My Story

When I was 8 years old, I knew my soul’s purpose. I even announced it to my 3rd grade class during an assignment that asked us to state “what we wanted to be when we grew up”. Without realizing its implications at the time. I announced that I had “come to the earth to teach the world to love more”. My words flowed from youthful innocence and soul knowing.

From as far back as I can remember, I could see into the multiple dimensions of this universe and sense people’s souls. I had vivid past life recall and a deep affinity to leaders who were living their soul’s mission to bring healing change to our world. I knew too many people were suffering and I yearned to be a part of healing that at the core and guiding others into a true alignment with love.

I had prophetic dreams, clairvoyant visions throughout my life. This included profound experiences with angels in my teens, twenties and thirties.

Soul essence has always been the easiest for me to perceive. This includes feeling and deeply sensing the pure essence of another and the anguishing dissonance one experiences when they are not in alignment with soul. For as long as I can remember, it is that dissonance that calls to my soul into service.

But like most, I grew up in an environment where virtually no one believed in anything like angels or psychic phenomena; soul essence, purpose and soul dissonance. So I had no context through which to understand my spiritual attunement with the subtle world that exists beyond our ordinary sensory system.

Hiding my abilities only created disharmony and suffering . No matter how hard I tried, my soul pushed truth to the surface until it grabbed my mind’s attention fully.

Soul is not interested in adapting to the norm. It has a purpose. It seeks awakening and full expression of its divine potential. NO ONE can truly thrive until mind, body, emotions fully attune, align and allow SOUL to be realized.

Angels spoke to me. Shamans came in dream time. Spirit was urging me to wake up. I wanted to fit in and my soul wanted to awaken.

By the time my daughter arrived, I had succeeded in the corporate world and had chosen to return to graduate school to become a psychologist. Here all worlds collided. Benevolent messengers continued to urge me to WAKE UP and live and serve SOULFULLY. I could not live from the trance of my ego any longer meaning I had to let go of my mind’s ideas for my life, open to the divine guidance pouring through my being and let love become the guiding force for all of my choices – big and small.

Doing this has opening me to a life I never imagined possible. I began to see, know and experience the divine directly with increasing facility and depth. I shifted my professional focus while in grad school and embraced my intuitive and innate shamanic gifts over time.
I studied traditional psychology while also learning from master teachers around the world to deepen my connection and understanding of intuitive processing. I learned from shamans; angelic teachers; mediums; energy psychologists, energy healers and clairvoyants; pranic healers and others. All offered unique perspectives toward pointing to a universal theme.

lori's office wings and feathersIt is my deep honor and passion to support individuals in the realization of their divine nature. This empowers one to navigate life from the infinite resources of Soul rather than the limited perceptions emanating from an unresolved childhood and the confines of an ego. This is the path of intuitive flow emanating from soulful living.

With willing compassion and daily actions, we all have the power to live authentic soul lives. We are innately intuitive and through practices designed to nurture this remembering and flow, we have the power to live extraordinarily meaningful lives.

Everything I offer – individual guidance, retreats, workshops, guided visualizations, written works and shamanic intuitive readings – are designed to empower you into soulful living. Soul living means being awakened to your divine nature and living life as an expression of that divinity, one conscious breath at a time. When you live soulfully, everyone and everything reveals the beauty of creation, the power of love and the infinite of all-that-is.