Webinar Description:

Join Lori Lipten for a journey into the Intuitive Way of living. This unique series delves into 5 key areas for nurturing your intuition and living in your soul’s flow. These sessions will explore:  Intuition and the Soul; The Human Energy System; The Akashic Realms ; Conscious Manifesting and Your Divine Dream Team.  Lori will share her wisdom and insights about these topics with a Q & A at the end of each session.

The Intuitive Way Schedule

Week 1 – January 28: Intuition & the Soul

What is intuition, your soul and how are they meant to be integrated into your human life? Discover the fundamentals of intuitive living as a soul having a physical experience. Lori will explore the basics for honing your innate intuitive gifts into viable tools for every day life.

Week 2 – February 4: The Human Energy System

Explore the basics of the chakra system and the aura as it pertains to your intuition. You will learn to tune up your vibration, heal and seal your energy for intuitive attunement and thriving.

Week 3 – February 11: The Akashic Realms

Lori will explain the Akashic Records which are the ethereal records of your soul’s past, present and future.  She will reveal fundamental tools for accessing your own records and how they impact your soul’s flow and purpose in this lifetime. Guided meditation for clearing records of barriers from the past and present will be provided.

Week 4 – February 18: Conscious Manifesting

Discover the powerful view of conscious manifesting through the shamanic lens. You will learn how shaman materialize desired experiences and blessings in the physical world. Your three previous classes prepare you for understanding the art of manifesting the shamanic way for creating intentional outcomes that align with your soul’s purpose and potential.

Week 5 – February 25:  Your Divine Dream Team

Discover the realm of Angels, Guides, Master Teachers, Power Animals and more.  Lori will explore the very rich world of spirit helpers who work with you in life. You will learn how to connect with your benevolent spiritual helpers and develop and meaningful connection with your Divine Dream Team.

You will receive a confirmation email with log-in information a few days prior to each session. You will need to join zoom (at no additional cost), to participate. You can view the webinar sessions live or via recording, which will be made available within 2 days after the live session. (Recordings cannot be guaranteed due to potential technical issues, but are highly likely to be made available. )