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Journey of the Awakening Soul

Journey of the Awakening Soul

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Life is a journey. For your soul, its like the journey of the hero or heroine that begins before birth and continues through life and beyond. As long as you are alive, your soul has a purpose for being here and above all, that purpose is to awaken. From awakening, you love and serve in joy.

The hero or heroine’s journey is not necessarily a linear process. You move through stages and backtrack a bit, as you adjust. But this outline can help you understand your own process of waking up and expanding into your intuitive  awakened life. 

The Prequel: Before you arrive in your body you (as a soul) and your Divine Spirit Team choose a purpose for your incarnation. You choose a body, time, and place. You choose the gifts you will share and challenges through which you will evolve. You choose the players, challengers and oppositions. You choose the allies who will support you from Spirit and those who will help you in the physical world. You choose the primary path for victory and the re-directions when/if things go off course. You choose when the story will end. All this detail exists in your Akashic Records and is viewed as your soul’s purpose. The details of how this plays out, are left up to your free will.

Ordinary Reality: You enter the world with full awareness of yourself as a soul inhabiting a body. Your first language is intuition. At first, you live mostly in theta consciousness, with full awareness of Spirit. You may see angels, loved ones and imaginary friends. As you develop a personality, your ego forms and you become immersed in ordinary reality or 3D consciousness. While your soul is meant to remain in charge of your life, ordinary reality is still dominated by the ego. So you marinate in the experience of ordinary reality and all the fears and beliefs that permeate its field of consciousness. For quite some time, you may accept life as it is shown, taught and imprinted upon you. Or you may be aware that something isn’t quite right, but you don’t have words for how different you feel from the ordinary world in which you’re expected to adapt.

As a child, I knew things about people that I could not explain and saw energy moving without any context to appreciate what I was seeing. I had vivid awareness of my past life. I even announced my soul’s purpose to my 3rd grade class. I was exceptionally sensitive and felt everything around me so deeply. But I was living in a highly intellectually focused, 3D family and felt ashamed of feeling so different than most people seemed to be.

Initial Call to Awaken:  A situation arises that creates significant stress or a call for deep questioning and you are pulled beyond the ordinary consciousness to which you have adapted. Your soul is striving to pull you beyond the immersion experience into a realization that you are more than just your body. You may have an encounter with spirit, or you experience a crisis. You may experience a profound dream or a life-changing interaction. Most often, something has shaken you to the core by an internal or external experience. Shamans call this the “awakening crisis”. To transcend this experience, a change in perception is required.

Resistance to the Call: Your foundation may be shaken as the crisis challenges status quo. The possibility of life being different than you expected emerges into your awareness and you may slip in and out of acceptance of Spirit and a higher awareness of reality. You may question yourself and everything around you, but not knowing what letting go will mean for you, fear may assert itself into your journey. Dreading the unknown, you may attempt to numb the pain through self-medicating, shutting down, feeling helpless and lost. You may feel betrayed by God for creating the crisis; taking a loved one from you and giving you so much to handle! As anger, confusion and grief surges and you may resist the call by attempting to fix your reality through ordinary means. Those in 3D consciousness will reinforce your deepest fears and offer advice rooted in ordinary reality. For a time, this may feel helpful. You settle into your resistance, until you soul once again, seeks to break through your somnambulant state.

Meeting your mentor: You meet someone who has traveled the road that you need to travel, and your soul recognizes them as a teacher or helpful guide. They will feel familiar to you as you recognize that they have woken up and are walking their personal hero/heroine’s journey. You realize that they know what you need to learn and transform so you too, can attain mastery of your soul. They share their wisdom and tools to provide you with what is needed. This mentor shows up to help you reach within yourself to discover your own courage and wisdom. They are serve as a reflection and a guide for your awakening.

Accepting the Invitation:  You open to your soul’s wisdom, listen to your intuition and begin letting go of the ordinary world as the defining reality. You may not yet understand or fully know what lies ahead but you are cracking open, willing and allowing yourself to experience the infinite realms of non-ordinary realty. As you accept the invitation – which may happen through an epiphany or series of breakthroughs; it may happen through direct encounter with spirit or a slow-turning of awareness — you enter a path that you still do not remember how to navigate. Your soul is dancing with your ego, pulling you into the expansive awareness of your higher consciousness but you are still feeling like you are entering unknown territory.

Tests, Allies and Enemies: As you cross the bridge from living in the grip of your ego’s 3D consciousness, you may experience a series of challenges. These opportunities will come in all forms, to urge your shift in perceptions of self and life. You are being invited into a whole new consciousness and will find yourself questioning everything. It is natural to vacillate between ordinary and non-ordinary understanding at this stage of awakening. You may ask: What is real? Who am I? Who can I trust? Will this really yield transformation? Do I really have a purpose and how to do I fulfill it?

Your views of reality, of yourself and others will be challenged during this stage. You may feel tested to the core until you eventually discover the healing, truth and wisdom of non-ordinary reality. You realize that the treasures have been with you all along and as you open to this expansive awareness and discover places of power and benevolent allies in Spirit. During this stage, you may feel like a new you or less of you than before. You may experience yourself as authentic, intuitive or coming alive.

As you expand into this stage of awakening, you realize that you are not alone and that your soul chose the very challenge(s) that daunted you. You begin viewing your team of helping spirits as allies with whom you can collaborate. You see the challenge as an opportunity for soul growth and greet the experience with an open heart, confidence and willingness to integrate its lessons and gifts.

The Shift. You face a shamanic death. Your old self and way of perceiving reality is no longer useful and by clinging to it, you remain trapped, isolated and in struggle. What once seemed important to you, loses its hold. Tastes and interests may change here. You are now facing your worst fears. Your shadow and light emerge into full view. Like Buddha facing Mara, Moses facing the onslaught of resistances, Jesus facing temptation in the desert, you must let go of how you have understood yourself and reality for awakening to manifest through you. You must embrace your light and illuminate your shadow without fear. This is a processing of healing and releasing what no longer fits. You must transform, as you can no longer rationalize away the higher consciousness and expansiveness of an awakened view. By holding on, you the shamanic crisis and its tests, struggles and pain repeat. You may feel like you are being hit with the same lessons, over and over. And its true. Your soul will bring it on in full force, until you cross the threshold and accept the call and open.

This is when you feel as though you are leaving the world you have always believed in. Many around you will not understand the depth of what you are facing, as they view your experience through a 3D lens. Leaving a job, facing down an illness, dealing with a significant death, transforming or leaving a relationship and other challenges will appear to them as simply a growth opportunity. And while it is that, it is also a deep soul transformation that is emerging as a new way of being for you. Your inner world is changing in ways that surpass the ordinary understanding. You are opening up and awakening to a whole new reality.

Waking Up. By facing the death of your identification with ordinary reality (the illusions and falsehoods of your 3D story and beliefs), you liberate yourself from suffering and take possession of your innate treasure. You awaken. This may happen in a moment, but it is more likely to happen in a series of awakening experiences. You  may still fluctuate between seeing the world through an intuitive mind and buying the ego’s fears. You are still not sure if you can maintain this status and may doubt your experiences. Or you may have decided that you have learned the lesson and would like the process to stop and get easier. But as you awaken, you touch your inner light, you start illuminating your shadow (unhealed, disowned self) and discover that a new way of living. For you, the real challenge is to bring that light of your higher consciousness into ordinary reality effectively. Until you experience effective results of this awakening in ordinary reality, it remains an ungrounded fantasy.

Integration. As you move through the unfolding awareness of your higher consciousness, you retrieve and reunite with the treasure of your soul’s innate power. You feel compelled to live authentically and aligned with your soul. You start living a more soulfully inspired life by listening to your intuition with great reverence. You have directly experienced the bliss, love, grace and extraordinary virtues of non-ordinary reality. You have faced the pain of your own death, the loss of your old self and the now consciously heal from the wounds that bound you to your  ego and 3D reality. You know your Divine Spirit Team and work with your allies with increasing confidence. You experience effective results of your expansive consciousness within ordinary reality. Life begins to reflect the expansiveness of your soul’s light as you learn to live in the matrix without being caught by its illusions. You manifest consciously while flowing with what is, fearlessly. You still have obstacles to work through, but you face them from a whole new perspective.

Rebirth and Realization:  At this point, you may being moving between 3D consciousness into 4th and 5th with increasing facility, allowing more of your soul’s light into your life. At times, you find 3D life challenging and experience these as tests, while simultaneously aware of your unification with Source. You see the dream of 3D and are no longer willing to live asleep. You shift from fear into a deep soul-knowing.

You may be facing down the external reflections of your internalized fears for some time. It may be happening intensely and even daily, for a while. You may face another shamanic-type death or a series of deaths, as more attachments and illusions die off. The ego loses its hold on your life and at this stage, you shift beyond the realm of cause and effect and karma.  Soul contracts, core beliefs, ancestral inheritances and cellular destinies have no more power over your creative destiny. You are awake, purified, and aware of your true nature. Love radiates from your energy field as a consistently transmuting energy field. You realize everything real is love or a form seeking its return to love. You know your place in the world. You experience abiding peace.

Mastery of Two-Worlds or Sustained Awakening: As a awakened soul, you are living in full consciousness and demonstration of your intuitive mastery. Your connection with Spirit yields inspiration and treasures for you and your community. You dance with life’s ebbs and flows without resistance. Your life is an expression of love, compassion and authentic power. You may experience challenges of the world, but meet them from your full awareness and in collaboration with the world of Spirit. You are transformed and continue to evolve soulfully. Your words and deeds are impeccable, as you always show up with conscious intent to serve the highest good of life. People are changed in your presence, but you have no attachment to how the world sees you. No deed is viewed as mundane and all life is experienced as a unified harmony. You are humble, reverent and consciously interacting with life.

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