Intuitive Practitioner Certification Program™ – Begins November 6, 2022

An In-Depth Training to amplify your innate intuitive gifts, activate your soul’s purpose & honor your calling to serve as a healer & guide!

Awaken and develop your gifts into tools for INTUITIVE THRIVING!

  • Monthly Group Mentoring Sessions Live on Zoom – 1 Sunday per month – 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. eastern
  • Monthly Practice Sessions on Zoom – 1 Tuesday per month – 6:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m. eastern
  • Private Facebook Community
  • Bonus sessions and practice materials
  • Certification Track or Personal/Provessional Development Track


Answer the call to awaken & serve others!
Your soul is incarnated for this time on earth. Your personal healing and spiritual evolution are calling you to your Higher Soul Mission!

You are intuitive. This is your natural state.  As humanity is awakening and ascending into a higher dimension, your intuitive gifts are here to be used to serve your personal healing and the evolution of others.

You’ve been called to help others heal, awaken and thrive!

Your soul has been nudging you for some time! To answer your calling, you must first learn how to deepen your connection with your soul’s wisdom and natural gifts for healing as a clear expression of the Divine.

Activate your soul’s purpose by answering this deep call to serve others. As you embark on your personal healing, intuitive development and spiritual attunement, your ability to help others thrive also deepens and expands!

Whatever you do now — you can integrate being an intuitive practitioner to enhance your life. As an Intuitive Practitioner, you can serve as a healer, guide, coach or weave your skills into your work and life!

This world is in deep need of intuitive service. YOU ARE NEEDED to help us heal and evolve. YOU can make a difference in how our world integrates intuition and soulful living!

By becoming an Intuitive Practitioner™ , you activate your heart’s higher attunement, allowing profound healing and purpose to unfold with ease and grace. You become energetically powerful so that people, places and things are enhanced through your services.

Intuition is natural but requires an ethical framework for developing your abilities into grounded, useful skills.

Before you become a guide, you first must be guided.

So…are you ready to refine your intuition and turn it into a powerful skillset to help others — and if you choose, an in-demand professional offering that can provide a great life for you and your family?

Discover & Deepen Each Aspect of Your Intuition

Lori Lipten, renowned intuitive practitioner, healer and teacher , will guide you to develop fundamental skills to expand your intuition through 2 certification levels spanning 3 years: 

Intuitive Practitioner Certification™
This one-year program is a rigorous course of study, where you understand the fundamentals of intuitive living and collaboration with spirit. You will learn about the energy system, basic self-healing, clearing and attunement practies. You will learn about working with benevolent spirit guides, Akashic Records, soul purpose, soul contracts, mediumship, conscious manifesting, alchemy and more. This level is designed to introduce you to your intuition and give you tools and depth-teachings to experience personal transformation and prepare you to serve others intuitively.  There are two tracks available for the interested student:

  • Intuitive Certification Track  – for those interested in earning certification that includes the deep-dive into understanding the basics of living and serving as an intuitive practitioner.  Monthly certification assignments and rigorous standards of ethical application are interwoven into this healing and purposeful experiential program.
  • Self-Development Track – for those interested in self-healing, study and esoteric expansion without the added rigour of certification requirements.

Intuitive Certification™ Level 2
This takes your Intuitive Practitioner skills to a new level. Here you will learn in-depth chakra clearing, developing your “clairs”, soul healing, healing through past lives, energetic cords, lineage healing, contracts, clearing negative energy, building your medicine wheeel, developing a strong relationship with your spirit guides so you can effectively work with others as a confident and competent Intuitive Practitioner.

Teacher and Lead Facilitator Certification (will launch in Fall of 2023)
This is a professional development training in which students become certified in guiding intuitive and shamanic healing and become a lead facilitator for our  Intuitive Certification™ Programs.  Through this program, students have the opportunity to apply to become a teacher and facilitate Academy of Intuitive Arts workshops and courses, as well as become a AIA Intuitive Practitioner and serve as an assistant for the Intuitive Practitioner Training Program.

Intuitive Practitioner Certification Program™ 

Here is some of what you will learn within the Intuitive Practitioner Certification Program™:

  • The anatomy and fundamentals of the human energy system, the light body, Merkabah, higher chakras and the multidimensional world in which these live.
  • Your Divine Dream Team
  • The Akashic Realm
  • Mediumship
  • Psychic Development
  • Shamanism & Mysticism
  • Intuitive Healing Methods & Intentional Evolution
  • Ethics
  • Conscious Manifesting
  • Creating a Professional Intuitive Practice (and/or weaving your gifts into your current profession & life) practiced

By stepping into the Intuitive Practitioner Program™, you will clear your energetic blocks, receive sound training to develop your natural intuitive gifts, connect to your soul, build a trusting relationship with the Divine, collaborate with Spirit Helpers, experience deep healing, expand your consciousness and accelerate your personal growth.