Transform your Life with Lori’s Miracle Manifesting Club

This cutting edge spiritual technology takes manifesting to a whole new level. Beyond all cause and effect strategies of 3D consciousness, Lori has developed, with her helping spirits, a step-by-step process to accelerate your vibration and unlock the power of your soul to create miraculous flow within the new earth of 5D consciousness.

Good things can come easily.

Do you know this and live it?

For many years, I did not. I had to really work to UNLEARN the consciousness that I had adapated to live in this culture. Letting go of that mindset brought me to a life far exceeding my expectations.

What stands in the way of living in miraculous flow?
For most of us its one of the big lies of 3D: that a good life must come through struggle, sacrifice and suffering. That concept has been instilled in all of us. It tells us that intuition is not real, reliable or valuable; that we have to “pay to play” and that when goodness happens it may just not last. From that mindset, we find it hard to buy into the idea that it is possible to live here on earth and create miraculous flow and joyful lives.

Why? Because 3D consciousness is founded upon fear. And it still dominates how the collective and individual mind perceives and creates reality.

Have you ever felt like you were unworthy of all that is good? Or that life is just not going to give you blessings? But had a deeper feeling that you were born for more? That’s the contrast between your learned beliefs and your soul’s knowing.

Here’s the truth: we are born in a stream of consciousness that is Divine. It is a miraculous energy seeking to create through us.

As we develop in our life, we are indoctrinated in a contradictory stream of consciousness. Not because of anything nefarious; simply because the gift of free-will granted to all of us, has manifested duality. Duality consciousness has removed the soul from its central role in our lives and put the ego into the driver’s seat of humanity. That shift has left our world struggling with the energy of scarcity and fear. We all adapt to that consciousness because it is the dominant field of energy in which we are raised and currently living.

Awakening means stepping out of that consciousness and into the Divine flow that is always present within you and around you.

You can live in a stream of manifesting miraculous flow. But that idea will not sit easily with the 3D mind. It will be dismissed as “woo-woo”, “fairytale thinking”, even though its TRUTH with a capital “T”.

The world that is shifting, is asking us to awaken to the Truth that you are Divine, that the Divine Universe is invested in your highest good and that this energy wants to create remarkable experiences through you.

When you learn how to tune into this flow, it will always bless your life exquisitely and far beyond what you imagined was possible.

Since learning this art from my guides, I have devoted my life to living in this stream of consciousness and helping others do the same. And, I have fallen out of that stream at times and felt the contrast and its pain before consciously chosing to move back into the truth.

For me, its a daily practice. It means challenging the indoctrination of my habit-mind and opening to that higher consciousness that births miraculous experiences.

If you are ready to join me, I am excited to guide you in learning how to live in this divine flow to create a life of miracles. When I help people live their best lives, I am living my purpose and my heart swells with joy.

When you answer the call to live in the flow of miracles, you will feel your heart swell and the power of the divine uplifting, inspiring and empowering you to create your deepest desires into reality.

Here’s what you get in your  Miracle Manifesting Club with Lori

  • 5  Miracle Manifesting Mentoring & Coaching sessions with Lori
    • Monday evenings sessions on Zoom
  • Weekly inspirational tips
  • Powerful guided meditations
  • A dynamic, inspired Facebook community
  • Bonus meditations and tips
  • The power of a like-minded tribe
  • 8 weeks of SUPPORT!!Miracle Manifesting Club is in Session.

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