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The Intuitive Practitioner Certification Program™- On-Line

//The Intuitive Practitioner Certification Program™- On-Line
The Intuitive Practitioner Certification Program™- On-Line2019-11-07T04:21:26+00:00

This new on-line version of The Intuitive Practitioner Certification™ Program was created to support those of you ready to awaken and hone your intuitive, psychic and healing gifts so you can integrate your intuition into your personal and professional life successfully — all from the comfort of your home! The Intuitive Practitioner Certification™ allows you to take your gifts to the next level, have a strong soul-community and a lifetime of resources to support you personally and professionally.

Intuition is your soul communication through your physical senses and working to connect with your conscious mind. As you learn to attune this natural ability, you will find yourself making sound decisions that support thriving in your professional and personal life. This will enhance your relationships — with others, with yourself and with the Divine. Intuitive living is how we shift from the 3D-ego-based world in which we currently live, to the 5D-heart-centered new earth we came to consciously create.

Intuitive Practitioner Certification Program™ On-line version includes: weekly videos, daily exercises, supportive PDF’s, guided meditations, and a weekly live webinar-mentoring and practice sessions with Lori and the class. Certification Requires you to complete all sections of the course and the final assessment.

Here is some of what you will learn within the Intuitive Practitioner Certification Program™:

  • The anatomy and fundamentals of the human energy system, the light body, Merkabah, higher chakras and the multidimensional world in which these live.
    • The fundamentals of the chakras, the new chakra system of the 5D Light body
    • How to clear unwanted energies and blocks that impede thriving in mind, body and spirit
    • How to sustain your light
    • How to create healthy energetic boundaries as a sensitive and empath
    • The fundamentals of the Clairs
    • How to scan and read your own energy system and perceive others accurately
  • Your Divine Dream Team
    • Who they are – Angels, Guides, Masters, Ancestors, Star beings, Spirit animals and more
    • Their purpose
    • How to discern the differences
    • How to connect with them and collaborate with them effectively
    • How to interpret guidance for self and others
  • The Akashic Realm
    • How to access your Soul Records & read them
    • Past Lives
    • Discovering potentials and future timelines
    • Working with the masters and guardians of Akasha
    • How to read these records for yourself and others
    • Karma and why/how its no longer binding you
  • Mediumship
    • The fundamentals of mediumship
    • Creating a strong link with Spirit
    • Obtaining clear evidence and meaningful messages
    • Interpreting messages
    • Ethics of communicating a reading
    • Sustaining your vibration
  • Psychic Development
    • Understanding and honing your Clairs
    • Discovering and honoring your psychic strengths
    • Interpreting psychic and intuitive symbols
    • Learning to do readings through various psychic methods
    • Oracles
    • Divination
    • Energy field
    • Soul Records
    • Psychometry
  • Shamanism & Mysticism
    • Shamanic worldview
    • Shamanic Journeying
    • Working with Helping Spirits
    • Interpreting Shamanic guidance
    • Discovering your inner shaman and mystic
    • Awakening your inner healer
    • Clearing blocks and reclaiming your divine rites
  • Intuitive Healing Methods & Intentional Evolution
    • Triangles of Light & Sacred Healing Methods
    • Ancestral Healing
    • Healing Core Wounds
    • Transmuting Energy
    • Inspired Heart Healing
    • Ethics of healing for self and others
    • Soul lessons
  • Conscious Manifesting in 5D
    • Healing
    • Course Correction
    • Time-line management
    • Attunement with Divine Potentials
    • Precipitation
  • Creating a Professional Intuitive Practice (and/or weaving your gifts into your current profession & life) practice
    • Discerning how to use your gifts
    • Revealing your Soul’s path
    • Uncovering the blueprint and map for fulfilling your soul path
    • Fundamentals of creating a spiritual/intuitive professional business
    • Taking the leap
    • Letting your soul lead

And more.

By stepping into the Intuitive Practitioner Program™, you will clear your energetic blocks, receive sound training to develop your natural intuitive gifts, connect to your soul, build a trusting relationship with the Divine, collaborate with Spirit Helpers, experience deep healing, expand your consciousness and accelerate your personal growth.

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