by and within a world that fears the truth, mystery, magic and authenticity. It requires rules that you must follow to be loved and accepted; safe and successful. It tells you what you can do, say, think, feel, know, be. And it convinces you that everything else is not safe or helpful or real.

INTUITION lives as truth. It cannot be otherwise because it is the language of your SOUL. Your TRUE SELF. It is THE YOU beyond all stories and beliefs.

Intuition will not comply with your conditioned mind’s beliefs. It compassionately acknowledges, validates, and knows your story, your truth, your pain, your power, your beauty, and all you have experienced. It will not placate your or buy into your conditioning. It lives as truth within you and brings that truth into the foreground to be seen, valued, spoken, heard, held, loved, nourished, and brought to life!

*Intuition BREAKS YOU FREE from cycles of control, trauma & abuse.

The habit mind requires complicity to perpetuate ancestral, societal, cultural and family trauma.  It makes you wrong and the abusers right.

Intuition will not shame you, judge you, diminish you, collude with abusers or injustice; rationalize harm; or disconnection; perpetuate suffering.

Intuition lives as wholeness within you. It will not participate in the toxic dynamics of conditioning. It will not allow you to continue shaming, judging, denying yourself. It will never gaslight you or your feelings. It will not minimize your experience or get you to see things differently. It won’t make you think positively, avoid feelings, or topics of discussion. It will not comply with patterns of internalized trauma, shame, criticism, control. It will NOT live in hiding.

It reveals your true intelligence, deepest wisdom, creativity, and power. It guides you to abundant, helpful resources. It sees things as they are — not through the veil of beliefs. It lives authentically and seeks therefore liberation from everything that confines that authenticity.

*Intuition will NEVER PATHOLOGIZE you.

The habit-mind thrives on categorizing, pathologizing and reductionistic ideas. It keeps you believing that your reactions to trauma, pain, injustice are an illness or problem to solve.

Intuition exists in a state of wholeness. It is the language of compassion, love, and truth. It is the heart of who you are and understands you as whole, wise, loveable, worthy right here and now. It sees your patterns, fears, experiences, as messengers of truth seeking to guide you into connection with your power, genius, and magic that your conditioning cannot recognize.

It does not see you as a problem to solve or inherently flawed. It does not see you as something to fix. It is bringing you home to yourself as love. It is returning you to your authentic power to be known, your joy and wholeness to be a lived experience.

*Intuition returns you to your SOUL’S PURPOSE.

Your habit mind sees your purpose as one thing you must find out about yourself, hidden and inaccessible. It believes it has one thing to do and it must do it to live a full life. It perceives this mission as either bigger than you, too big to do or it makes you special; OR it perceives it as less significant than you or others; not important or valuable and reinforces beliefs that lock it away.

INTUITION IS YOUR PURPOSE. Intuition brings you home to yourself, so it stops the longing to know your soul’s mission and brings you into direct connection with it. It feels purposeful doing the mundane and purposeful creating magic and everything in between. It knows you, your mission and how to fulfill it daily, with ease and grace. It doesn’t fear the unknown. It doesn’t fear anxiety, disconnection or all the things you’ve been told not to feel or that are wrong, negative, or low vibration. It exists as the truth of you, seeking expression in your daily life through every moment and every experience. Intuition knows your purpose is not contained in a job, or a project or a thing or person. It lives as you, your life force being expressed authentically, with greater ease and heart, in all situations, beyond all conditioning.

And it doesn’t fear change. It doesn’t fear being lost. It doesn’t fear society’s rules or agendas. It doesn’t have a belief system. It is a life force that is seeking the most exquisite expression through your natural interests, talents, and skills.

*INTUITION brings you HOME.

The habit-mind cuts you off from home. From yourself, the divine and life. It makes you feel lost, alone, isolated. It makes you believe something is wrong with you and that others have it better or are better.

Intuition brings you HOME TO YOURSELF. to the great mystery. to the divine. to your allies. to others. to your truth. your power. your creativity. your safety. your health, your voice. your vision, your dreams. your imagination. your sensuality. your sexuality. Your beauty. your genius. yourself.

It brings you into authentic connection with your magical multisensory being.

It allows you to see the future and do all kinds of cool stuff too! It will bring you into direct experience of things your conditioning cannot believe, and your mind may never understand as real. The future for the conditioned self feels necessary to know to feel safe; while the future for the intuitive self is simply information about what you are energizing so you have insight about how to respond. It helps you navigate life from wisdom, rather than conditioned fear.

Intuition saved my life. But not once. Yesterday. The day before. Today. Every day.

It reminds me that every day I am arriving, discovering, learning, growing, healing, loving, creating…. being.

For years, I have guided students back home by helping them recover their intuition and thus, their true self. Living intuitively is a journey of unfolding all the conditioning that has been internalized as true and coming home to what is authentic and freeing. It can help you know your Akashic Records, Shamanic wisdom, your spirit guides and more. But its true gift is the unfolding magic of discovering your authentic self and all that exquisiteness within you and the world, one day at a time.

If you want to learn how to live authentically, free yourself from internalized conditioning, motivate yourself with compassion and feel more alive as you live on purpose, I hope you will join me this October for the Intuitive Practitioner Program.