Introduction to Shamanic Journeying – On-line version

Lori will guide you through the sacred practice of Shamanic Journeying within this easy to use on-line workshop. Shamanic Journey is a path of direct revelation, allowing the practitioner to surpass all dogma, transcend time and space and discover one’s own power, inner authority and ability to experience extraordinary wisdom, insights and healing.

By learning to engage in this beautiful practice, you empower yourself to build authentic connection with your soul, your spiritual allies and the Divine. You reclaim your Divine wisdom and trust in the forces of the universe. By using the tools of shamanic journey — the sonic rhythms of a drum, rattle or other percussive instrument and a clear intention to enter into a theta consciousness to connect with the realms of Spirit – you discover your true-self and the rich multi-dimensional universe.

This five-session video course provides you with the essentials for traveling into the Spiritual Realms, working with spiritual allies and confidently integrating spiritual insights.  You will learn.

  • The basics of shamanic journeying.
  • Making direct contact with your spiritual allies — power animals, spirit guides and ancestors.
  • How to travel in the three worlds of Spirit: Upper, Lower, Middle Realms
  • How to become a hollow bone  – attuning with your soul and dealing with your ego’s fear and doubt
  • How to embody your spirit in every day life and integrate your wisdom, healing, connection with divinity.