This signature program by Lori Lipten, helps you open the doorway to unconditional compassion, love and oneness existing within your heart. When the Inspired Heart becomes activated, illuminated and embodied, your capacity for miraculous change manifests with greater ease. The portal to your potentials are opened and grounded in this reality.

The Awakening the Inspired Heart™ videos will take you through activities and a guided process of healing, clearing, activation and illumination of the soul’s higher heart-chakra, stored within your Lightbody. Lori will facilitate the clearing away of stored hurts; core wounds and resentments; limiting beliefs; ancestral imprints; energetic ties, bonds, curses, past-life vows, agreements; karma; genetic, physiological and all blood-line influences; attachments and all other energetic impediments on your energy. You will then be taken through a series of exercises that will up-level your vibration, attune you mind/body/soul with your Lightbody and activate your Inspired Heart™ allow your highest flow to manifest more easily, consistently and joyfully.