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Are you ready to live your Soul’s Purpose?

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WELCOME HOME, SOULFUL HEART! If you are just discovering this website, your intuition has led you here. I warmly welcome you to the  world of spiritual transformation, intuitive wisdom, and soulful empowerment! Right now on earth, humanity is moving through a profound spiritual revolution calling individuals like you to unlock their true potential and live in alignment with their soul’s purpose. This is a time of spiritual evolution, intuitive awakening and soulful living. 

When you learn how to discover, hone and trust your intuition, you shift how you experience yourself and life. It is a way of healing, growing and living from your LIGHT.

We are all supported by divine helpers — angels, benevolent guides and compassionate universal laws — to live our best life, lead from our LIGHT and embody our power and purpose. 

Intuition is the voice of your soul! 

This is how how your body communicates with you and links you to the world and universe beyond your thoughts and beliefs.

Do you know things without evidence for your knowing? Feel things that aren’t visible? Understand situations with depth of insight? Wonder about who you are and why you are here?

That is your soul speaking to you.  

Everyone is intuitive because everyone has a SOUL and intuition is the natural way your soul and the divine universe communicates with you. However, family patterns, beliefs, trauma and social paradigms can cause you to feel disconnected from your innate power, your divine purpose, you intuitive gifts. It is possible to clear away the layers of energy that inhibit intuition and your soul’s magic, to develop strong energetic boundaries and connect with the Divine and all of its extraordinary resources for living and thriving intuitively.

All of our programs are designed to bring you home to your soul-self through learning how to develop your intuition, how to embody  compassionate presence and live authentically as your true self. You can become an Intuitive Practitioner to help awaken your intuition or serve as a healer or intuitive guide; or discover our services and programs that enhance intuitive living, embodied spirituality and holistic resiliency.

I am Lori Lipten, M.A. founder of the Sacred Balance Institute of Intuitive Arts. I serve as an Intuitive Practitioner with specialties as a Shamanic Medium, Akashic Records Reader, Soul Retriever, Transformational Guide and Teacher.   I have served thousands of clients around the world and am devoted to supporting you through services and programs as you awaken, embrace and embody your soul’s beautiful wisdom and power.

You have found your way here for a reason. Whether you’re seeking healing, personal growth, a connection to a loved one, or a deeper connection with your spiritual self, I am here to support and empower you every step of the way. Using the gifts of intuitive, we will delve into the realms of ancient wisdom, intuitive insights, and transformative practices that will enable you to step into your power, grow and if you’re interested, become an intuitive guide and healer. 

For years I struggled with empathic overwhelm, visions, dreams, past life recall, intuitive insights that were not the norm in my world. This made me feel alone, lost and led to anxiety, depression and a disconnect from my inner wisdom and power. It made me believe I was broken and needed to be fixed. When I sought therapeutic and other support, most did not understand my experiences as my intuition trying hard to break free from layers of trauma and conditioning.

One day, I had a remarkable awakening experience connecting me to Angels, my intuition and healing. As I slowly honed my relationship with my intuition, I began to heal and thrive. This led to more expansion of my soul, new gifts and encounters with the divine. And to my amazement, it woke up gifts I did not know existed within me, including: mediumship, the ability to read Akashic Records & past lives; energy healing, soul retrieval, alchemy and miracle manifesting! If I had not allowed my intuition to grow, cultivating it through daily practice, I would have remained anxious, depressed and lost and never discovered the gifts inside awaiting my discovery.

I am still learning and growing intuitively. Everything I offer is what I have learned through working in collaboration with the Divine to help you understand your soul’s wisdom, purpose and realize your spiritual potential through intuitive development and other programs that bring your power to life. You can learn the basics of intuition, energy healing, shamanic practices, mediumship, alchemy and manifesting through my signature programs: The Intuitive Practitioner training and other offerings. I have worked with clients and students from all over the world and diverse backgrounds, helping them navigate their inner landscapes, heal past wounds, and embrace their unique gifts.

Meet my esteemed associate, Stephanie Kovalcik, LMSW, a certified Intuitive Practioner and Shamanic Healer.

Stephanie has years of devoted service as a licensed medical social worker, hospice caregiver who now serves as my shamanic assistant and an Intuitive Practioner providing spiritual and intuitive psychotherapy, shamanic healing, soul retrieval and spiritual coaching for soul growth. As my focus is on teaching, mentoring and growing the Sacred Balance, Stephanie has joined our team by using her sacred medicine to better serve you. As a shamanic soul, she is deeply devoted to helping people heal and grow by using her intuitive and spiritual gifts.  She is a highly impactful shamanic guide and healer working with helping spirits to bring health, transformation and freedom to those in need. Stephanie is a graduate of the Intuitive Practitioner Certification™ program. Book your session with Stephanie today. 



Audience Readings

Lori Lipten
Heidi Kemper

May 21, 2024

7 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.

Cadiuex Cafe


Inner- Healing Circle

Coming Soon!

Daily Prayer

Divine Source of Life,
I am offering my self to you as a Divine Instrument
that I may embody your love, compassion and light fully
in my mind, body, heart and soul. 

May my thoughts, words and deeds
serve the highest good of life
in all directions of time.

May I be a source of illumination
for myself, others and all of life.
Make me an instrument of your peace,
love, joy, healing, prosperity,
awakening, and grace.

May all beings be free.
May all beings be blessed abundantly.
May all beings walk in beauty.
May we all live in sacred balance
as we walk the earth in love and light.


My mission is to empower you to live your soul’s purpose. Through workshops, courses, one-on-one sessions, and transformative retreats, I will share practical tools, profound teachings, and experiential practices that will awaken your intuition, expand your consciousness, and facilitate your personal and spiritual growth.

You will find a wealth of resources, including insightful articles, guided meditations, book recommendations, and information about upcoming events. I invite you to explore the depths of your being, discover your innate abilities, and embark on a transformative journey towards self-realization and spiritual empowerment.

Remember, you possess the power to create profound change in your life and the lives of others. Together, we will ignite the spark within you and illuminate the path towards living a life of purpose, authenticity, and spiritual fulfillment.

I am honored to be your guide on this transformative adventure. Embrace the call of your soul, step into your power, and let us embark on this beautiful journey of healing, self-discovery, and spiritual awakening together.

With love and light,

Become an Intuitive Practitioner


Energy Healing
Grounded Embodiment
Inspired Heart Activation
Chakra Balancing
Soul Awareness
Vibrational Elevation
Expanded Consciousness


Shamanic Healing Skills
Akashic Records
Psychic Clarity
Intuitive Wisdom
Miracle Manifesting
Soul Purpose


Energy Healing
Grounded Embodiment
Inspired Heart Activation
Chakra Balancing
Soul Awareness
Vibrational Elevation
Expanded Consciousness


As a compassionate and ethical bridge between worlds, Lori brings insights about your soul, messages from loved ones in Spirit and Divine Messengers to heal, inspire and empower you. She is also a Shamanic Healer providing soul retrieval and other shamanic healing methods, mentoring, coaching and spiritual psychotherapy to serve your healing, growth and thriving in mind, body and spirit. Lori holds a Master of Arts in Clinical and Humanistic Psychology and has an impeccable track record of serving thousands of clients around the world as a shamanic medium, intuitive guide and healing force bringing Spirit to life.


Throughout the year, Lori offers dynamic and engaging live events. As a spiritual teacher, whose unique programs have trained thousands of people, like you, to trust and expand their intuition; awaken, heal and thrive in mind, body and spirit, Lori is committed to facilitating spiritual growth and responsible intuitive development. Each program is uniquely focused to help build confidence, compassionate self-awareness and skillful methods that grow your soul. Lori’s specific signature workshops include: The Intuitive Practitioner Certification Program™; Soul Retrieval & Alchemy Training; The Shamanic Way™ – A Level 2 IPC™ program; Introduction to Shamanic Journeying; The Inspired Heart™: One Day Retreat.


Lori’s group events are infused with compassion, warmth and deep attunement with the Divine in a manner that promotes healing, insight and inspired living. People are moved by the accurate and refined messages that pour through Lori during her Small Group Readings and Large Audience Reading events! She also offers her Signature Seminars & Key Note Addresses with an open-heart, wisdom and humor. Lori officiates weddings and creates unique Ceremonies and Blessings to mark life transitions and leads Healing Circles and Sacred Retreats to provide a safe space for transformation and connections emerge. Lori’s genuine enthusiasm and authentic demonstration of intuitive living awakens inspired action that changes lives!

How intuition get your attention? 

Intuition is always communicating with you. It speaks to you through your dreams, visions, a “knowing” without evidence; images in your mind; telepathy, empathic hits, sensations, emotions, synchronicities. It can show up as messages through other people, lyrics, books, a post, a phrase in a film, animals who appear in your path and full body chills. Intuition also communicates through discord, when we don’t pay attention, including: life challenges, disease; anxiety, empathic overwhelm, inability to focus; depression; disconnection or dissociation; nervous system dysregulation. 

Intuition does not align with your ego including your beliefs or conditioning. It is the language of your soul, so it is always pointing you in the direction of your highest good. It will do whatever it can to get your attention, return you to your true power, embody that energy safely so heal, grow and thrive!

When you learn to live intuitively, you shed the layers of conditioning and trauma that have pulled you out of your body, away from your true self and learn how to gently, safely come home to your authentic self.

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