Sacred Balance

Academy for Intuitive Arts

Awaken your soul’s gifts so you can fulfill your purpose!

We are committed to helping sensitives, empaths, intuitives and spiritual souls develop their innate gifts for personal healing and spiritual growth. We serve all those who are called to develop their intuition, healing gifts, spiritual wisdom into skills for living soulful, heart-centered lives or integrating these skills into serving as Intuitive Practitioners.  

Have you had insights about people, places and things without physical knowledge?

Are you feeling the intensity of  our world and wondering how to you are meant to navigate or serve?

Do you sometimes become overwhelmed by the emotions or energy of others?

Are you noticing signs, synchronicities, number patterns, vivid dreams, ascension symptoms?

Do you know were born for a purpose, feel a calling to serve but are not sure how?


You are likely one of the souls who chose to incarnate on earth to serve the ascension process. You may identify as a  deep thinker or feeler, a starseed, a highly sensitive person, a lightworker, an “old soul”, shamanic soul, or an empathic soul.  You may not understand why you see, feel, think things so differently than the norm. You are likely highly sensitive to energies, have vivid dreams, are intuitive and feeling you were born for a purpose bigger than yourself.

The overwhelm, the concern about humanity, the high sensitivity and awareness about energy, purpose and a calling are all signals from your SOUL and the UNIVERSE to consciously evolve and develop your gifts.


Intuition is the gateway to humanity’s evolution. You may be a healer, a wisdom keeper, you may have access to higher dimensions, working in collaboration with spirit or simply want to help people, animals or mother earth become truly safe and harmonious. If you choose to answer your soul’s call, you will unleash the power of your innate wisdom and gifts so you can heal, evolve and serve others.  This allows you to shift into a powerful posture of embodying your true essence and live your best life with greater ease.

Sacred Balance is a sanctuary for bringing the divine power of your soul into the foreground of your life. We access ancient wisdom practices to nurture, heal, evolve and thrive personally so we can support others in doing this responsibly. At the Sacred Balance Academy for Intuitive Arts, you will feel seen and supported throughout your journey of healing, intuitive development, spiritual growth and service. We are a heart-centered community that will help you awaken and embrace your soulful purpose.

We are here for you!

What is happening at the Center for Intuitive Arts?

We hold meditations, workshops, focused trainings, group readings, retreats and other transformational events throughout the year.  You can participate in our online events from the comfort of your home or enjoy our sacred retreats held in beautiful and vibrationally attuned settings around the world at the invitation of the ancestors and divine gatekeepers of the land.

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Become an Intuitive Practitioner™  

A wisdom journey to invest in yourself, answer your soul’s call and awaken your Innate Intuitive Gifts. 

Deepen your intuitive abilities to help you heal yourself and others…

Intuition has called you to this moment. Your soul is beckoning you to awaken, activate and amplify your innate healing abilities. It is a sacred thing to answer your soul’s mission to live and serve intuitively. You came here to heal, to awaken and help others do the same.

In this 10-month depth training program, Lori will guide you to develop your diverse intuitive, healing and sacred gifts into viable skills for living and guiding others.

You will discover what it means to live as a multisensory being within this world. You will earn about your energy anatomy, how to clear, heal and attune your energy; how to develop your psychic clairs; open to your mediumship; access your inner shaman; enter Akashic Records, work with benevolent Spirits, gain insights about your purpose, guide and heal others and more.

Lori will help you build a sacred tool-kit of sound intuitive practices founded in ancient wisdom practices that serve living in a contemporary world.


Divine Healing with Angels & Spirit Guides

Lori Lipten, M.A. Author, Teacher. Shamanic Medium & Intuitive Practitioner

May 4, 2022
6 pm ET

Join Lori for a powerful Divinely Guided Healing Session to receive a transmission of light to support healing of mind, body and spirit. Lori will take you through this guided meditation and healing practice. She will share messages from the Divine. 

Receive this angelic energy medicine to:

  • Experience the blessings of divine love and light within your whole being
  • Feel the profound unconditional love
  • Experience healing in all layers of your energy field
  • Practice embodying higher frequencies of light
  • Breathing into your sacredness
  • Open to the messages of love, light and truth from Angels and Guides who are supporting you.

Lori brings healing and messages from the Divine Angels, Guides and Councils of Light that support ascension on earth. She will share this healing transmission and guidance for all present.

High Vibe Attunement Series

Learn. Attune. Elevate.

Lori Lipten, M.A. 
5 Mondays

Starts May 2, 2022
6:30 pm – 7:30 pm ET

Meets 5 Mondays
May 2, 9 and 30; June 6 and 13 — 6:30 – 7:30 p.m. ET

Deepen your Connection, Learn from the Divine, Elevate your VIBE!

This unique series provides an entry point into elevating your vibration & consciousness.

Each session Lori will share a sacred lesson from the Divine Ascension Councils and guide you through lessons and meditation to elevate your vibration to its crystalline essence.

Become Sacred Presence

Higher frequencies and Divine Rays are supporting rapid acceleration of our evolution.

We uplevel as a group to make all of our services and skills more effective.

Embody the timeliness-NOW

Learn to apply the skills to MASTERY this cycle of rapid change.

Lori shares core practices from the Ascenscion Councils to support walking with ease and grace into the Golden Age.

Harmonic Alchemy

Inspired Heart unification with Divine Frequencies to unify your Soul’s Note, Tones & Records to the Highest Potentials.

Create the Highest Trajectories

Embodying your crystalline and golden frequencies to co-create the highest trajectories and the New Earth Realms.


Gather with like-minded souls in this unique attunement and guidance series with Lori.

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Awakening the Inspired Heart™

This signature program by Lori Lipten, helps you open the doorway to unconditional compassion, love and oneness existing within your heart. When the Inspired Heart becomes activated, illuminated and embodied, your capacity for miraculous change manifests with greater ease. The portal to your potentials are opened and grounded in this reality.

The Awakening the Inspired Heart™ videos will take you through activities and a guided process of healing, clearing, activation and illumination of the soul’s higher heart-chakra, stored within your Lightbody. Lori will facilitate the clearing away of stored hurts; core wounds and resentments; limiting beliefs; ancestral imprints; energetic ties, bonds, curses, past-life vows, agreements; karma; genetic, physiological and all blood-line influences; attachments and all other energetic impediments on your energy. You will then be taken through a series of exercises that will up-level your vibration, attune you mind/body/soul with your Lightbody and activate your Inspired Heart™  allow your highest flow to manifest more easily, consistently and joyfully.

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Introduction to Shamanic Journeying

Imagine being able to step out of your mind and into a world of exquisite cooperation, beauty, healing and grace all from the comfort of home? This unique on-line program introduces you to the ancient art of Shamanic Journey: a path of direct revelation. Shamanic Journeying has been practiced all over the world for thousands of year and surpasses all spiritual dogma. It provides a safe gateway into the world of Spirit, so that you can reclaim your Divine power and ability to directly and intimately experience wisdom, healing, authentic power, divine truth.  Through shamanic journey you discover the exquisite multiple dimensions of the universe; travel beyond linear time and space intentionally, develop collaborative relationships with your spiritual allies and deepen your connection with your sacred soul. As your personal relationship with the spiritual forces in your life flourish, your sense of power, trust, wisdom and health expands.

Lori Lipten has been teaching this sacred practice for nearly twenty-years and has now created this accessible on-line method to nurture you through the magical experience of Shamanic Journey in a safe, easy-to-use method for spiritual growth, personal empowerment and holistic transformation.

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Miracle Manifesting Club

The Miracle Manifesting is an exciting program that gives you the keys to unlocking the power and potential within your energy body to manifest the life you were born to live. This program moves beyond the laws of attraction and 3D consciousness around manifesting, by focusing on accessing your personal Akashic Records (Soul Record) to discover your soul’s purpose, soul lessons and energy that may be blocking and impeding your flow . You will be given exercises to uncover your soul’s blueprint, up-level your soul’s vibration, heal your blocks, converge timelines and embody your highest potentials within this dimension.  

This program included engaging instructional videos by Lori Lipten; guided meditations, PDF’s with helpful activities.  

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Ascension Consciousness Webinar

Embrace Your Soul’s Power & Purpose

If you have been wondering about what is happening on the earth and how you fit in, this workshop is for you. We will explore the shifts on the earth plane and give you tools for navigating the ascension journey. Lori will explore the concepts of Ascension; 3D consciousness; intuition; Individual and Collective Awakening; 5D Consciousness, the Matrix; timelines; potential futures; the New Earth. You will gain insight about your purpose within this extraordinary time on earth.

Lori will help you understand if you are : a Lightworker, Starseed, Shamanic and why you incarnated at this time. 

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Intention for Center of Intuitive Arts

I call to all students whom I can serve their highest good and are ready to learn and work directly with me.

I call to the Divine Light to serve, support, infuse, uplift, inspired and hold sacred every aspect of every offering we bring to the world through our Academy and all other services.

I call to all those students who are willing and ready to show up with an open heart, willingness to grow, enthusiasm for learning and a desire to expand and evolve their soul, consciousness and loving presence in the world.  

I create programs, groups, events that are heart-centered, transformative, empowering,  sacred, compassionate and reverently serve the highest good for all participants.  

I serve and support the evolution, expansion and awakening connection to the Soul, the Divine and the exquisite benevolent Divine helpers who bless and serve our soulful journey on earth. I serve those who are willing to dive deep into the soul, compassionately discover and heal the shadow, release the limitations and allegiance to the ego and awaken the inspired heart and soul of one’s pure potential.

Throughout our programs we are devoted to exploring, inspiring and nurturing:

  • Awareness of our soul’s power, purpose and potential.
  • Profound Embodiment of our soul and light-body within this human form.
  • Consciousness of being in all dimensions of the universe, including the here and now.
  • Deep, meaningful connection to our soul.
  • Enthusiastic and ethical collaboration with Spirit to serve our highest good and the highest good of life.
  • Willingness to know and heal our shadow.
  • Willingness to know and embrace our light.
  • Fearless and gentle embrace of our ever-unfolding, sometimes messy and equally exquisite human journey.
  • Actionable consciousness of light, love, truth, purpose, service and inspiration.
  • Transforming suffering and serving the highest good of seven generations before us and after us.
  • Embodiment, expression and expansion of light on the new earth.

As Founder of the Center for Intuitive Arts, I weave these intentions into every service, product, program offered with unwavering heart-felt enthusiasm and soulful commitment to the Light and to you!

No matter where you are from, how you have lived, whatever profession or training you have had in the metaphysical and spiritual worlds, you are welcomed into our sacred community as you are.

Consider your intentions for participating in our programs and bring your open heart, beginners mind and willingness to take the next steps in your soul’s journey. This is not superficial psychic training, nor are we appropriating any shamanic practices from other nations. Everything you learn through the Academy of Intuitive Arts is through direct revelation from Spirit and shown to produce effective, meaningful, high-quality and practical results.

Please tune-inward and discern if this is a fit for you. Not all, but most of our programs invite a deep-dive into the soul. We take our time, create a compassionate atmosphere but encourage you out of your ego’s comfort zone. We are all about becoming hollow bones, so the Divine can reach us clearly and lead the way in our lives. If you are ready to surrender your fear, doubt and patterns of self-sabotage, open to the Light within you and reclaim your innate gifts, power and purpose, then I am the spiritual guide and teacher for you.