Transform your Life with Miracle Manifesting in 5D

This cutting edge spiritual technology takes manifesting to a whole new level. Beyond all cause and effect strategies of 3D consciousness, Lori has developed, with her helping spirits, a step-by-step process to accelerate your vibration and unlock the power of your soul to create miraculous flow within the new earth of 5D consciousness.

You will be guided into accessing your Akashic Soul Record, discovering your soul’s purpose, soul lessons and the energy that is blocking flow. Lori will guide you through empowering exercises to uncover your soul’s blueprint; uncover the pathway for fulfillment; upgrade your soul’s vibrational signal; heal blocks that impede your health, prosperity, spiritual development, creative output, relationships and overall thriving; converge timelines, activate your light body and learn to embody your highest potentials within this dimension.

Miracle Manifesting in 5D is NOT a spiritual bypass program. In order to grow into the conscious flow of miracle manifesting, you are invited to face and heal your shadow and embody your powerful light in a grounded and accessible manner.

Through the Miracle Manifesting in 5D program, you will discover:

  • The power of your Soul Records and your Divine Blueprint for manifesting your dreams into this reality
  • How to properly, attune, ground and align your energy to match your 5D consciousness
  • Your Soul Lessons as hidden treasure of power
  • How to release blocks in all dimensions, that hide within your shadow and keep your desires from being realized
  • How to shift from 3D consciousness of cause and effect into 5D flow of miracles and grace
  • The power of the higher chakras and the light body and how to access these now
  • The joyful art of living the Miracle Manifesting of 5D

This program included engaging instructional videos by Lori Lipten; guided meditations, PDF’s with helpful activities.