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Intuitive Consultation

A private intuitive consultation with Lori is a sacred encounter with the Divine, Spirit and you. Lori serves a bridge between the world of Spirit and the physical world by bringing messages of love, healing and validations from Spirit. Lori’s gifts allow her to serve as a shaman, medium, and Akashic specialist. This means, she uses all of her psychic, intuitive abilities to connect with Divine Spirit to serve the highest good of her client.

Lori’s specialty is working with the realm of Divine Helping Spirits and loved ones through the Akashic Realm. In this role, an Intuitive Consultation can be a focused communication from loved ones in Spirit; messages from your Divine Spirit Guides or guidance from the Akashic Realms about your soul’s purpose, past lives, soul lessons and potential trajectories for you in this lifetime. You can select your focus for a session or allow Divine Spirit to do so.

As a medium providing Spirit Communication, Lori begins with connecting to the Spirit who is present by bringing through confirmations that the client can understand and validate. Once evidence is provided and validated, Lori often brings healing messages from loved ones in Spirit to facilitate the healing and evolution for all concerned.

When working with a Spirit Guides and messages from the Akashic Realms, Lori can focus on specific areas of concern to bring insights and supportive guidance that nurture, inspire and facilitate soulful evolution.

In all cases, Lori turns the session over to The Divine Creator, asking for the Highest Good to come through for her clients and all concerned.

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Cost & Location

In-person, FaceTime, Skype and phone sessions are $295 and last approximately 45 minutes at $295.

In-person sessions are held at Lori’s office:

*74 West Long Lake Road Suite 100
Bloomfield Hills, MI 48304

*if using GPS be sure the map takes you to Bloomfield Hills and NOT Troy. We are located in the Swanson Building just west of Woodward. We do not have a receptionist on site, so please enter the lobby and make yourself comfortable. Lori will come to get you from the lobby.