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Inspired Soul-Care

Inspired soul-care begins with the conscious practice of tuning in and opening our hearts to the infinite well of compassion within and offering it first to ourselves. As we practice radiating compassionate energy into our mind, our body and spirit, we feel the alignment with our true soul essence and the Divine.

Creating the time and space to slow down, breathe deeply into our being and open to the loving light within our heart nourishes us from within. We then learn to become the compassionate witness of our thoughts, noticing the limiting beliefs and inner critic that binds us to struggle, pain and fear without judgment. Rather than give these perceptions power or attempt to diminish them, we discover the capacity to witness them, as we remain connected to the compassion within our heart. We see the stream of the inner critics mind chatter flowing by, but choose not to jump in and swim. Breathing in and out, centered in loving awareness, we become the steward and guardian of our sacred, loving essence.

Inspired Soul-Care is a program that helps you:

  • Connect deeply to your soul through the practice of  intentional compassion for self and life
  • Reduces the power of the ego-mind’s shaming, critical evaluations of self and life
  • Awakens and empowers the compassionate witness of the Higher-Soul to acknowledge and heal the inner shadow, fears that impede soul growth and thriving
  • Nourishes your inner wisdom into the foreground
  • Helps you lay down the patterns of identification with the story that your soul came to transcend
  • Cultivates the inner steward of your Divinity and wholeness
  • Creates a simple, powerful and meaningful daily practice of self-compassion and loving radiance that permeates your whole being and creative flow.Launch is coming soon.